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CeCe Winans - You Are Loved

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CeCe Winans - You Are Loved

  • You Are Loved - CeCe Winans
    "Yes, oh yeah When I promised I'd be there And told you I would always care Well, I meant every word And I know it's hard to let me close Those times that really hurts the most I'm trying desperately to"
  • I'm A Winans Too - Winans Phase 2
    "I know you heard about the Winans see We're a Godly dynasty Serving G O D Next in line is me Not the X but next generation of several men of God Taking it to another level Devil what's up? Is this a joke"
  • Crush On You - Mario Winans - Mr. Cheeks
    "Take it from the top with nothin but the hot shit I told 'em we got shit and it smells (definitely) Mario, what's the verdict? Hey yo, Mr. Cheeks, I know ya heard it The way we move (make it happen), spaz"
  • You Are Loved - Josh Groban
    "Don't give up It's just the weight of the world When your heart's heavy I...I will lift it for you Don't give up Because you want to be heard If silence keeps you I...I will break it for you Everybody"
  • You Are Loved - Building 429
    "I still remember three feet tall Standing next to you I felt so small I would've walked a million miles Just to see you look at me and smile Would it have been so hard To give me just a little space Inside"
  • You Are Loved - Rebecca St. James
    "We were younger then, you and me, full of dreams, werent we? I went my way, you went yours, where did you go, dear? Someone said you had left the life we lived together then This is my way of reaching"
  • You Are Loved - Lori McKenna
    "I'll find you on a better day When wings of yours can fly away Sometime when my smile can say All a heart need say I can find you anywhere In every life I'll find you there Just give me time to make it"
  • Loved - Kim Wilde
    "Loved Written by Ricky Wilde & Terry Ronald Take all your goodness and shiness away I'll tell you the things I've been longing to say I'll break it to you just so you understand The force and control that"
  • Loved - Avion
    "Will I be good enough tomorrow Would I be good enough today I gave back all the things I borrowed But I couldn't clean up all my stains But I just want to be loved I just want to be loved by you Bite"
  • Loved - Cranes
    "Try to hold on Though it seems you can't go on You know that you can be strong Find a way to carry on And God bless your soul In the heavens up above If you can't find a way You must know that you are"
  • Do Your Thing (feat. Mario Winans) - Queen Latifah
    "South side.....south side yeaah yeaah my side my side clean vibe gonna flip their games on this haters right now aaalriiiight aaalriiight we're gonna start ??? wee rrriiide wee riiide Aint the"
  • Comforter - CeCe Winans
    "Faithful Friend and Father, I've called You through the years You've been Great Physician when sickness lingered near Through distressing moments Your name is new and sweet You've become Comforter to me You"
  • Worthy - CeCe Winans
    "Lord you're worthy. Oh so worthy. (Repeat 6 times) Chorus: And oh my soul, you have not been left alone. For He counted us worthy, so let's be worthy! Just trust and know you're strong enough to carry"
  • My Christmas Prayer (Featuring Delores Winans) - Bebe Winans
    "I pray for peace Blessings and honor Heaven right earth's despair This is my Christmas prayer For those that grieve God will bring comfort Laughter will rapture there This is my Christmas prayer See I"
  • I Want You (Feat. CeCe Rogers) - Bob Sinclar
    "I Want You Do you wanna run away? This time far away Let me love your .. … Still the … Fire, desire Take me higher I Want You You know I do!"
  • You Will - CeCe Winans
    "Yeah, yeah Another bird has grown Another part of all of us is gone Another right has been wronged Still we go on and on Until the words for each of us are all to real Still I am not able to feel, what"
  • Thrist For You - CeCe Winans
    "(Chorus) We thirst for You We search for You In a dry and barren land W're longing for Your hand To guide us to A place where You Can cleanse us with Your rain... Baptize us once again We thirst for You (Repeat"
  • What About You - CeCe Winans
    "Everybody's looking for a peace that flows And everybody wants a place to go Nobody wants to kneel and pray So nobody receives results without faith When someone falls along the wayside And everybody knows"
  • Just Like You, Jesus - CeCe Winans
    "(Chorus) I wanna walk like You I wanna talk like You I wanna live like You Just like You Jesus I wanna pray like You Wanna love like You I wanna look like You Just like You Jesus Blameless, wisdom, power All"
  • Looking Back At You - CeCe Winans
    "What can I do? What wish can I make come true? Because you mean so much to me The love I have for you is so strong, this is where I belong My arms are open wide, so let me hold you I will be the rock for"

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