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Catalin Josan - Walking On Fire

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Catalin Josan - Walking On Fire

  • Walking On Fire - Catalin Josan
    "Baby,when you hold my hand there's something I don't understand it feels like all the world is crumbling down and when you put your lips on mine the moon is falling from the sky fireworks explode inside"
  • Walking On Fire - Loverboy
    "Words and Music: Taylor Rhodes, Todd Carney Paul Dean I can't stop when you're smokin' in the third degree A dead shot, she takes aim and now I'm history Right on the money, make no mistake She can sting"
  • Walking On Fire - Tyketto
    "Ooh, come on! Out of love, in time I've been shoved down Spinning 'round in circles, left me upside down Turned my heart to stone, a rock don't bleed My heart is a prisoner that can't break free You"
  • Walking With Shoes On Fire - Bachelor Girl
    "Walking with shoes on fire Mercury rising higher Every step is closer to you I'm walking with shoes on fire Has time stopped cold The moments seem like lifetimes I crave to hold you No other thing fills"
  • Walking Through Fire - Prophanity
    "All dressed up for battle we are Holding our swords up high On my shield the sign of Thor For power and protection in war I raise my skull to the skies A sign on the horizon is given My roots are"
  • Walking On Air - Kerli
    "There's a little creepy house In a little creepy place Little creepy town In a little creepy world Little creepy girl With her little creepy face Saying funny things That you have never heard Do you"
  • Walking on water - Atomic Kitten
    "When you hear me calling You always come around Whenever must am falling I know I will be found Whatever I am thinking You always seem to know Nobody else can do this It makes me love you so I'm walking"
  • Walking On Water - This Providence
    "Who would I be? Where would I be going if I didn't have you to shake my face? Why do you care? Why do you care so much? Your love's such a stretch for my faith. You don't let go easily. No, you hold onto"
  • On fire - Scarlet
    "A day that's so silent you can hear a heart sing out its disgrace...Such a violent machine...A highly modified display of walking dark desire...As the worlds lit up with dreams like a hail of gunfire...The"
  • Fire - Wild Orchid
    "If you want it, You've got to come get it. If you need some sugar, come on baby come on. I've got everything that you could ever need. I've got the kind of love that can bring you down to your knees"
  • Fire - X-Clan
    "Cave men! Cave women! And the... Troglodytes! Ah, yeah! Ah, come on, come on, come on! To the East, my brother, to the East! Uh, to the East, my brother, to the East! Come on! "
  • Fire Fire - Infinite Mass
    "Aaaaaaaa! Oh no! Gotta get away! Man see that girl she's pushing right there man. Oh! Nice one! Where you make it she's been? Plus then I can find lace that never end She don't have heart, man, hell nah!"
  • Walking Away - Cappella
    "In time I see the reason why Why I can't go on I can't go on And it's a long long long long road, uuh I give you my one desire In my dreams I dream of you I give you my heart on fire What can I"
  • Walking dead - Chester Bennington
    "(*by DJ Z-Trip featuring Chester Bennington*)(Suppose you were to die tonight, What would you say? Do you believe in life after death?)In the chill of the nightI can feel my heart racingAs I run towards"
  • Walking Dead - Dropkick Murphys
    "The greats come alive, the water's on fire Have I been to this place before Yeah we danced through the night as the flames burned bright And the patrons passed out on the floor CHORUS: What's so new about"
  • Walking Stick - Deadboy & The Elephantmen
    "Revelation for around your sunday dress The soul out of a smoldering wretch All brought to sleep, there's nothing there All brought to sleep, there's nothing there Twisting walk ?? They're all up and"
  • Walking On A Wire - My Favorite Highway
    "I'm still here I'm still around You put my picture face down I count the hours, count aloud, you count me out You send your signals (oh) I send flowers to the door that I can't walk through anymore"
  • Walking on the water - Blondie
  • Walking On The Spot - Crowded House
    "The odd times we slip and slither down the dark hall fingers point from old windows an eerie shadow falls I'm walking on the spot to show that I'm alive moving every bone in my body from side to side Will"
  • Walking On The Water - Atomic Kitten
    "When you hear me calling You always come around And if I'm last and falling I know I will be found Whatever I am thinking You always seem to know Nobody else can do this It makes me love you so Chorus I'm"

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