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Ceaser Firefly

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Ceaser Firefly

  • Firefly - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Firefly You're like a firefly, trying hard to give a sign And when it's getting there, you shine a light Everybody always worked hard and we were pleased with ourselves And someone"
  • Firefly - A*Teens
    "Fly firefly When I said go I never meant away You ought to know the freaky games we play Could you forgive and learn how to forget Hear me as I'm calling out your name Firefly come back to me Make the"
  • Firefly - The Temptations
    "Firefly, Firefly Shine your light tonight Assist the Moon and Stars In helping us To ease our troubled minds Firefly, Firefly Golden night of serenity, yeah show us the light naturally. And maybe she"
  • Firefly - Burton Cummings
    "Firefly flashin' on a sticky August night Children tryin' to put you in a jar and watch your light And as they study your magical latern I know what you're thinking of They are taking away your chance"
  • Firefly - Zed
    "I'm burning just the same Yeah, just the same as you Look into the flame to find that I'm burning too The story unfolds Without any words You're burning over Fading under Where you're goin' I don't"
  • Firefly - Stratovarius
    "Burn the night I am chasing a firefly I've got the eye of the tiger I have the will to fight You are my trial by fire You are the one tonight Calling my burning heart I tried so hard to resist you I tried"
  • Firefly - Chris Rea
    "Go to that secret place Inside your soul Go to its deepest place Only you and I know Can you see her? There she is still shining bright When the sun goes down See her crimson glow through the darkest of"
  • Firefly - Lindsey Stirling
    "(Amerykańska skrzypaczka i tancerka, znana jako Lindsey Stirling na jednym z koncertów podczas swojej trasy koncertowej wykonała utwór "Firefly", w którym zaśpiewała.)"
  • Firefly - A-Teens
    "A-Teens Teen Spirit Firefly Written by thomander/wikstr?m When i said go i never meant away You ought to know the freaky games we play Could you forgive and learn how to forget Hear me as i'm calling"
  • Firefly - Vertigo Angels
    "you crush me in i'm broken choked on words unspoken i just want to run away 'cause each word spoken is a chance that's broken in me i just want to run away but i can't let you down i can't let you down"
  • Firefly - Tori Amos
    "I am waking from a dream. I am choking on a scream. You are trying to show me something. But, the dark is wide and long. The gates are closed, the CROWDS are gone. But, you're still shimmering and"
  • Firefly - Mesh
    "Throw the towel in Write the poison letter Burn the place down Let's make it better Pour the fuel in Make the carpet wetter Burning paper-bin Let's make it better Tiny thumb-wheel Slide across the metal Little"
  • Firefly - Over The Rhine
    "My memory will not fail me nowMmm firefly in the night skyOnly lights on the riseAnd I need you so fireflyOne satellite with a lazy eyeCaught me by surpriseWith an ache in my bellyAnd a taste in my mouth"
  • Firefly - Christina Metaxa
    "Its a question that drives us to where we must go Its the unknown that drives from us what we want most But the firefly sits in the corner in rest And he wont care of you stare but believe me, its best"
  • Firefly - Tony Bennett
    "I call her Firefly Cause, oh, my She radiates moonglow Wants none of that noon glow She starts to glitter When the sun goes down Bout eight p.m., it's mayhem She switches those brights up Lights up and"
  • Firefly - Jucifer
    "I'm on fire for you tonight and everything is sweet and right you know just what you have to do and make it plain with every move you'll never find a better friend and you know you've got to choose there's"
  • Firefly - Breaking Benjamin
    "You, my friend, You're a lot like them, But I caught your lie, and you know I did, Now I'm lost in you, Like I always do, And I'd die to win, cause I'm born to lose Firefly, could you shine your light? Now"
  • Firefly - Sister Hazel
    "She's not like anyone else You wonder why she captured You like a firefly And makes you shine like you never could alone And tell me Can you see her shining Through a crowded room Where she's the view And"
  • Firefly - Halou
    "In the darkest corner of my heart Is a tiny firefly Across the years, across the yard Struggling, he's still alive Long lost sisters, take me back. We'll catch all the fireflies Drop your needle,"
  • Firefly - American Music Club
    "American Music Club California Firefly C'mon beautiful we'll go sit on the front lawn We'll watch the fireflies as the sun goes down They don't live too long, just a flash and then they're gone We'll laugh"

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