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  • Sore spots - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Sore spots I stop, my memory is nothing but a gallery of sore spots Can't you see I carry on but I don't wanna hold on to the retrospective life I don't wanna overestimate this"
  • Hardest time - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Hardest time This is the hardest time, I can't define it's never easy When you said goodbye We're all inclined to act like nothing's wrong I am the one, he said Who never had"
  • Situations Complications - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Situations Complications Life gets so much easier when you're stoned Yeah, life gets so much easier on your own It's hard to get down this medicine we call time There's a lot of it"
  • Happy - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Happy She is happy when she is all alone She's not that hyperactive No, she don't need the phone tonight No, she'd rather stay inside How she worries, just like the most of us"
  • Homesick - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Homesick What have I told you? Nobody ever shuts up Rather than listen They hear themselves talk Godawful habit Try to behave yourselves Nothing the matter Just trying to get across Why"
  • Mistaken - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Mistaken Last night I was screaming stuff I had been mistaken All shaking, I just couldn't stop You told me that I was going like Well, lately I have come to see I'm trying and"
  • Ocean sounds - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Ocean sounds Life is sweet and sweet is life Things you see, along the line Hurry up, come figure out What's behind, a million clouds All in time, we hang around Let it slide,"
  • Right from wrong - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Right from wrong When you know Everything is right All you have to do Is bear the light And you'll see I know right from wrong Try to have some faith And carry on But it's harder"
  • Spain - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Spain I told a friend 'bout the mess I was in Made him feel good, but the problem remained It's not easy, nothing is no more I saw the future and I said This kind of fear makes me"
  • Stains - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Stains This is how it all began, I can recall This one time couldn't get enough Life was kind of cold but you were like a fire Flaring up, couldn't get it out Hey, I can't remember"
  • Lifesupport - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Lifesupport Shoot it like a gun For you've never been so wrong You've been taken it too far Only out to survive And it's heavy to endure Yeah, we need a lifesupport And every single"
  • Ana Nomaly - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Ana Nomaly Ana Nomaly, Ana Nomaly, Ana Nomaly One two three four One two three four You turned out to be just a little cynical Impolite and, oh, most of all You can swear My girl,"
  • Bandido - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Bandido Baby these are an awful lot of maybe's Don't kid yourself, are you still hoping I've got the devil on my side He'll put a plan into my mind Can you see the posse moving on They're"
  • No Reply - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous No Reply Listen, I'm leaving, I can't have your talking I hate it so hear this, I want to stop But I can't seem to fall, no heart, no reply No reply I have been hoping to get"
  • Prince Valium - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Prince Valium You disappeared Into thin air Went up in smoke And now you're here It's not about Helping you out No psycho-tool Will ever do Just come on out of your piggysty and explore You"
  • Return to Go - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Return to Go You moved along, way too soon It's like you ran away baby Every day another day without you, isn't all I stopped the ride, then returned to go But did I really give it"
  • This cannibal - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous This cannibal It sure has been wonderful, radical I think I'll be sad till you come to me But let it be, I won't let you go Love is a cannibal, like Hannibal The speed of my"
  • Joy Dim - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Joy Dim Like most kids I played with fire On the railroad tracks I nearly died Some pain inflicted upon myself Not all trial and error brings succes I guess All this time you've been"
  • Everybody knows - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Everybody knows Everybody knows there's a dream that makes us all feel good Well I haven't had it for some time I believe that it was something about love But I cannot see the details"
  • Hey day - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Hey day Hey, you know, this shiver I've got, this shiver I've got, it's part of a legacy For all the times that I know, have never be good to me But when you go and try to sort it"

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