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Caum scott

  • Scott - Deathray
    "scott if i ever see you i am gonna kill you and then... i will get sent back to jail the pope'll send the bail in tens... and twenties cause his god is funny spent all my f***in' money and i still feel"
  • Scott Bower - They Might Be Giants
    "Scott Bower, Scott Bower My lifestyle determines my deathstyle Scott Bower, Scott Bower My lifeboat determines my deathboat (Scott) All hands on deck (Scott) It's my turn to deal (Scott) There's no way"
  • Bon Scott - Kingdom Come
    "Stood up spoke his mind Never pointed finger Cried out many times A god's given bringer Are you digging this Going back in time Music old or new You always come to mind Bon Scott that it is Your words"
  • Scott Bakula - Sunspot
    "I used to watch Quantum Leap, every night with my girlfriend. Al and Sam, they leaped through time, and I felt like they were my best friends. Ziggy said theres a 98 percent chance of a broken heart. Scott"
  • Scott-fitzgerald - Liesbeth List
    "O Zelda, onze liefde had zijn uur Toen kwam de winter met zijn raven As en sintels resten van ons vuur Gras groeit over graven De dagen waren lang en zomers De jazzband speelde nieuw en wild We leefden"
  • Scott-Rock - Local H
    "I believe in someone I believe in someone You change my mind all the time the only one I know I know it's kind of sudden But I believe in someone I couldn't say - how this would play I've made my purpose"
  • Wrigley Scott - Future Of The Left
    "Woody was a wizard Janie was an elf And when they got together They only ate sausage - sausage on a stick It's so hard for me to stay here happily It's so hard for me To stay here Woody was a wizard (a"
  • Scott-rock - Local Heroes
    "I believe in someone I believe in someone You change my mind all the time the only one I know I know it's kind of sudden But I believe in someone I couldn't say - how this would play I've made my purpose"
  • Turning Into Randolph Scott - Leo Kottke
    "CHORUS Turning into Randolph Scott Some things never change Dried-up, extraordinary - Alkalai on the range Once she was a humid child nodding toward a place sleeping in her vegetables legumes for a face Once"
  • Hero"(feat. Josey Scott - Chad Kroeger
    "CHAD KROEGER Miscellaneous Hero"(feat. Josey Scott I am so high, I can hear heaven. I am so high, I can hear heaven. Oh but heaven, no heaven don't hear me. And they say that a hero can save us. I'm"
  • Why (Scott Moffatt Solo) - The Moffatts
    "Why do you always do this to me Why couldn't you just see it through me how come if you act like this like you just don't care at all Do you expect me to believe that I was only one to fall I can feel"
  • How 'Bout No, Scott? - Set Your Goals
    "I can see your disapproval or maybe you just can't relate But this is what I live each day for Won't go back! Had enough! I can see your disappointment when I see the look on your face But I've just got"
  • Hero Feat. Josey Scott - Chad Kroeger
    "I am so high, I can hear heaven I am so high, I can hear heaven Whoa, but heaven... no, heaven don't hear me And they say That a hero could save us I'm not gonna stand here and wait I'll hold on to the"
  • Scott Is Amazingly Cute - Circle Takes The Square
    "holy shit scotts beautiful i wanna f**k his butthole yeah we're all gay but scotts not but hes definitely hot and yeahhhh yeahh this banddd woooooo my dogs having a nightmare hes dying in his sleep like"
  • Company (Feat. Travi$ Scott) - Drake
    "I got some shit for you to come and get I'm at the St. Regis up on Briar Oaks Hit me when you done your shift Wooh, I see you doin' well, baby Oh, you pullin' shit together, I can tell, baby Is you single"
  • waves (ft. Travis Scott) - Miguel
    "Set it up, keep rolling, rolling, drop it Baby drop it like your stalling, stalling tonigh I wanna ride that wave Body built for the beach, Do you got that ocean? Body surf, don’t sleep, baby surf on"
  • Lens (ft. Travis Scott) - Frank Ocean
    "My girl made him wait till the hours of the night To hit you with the You know it’s mid right Can’t be on time for the free rides can’t be my type I’m a low life Crank this sometime Then I’m your whole"
  • Speechless (Naomi Scott cover) - J.Fla
    "here comes a wave meant to wash m away a tide that is taking me under swallowed in sand left with nothing to say my voice drowned out in the thunder but I won’t cry and I wants stare to crumble the never"
  • Antisocial (with Travis Scott) - Ed Sheeran
    "all you cool people you better leave now coz it’s about the happen Friday night and I am riding solo when I touchdown keep in on the low low I don’t mess with your energy no photos so antisocial but"
  • Turks (ft. Travis Scott) - NAV & Gunna
    "i am a late bloomer, third year on the scene 20 racks don’t feel like nothin’ to me came from the streets, It turned me to a beast invisible set, siamonds huggin’ my piece book me for a show, I need eughty"

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