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Cause im superstar

  • Superstar - Cherish
    "I dont have to take my hair out of my ponytail Dont have to change my style up or come out the clothes I wear Because of you Im able to get through the stormy weather You know the words to say just to"
  • Superstar - Lauryn Hill
    "Yo, hip hopStarted out in the heart, uh huhYo, now everybody trying to chartSay what?Yo, hip hopStarted out in the heartYo, now everybody trying to chartCome on now babyCome on now babyCome on now babyCome"
  • Superstar 2 - Saliva
    "SUPERSTAR II (phone dialing) Dad Yea? I wanna be a rockstar when I grow up A rockstar huh? Hell yea just like you Yea! Yea yea yea yea yeaaaa Yea yea yea yea yeaaaa Been floating around up here on Cloud"
  • Superstar - Darin
    "Spend Saturday with no money Lay on the grass, we don't cut it Somehow you're keeping me oh, high, oh I'm down for even more loving But I'm done with keeping it covered Just harmony, you and me Kinda wanna"
  • Superstar - Keyshia Cole
    "(.man.) whoahh (keyshia cole) yeahh superstar, whoa superstar, talk to me baby (one two three four) rollin wit my windows dropped wind blowin out my six o clock then this feelin came over me had to"
  • Superstar - NLT
    "She's on the phone Asking me things like Who else is home I said it might be just me She might be coming over She beeps the crib And takes a deep breath This thing is big I said yeah definitely I shouldn't"
  • Superstar - Room 94
    "Looking in the magazines or video Here we go Girls, but not for me Hiding behind make up With that fake brown glow I'm smiling! Cause you're next to me Yeah, they may be hot But there's nothing up top You"
  • Superstar - Marquess
    "Since you've been hanging out with guys like him you?ve started to betray yourself (yeah) he tells everything you want to hear and then he leaves you on the shelf (yeah) he turns you on and nothing on"
  • Superstar - Warren Brothers
    "(Brett Warren/Brad Warren/Marty McIntosh) She left Arizona like her father had before She took a bus cause she hated planes She prayed the trip would ease her pain And lead to open doors She landed out"
  • Superstar - Sheryl Crow
    "Let's go all downtownI got friends doing nothing but hanging around...wellI feel like there's something I could be missingyou know you look alrightYou got cheap shoes, a Malibu, and a big public fightsWell,"
  • Superstar - Sweetbox
    "I used to think quite a lot of you Wished I could do all the things you do But honey, I've seen the light You've never been on a movie screen Hollywood you have never seen But you think you're too good"
  • Superstar - Saliva
    "Now has come the day that I take the lead and I make you follow. Toast the champion cause I came for greed and not for tomorrow. If it feels good then it feels good and I do it all day. You want me to"
  • Superstar - Pegboy
    "If I could be a superstar Id get away would go far and I would get away, get away from here Sometimes when Im all alone a part of me starts to roam and I could get away, get away from here With all the"
  • Superstar - Goo Goo Dolls
    "I burnt these wings before I never found a cure for this disease So I stayed on the ground with all my fears To keep me company Time will change us all The weight of gravity will find you But I see you"
  • Superstar - Nina Gordon
    "Somebody stop me before I throw it all away Cause I know he's gonna drop me if I wait another day You are a Superstar and I have pushed you way too far I don't know if I can get to where you are, oh darling,"
  • Superstar - BarlowGirl
    "Well I spent my life dreaming super dreams But I hate to wake 'cause it's then I see That I'm nothing more than a dreamer Superstar in my dreams I'm a dreamer See the lights of stardom were calling me Because"
  • Superstar - Lupe Fiasco
    "(feat. Matthew Santos) If you are what you say you are, a superstar Then have no fear, the camera's is here And the microphone's And they wanna' know oh oh oh oh (The Return) If you are what you"
  • Superstar - Tye Tribbett & GA
    "forget about the cars, the bentleys with the rims it's not about the clothes, the baggy jeans and timbs forget about the house, the mansion on the hill with the swimming pool in the back and the barbecue"
  • Superstar - Lucerin Blue
    "I'm going to seek you like a freight train Flying through the night I'm about to take flight Cuz I've found the light I'm moving forward in what I know is real Gonna do this no matter how I feel I'm"
  • Superstar - Insane Clown Posse
    "If I had things my way, I wouldn't be a zero Rather be respected like Pierre Ferro Every album I touch 5 mics I'd be on MTV with Tommy Lee ridden dirt bikes Me and Fred Durst cooking brought worst And"

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