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Catch My Burst Balloon

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Catch My Burst Balloon

  • My Burst Balloon - Catch
    "I'm not one to take things slow. But faster come. Then faster go. Later on. Then I might know performances from cameos. Patience now is all I ask . stopping short to make it last. Holding on. But sticking"
  • Balloon - Lou Reed
    "I'm a little balloon and I get puffed up squeeze me and bend me it's never enough Put your lips around me, blow me up but if you prick me I will pop I'm a little balloon full and firm here is my aft and"
  • Burst - Magazine
    "Once you had this promise on the tip of your tongue but it went without saying it went on too long all the straws you clutched at have burst into flames and so you smile that way tantalisingly lame The"
  • Burst - Sofie
    "How much does an opinion weigh Does it really matter what I say I can't be reponsible Be yourself or be a tool Who cares what you expect What is politically correct? All my ideas are in bad taste Get"
  • Burst - Anthrax
    "How much does an opinion weigh Does it really matter what I say I can't be responsible Be yourself or be a tool Who cares what you expect What is politically correct? All my ideas are in bad taste Get"
  • Thought Balloon - Freezepop
    "such a pretty thing a white balloon on a string it floats above my head filled with stuff i should have said need to tell you how i feel say it out loud & make it real could've told you what i knew that"
  • Balloon - DJ Aligator
    "2x squeeze your damn balloon let me see you squeeze it (squeeze it) squeeze your damn balloon all the ladies in the house, if you got 'em let 'em out what i wanna know is all all i wanna know is"
  • Balloon - Goon Moon
    "Balloon Can we get up And take a ride? I really need to get some things off my mind I wanna live on top of the sun Don't want to see the dark with you or anyone Stick me up In the sky It don't make a"
  • Balloon - Joey Eppard
    "Goodbye Bye my baby Now there's no One can save me You just keep On ascending While I sleep Through the ending x 5 There's a balloon That I let go of I'll see you soon I miss you so, love I knew you'd"
  • Bubble Burst - Adhesive
    "Wash me with a soap of self-esteem, and maybe I'll regain control. My safety net is on place, what if it breaks and I will fall? The thing that I most fear now is the fear of really knowing what I fear. One"
  • Lead Balloon - Joni Mitchell
    ""Kiss my ass!" I said and I threw my drink Tequila trickling Down his business suit Must be the Irish blood Fight before you think Turn it now You can't cowtow You can't undo it It's his town And that"
  • Balloon Burning - Pretty Things
    "New york - Grey and sorrow there to meet her. Night sky hangs Around to greet her She throws down Lifeline of kisses. Anchored to the ground. Balloon descending. Then I see balloon is burning, Turning"
  • Balloon Ranger - Ane Brun
    "Your voice Morphine in my ear I see you down there Holding on to me Balloon Ranger Balloon Ranger Balloon Ranger Balloon Ranger You're holding on to this thread Connecting you to me I'm filled with laughing"
  • Big Balloon - Beady Belle
    "I'm an expansive, blown up balloon But my swollen bag contains only gloom With my last exhalation i sing a dismal tune I am a big balloon I am a big balloon I am a big balloon I'm a flutterring helium"
  • Black Balloon - The Kills
    "Elevator straight into my skull The escalator rises as it falls I swear our jet is crashin' in my mind You can hold on but I wouldn't waste your time Farewell my black balloon Farewell my black balloon I've"
  • Blue Balloon - Ween
    "As she bounces through the blue sky Everybody's building up a big blue balloon They made the string from fairy wings and golden dreams See how high it goes No one knows about the blue balloon She's defied"
  • Huge Balloon - Bracket
    "You want to leave this place They're always in your face Please hitch a ride with me Who says we cannot fly Give it one more try Let's see what we can see Get in my huge balloon (x3) Sunny weather Get"
  • Air Balloon - Lily Allen
    "Somebody remind me where I am Miami or Timbuktu? Did I ever tell you my uncle's monkey ran away from the zoo? Would you tell me what this all means what happens if I go through that door? Cause I'm looking"
  • Rocket Balloon - The Exies
    "Spiked on acid So elastic a springtime is here again Dream I float above on rocket balloon travels far away I can't wait I will change Ever so slightly drained and I'm thinking now Love I feel, colored"
  • Red Balloon - Ricky Nelson
    "Got myself a red balloon Got a blue surprise Gettin' in the red balloon Pinnin' up my eyes Take a love light from my eyes Blue, blue surprise Played with toys for children As a a child I got Haven't any"

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