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Cats on trees 'Sirens call

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Cats on trees 'Sirens call

  • Sirens Call - Cats On Trees
    "Whatever way, the same Nothing according to plan If i could just see clearly, into you The same face every day, the sirens calling away This mean so much more The floating boat is carrying me and i can"
  • Sirens - Alphaville
    "When the sirens sing again... He is sitting on a hill A vapid night is crawling through the vale The trees are fangs of transiency The demons forge hammers and nails When the sirens sing again... He"
  • Sirens - Templars
    "Sirens from the ambulance are ringing out loud Police are trying to contain the crowd On the streets , another battle 's been fought On the pavement , another kid is lost Sound of the sirens ringing through"
  • Sirens - Kenna
    "I live for my independence Live for my beliefs, yeah I live with my intentions Careful falling for me I've come to a new conclusion On the folly in love and youth yeah I've made my decision Call it policy"
  • Cats - Barnes And Barnes
    "Barnes And Barnes Spazchow Cats Cats purring at me Love when I stroke them Love to be free Cats lie in the sun I love to watch them Pussycat fun Who knows if they love you Are they thinking of you Rubbing"
  • Trees - John Butler Trio
    "They're cutting down all the trees Can someone stop them please Thank God for people in this world Who dedicate their lives to these Thank God for people in this world Who dedicate their lives to trees Because... Don't"
  • Waiting For The Sirens' Call - New Order
    "What does this ship bring to me Far across the restless sea Waiting for the sirens call I've never seen it here before There she ?? the lonely trail Getting through the breaking winds Drifting slowly"
  • Chasing sirens - Orgy
    "If you need to change your style sometimes.To please and satisfy.Theyll call you a hypocrite.Youre giving birth to all new trends.Visions theyll never comprehend.Because theyre all so selfish.Everyone"
  • Six sirens - P.O.D.
    "And now I sit in thought as the plot of my days commences, And I'm left with fences Put off the thoughts of my end so long to race To chase after the trend so fleeting Hours pass unsettled, unresolved"
  • Sirens - Savatage
    "On the sea They heard the voices sing Through the storm The island's closing in They'd heard tales Of lives lost at sea Deserted beach just beyong their reach You're approaching the island of the Sirens Sirens Hungry"
  • Sirens - Authority Zero
    "Sirens in the street under pressure. (x8) Take a step outside of my front door, It's about 110, And once again my shoes become concrete. Everybody said it's ok, It's just a headtrip, Everything is alright. But"
  • Sirens - One Dove
    "Oh I, I can see your eyes And I am there chasing, Flying Envious angels You can send me ravens I have the will of a demon wish me all the ills you have I am touched by angels Plant your secrets in"
  • Sirens - Cher Lloyd
    "I carry the weight of you in my heavy heart. And the wind is so icy, I am numb. I carry the weight of you hitting back to start. With the thousand eyes on me I stumble on. I am tired, I'm growing older. I’m"
  • Sirens - Underscore
    "I've seen it all before but this time I'm leaving You a bloody mess I kiss you gently I pray you never live another day You satisfied, my need to hold you one last time And I don't think, this was right You"
  • Sirens - Dizzee Rascal
    "Blud, when you hear the sirens coming I can hear the sirens coming Better run when you hear the sirens coming I can hear the sirens coming 1 to da 2 to da 3 to da 4 Line my street, knocking at my door 12"
  • Sirens - Brandy
    "(feat. Timbaland) Ooh, I love the way ya Work ya body, body Hot like ??? When I'm out to party Come here, shorty Come here show me Damn, I can't wait to see What you got for me You know I gotta Stay"
  • Sirens - Elefant
    "Everywhere i walk i feel the danger everyone around is getting stranger sunglasses and vodka in the morning sirens never came to me as warning walking on the beach is so romantic kissing in the sand"
  • Sirens - Arena
    "Silently calling I hear myself speak My breath is in my hands I cry out your name Silently calling I feel so at peace And the time to surrender Is the time you will take hold of me What did you do when"
  • Sirens - The Black Maria
    "Smothered you suffocate, Choke on me, Confused you isolate all your intensions, There's no vaccination... Gardens that burn from fires, Evacuate the Angels, Who stand on funeral pyres, To escape temptation, Nothing"
  • Sirens - Angels & Airwaves
    "There's a weakness in the window Place my footprints in the dark room There's lonely voices like a scarecrow In the hallway like a lost ghost In the bedroom I see a shadow From the moon with light from"

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