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CeCe Winans - Say A Prayer

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CeCe Winans - Say A Prayer

  • I'm A Winans Too - Winans Phase 2
    "I know you heard about the Winans see We're a Godly dynasty Serving G O D Next in line is me Not the X but next generation of several men of God Taking it to another level Devil what's up? Is this a joke"
  • Say A Prayer - CeCe Winans
    "I still remember the nights When there was darkness in my life But then You came Something deep inside me changed And now I pray I started to trust without fear Knowing You'd hold me through the tears Because"
  • Say A Prayer - Cyndi Lauper
    "Say a prayer for all the souls in bloom cut down Far too soon under the scarlet moon ... Under the scarlet moon ... Say a prayer ... So, what are you weaving there marionette Keepin' your balance by"
  • Say A Prayer - Taylor Dayne
    "(Taylor Dayne, Shep Pettibone, Tony Shimkin) Say a little prayer for you Say a little prayer for you Well, I remember when You were my only friend You took the time When on one else cared You gave"
  • Say A Prayer - Tom Verlaine
    "(Verlaine) "drivin outa nowhere my eye begin to fly i see this world is on the take. what's the use a talkin... better put your foot down... you know some cars ain't got no breaks." you're squirrel food"
  • Say A Prayer - Far From Heroes
    "Walking among us No one knows he never shows his face into the light And every shadow screams with fear just as he walks by The crowd would part in to the sea and drown in misery Drown in misery Sell"
  • Say A Prayer - Breathe
    "Another shot of courage in a whiskey glass. I'm frozen with desire every time you walk past. Distant admiration just won't get me near. God knows I've tried so hard to shake away all my fears. I wish I"
  • My Christmas Prayer (Featuring Delores Winans) - Bebe Winans
    "I pray for peace Blessings and honor Heaven right earth's despair This is my Christmas prayer For those that grieve God will bring comfort Laughter will rapture there This is my Christmas prayer See I"
  • Prayer - Marija Serifovic
    "(Molitva - english translation) I'm wide awake An empty bed drives my dreams away Life melts like ice Disappears in the twinkling of an eye I'm losing my mind, Pushing reality out of sight Our lips are"
  • Prayer - Rick Ross
    "Song 27 Da Lord Iz My Life Lord 4give 4 My Sins (I Aint Cryin' I Aint Cryin') Cuz I Hv Sined Da Lord Is Da Stucure Of My Life N Whom I Sow B Afaid N B4 I Wrap Up This Port Of Miami Emamies N (Plz Lord) Some"
  • Prayer - Yellowman
    "Give thanks and prays unto the Father everyday ??? keep the devil away and remember this good ??? over evil God ??? with the devil remember that. Prayer! Have mercy on a good man and help him we pray"
  • Prayer - Hog Heaven
    "Dear Lord, can we talk for awhile, And maybe you can tell me Why I've never seen you smile? Is it because it's takin' so long For everyone to separate What's right from what is wrong? But try to bear"
  • Prayer - Breathe
    "How Can I Fall - Breathe Give me time to care, the moments here for us to share Still my heart is not always there What more can I say to you Could I lie to you, I'm just too weak to face the truth Now"
  • Prayer - Muggy Mr.
    "Out in the street The wind in my hair I should have ran But I stood and stared He was only a boy A boy in too deep I took his life And now I'm paying with mine Lord forgive me for what I've done I didn't"
  • Prayer - Pendragon
    "All the hatred in the world Where did it all come from? That man over there, he's the one to blame He's the one who did you wrong And if you should ever point the finger Raise up the glass to humanity And"
  • Say My Prayer - Golden Earring
    "From the Album: * Keeper of the flame Daylight gone, nighttime come I hear the executioners song & I, I say my prayer The colour of darkness, wages of sin Crime of innocence A case of doubt on your hands I"
  • Say a little prayer - Greg Brown
    "The lights onIn the middle of the nightThere's a sick little child aroundMomma said to Poppa "Don't you worry, I think her fever's coming down."ref:Oh yes and I know, it's just a cold or it's just the"
  • Rebel Say A Prayer - Bad English
    "In the midnight rain Johnny throws a stance Says, "Love me tender, love me true" And in the doorway there, she looks up at him And she says, "You know I do" But Johnny's on the run, 'cause he stole a gun He"
  • Say a little prayer - Donna Summer
    "Mr. Moonlight...shinebrightshow me my Mr. Rightlights, camera, actionI wanna be his sole distractionCupid draw your bowshoot it nice and slowsend it straight to his heartlove don't let him goyou must let"
  • Mama Say A Prayer - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton) The bright lights of the city are a pretty site to see Perhaps they're extra pretty to a country girl like me Temptation waits at every turn and it won't let me be So mama when you pray"

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