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Ceci M Lift

  • Lift - Ceci M
    "Ceci M Miscellaneous Lift VERSE You held me when I cried Helped me through the storms And like those times You faded away (away) You taught me how to fly And feel it too (oh oh) And now I've touched"
  • Lift - Mortal
    ""lift your voices lift your holy hands lift your praises high lift them up in the name of the author of love time - bending, everlasting Almighty God from age to age beginning and ending one God worthy"
  • Lift - Drentch
    "heart of stone turned to clay form me to your ways Im broken without you crying out I lift my eyes I lift my heart toward heaven I see you shining heavens shining down on me my eyes are fixed on you I'm"
  • Lift - Paul Stanley
    "Fallen like the rain Crashin' down again Sinkin' all alone The walls are closing in The pain is just beginning A feelin' like I've never known I've never known I never wanted To ever hurt you The trust"
  • Lift - Stand
    "I talk to myself, with my melancholic point of view, I drift to nothingness, wondering what is left for me to prove... I'm Kicking myself, my bruises foot to head for selfish pride, I live in your"
  • Lift - Shannon Noll
    "I know you're hurting Feels like your learning 'Bout life the hard way And it ain't working Seems like forever That you've been falling It's time to move on Your life is calling, yeah This is"
  • Lift - Strife
    "When narrow minds meet they will combine, and bound by fear they will divide. But seperation can only destroy what's left. Ensuring the end of what's true to me. True to me. In spite of myself I will seclude"
  • Lift - The Apex Theory
    "come by just to shoot me up as soon as you leave you leave us inside we're locked in this way i can't explain today it's starting to bend back to the wall not again need a lift come by to stay sure a"
  • Lift - Audio Adrenaline
    "Count them, every one All of the million things You've done You are the Lord of my life And I roll them over and over In my head, in my head But I don't understand But I'm glad You're in my life And I"
  • Lift - Sunk Loto
    "No compromise for your control driven nature Put shit on me cos you know you can't take it Another bad lie Another bad feeling Love the feeling, when you're feeling sour You contradict yourself in every"
  • Lift - Poets Of The Fall
    "Times when I just can't Bring myself to say it loud 'Fraid that what I'll say comes out somehow awry That is when it seems We move in circles day to day Twist the drama of the play to get us by And it"
  • Lift - Radio Head
    "This is the place Sit down, you're safe now You've been stuck in a lift We've been trying to reach you, Thom This is the place It won't hurt, it will not hurt The smell of air-conditioning The fish are"
  • Lift - Radiohead
    "This is the place Sit down, you're safe now You've been stuck in a lift We've been trying to reach you, Thom This is the place It won't hurt, it will not hurt The smell of air-conditioning The fish are"
  • Lift - Brad
    "Hey kids, get your gear This is your vacation Climb aboard this yellow bus To your destination Hey lift man, lift me up! It's an occupation And I wanna have a good time At Alpental, the skiings all at"
  • Lift - Godhead
    "Can't you see there's Nothing left to do Nothing left to say Memories of you Never fade away Deception from the start A hole inside my heart Sanity is through Now I ask you What are you? Where are you? Who"
  • Lift - Fourth In The Fire
    "Sing it softly with a breath Taking off like a rocket I can't stop it when I start It all comes crashing down It all comes crashing down CHORUS I lift my hands to the sky, to the sky I'm on my face Hear"
  • Lift - Flickerstick
    "Lift up your head Focus on every detail Why does this illusion Bring so much confusion When all I can dream of is you? Lift up your head We're rising with every breath A liquid solution, a chemical"
  • Lift! - Rehasher
    "Just what will inspire me this time? What's going to lift me past this time? I wonder if I should even try, I wonder if I'll get left behind. I've been all around this place before, I've done this a million"
  • Ceci Est Mon Histoire - Les Chaussettes Noires
    "Ceci est mon histoire,Sans souci, sans ennuiJe n'avais pas compris,Lorsque j'tais petit,Que c'est avec l'ge,Que l'on peut grandir,Et j'attendais bien sageCeci est mon histoire,Sans souci, sans ennui .Avec"
  • Ceci n'est pas un adieu - Raphael
    "Et ma tristesse, Et ma joie, Et mon evasion, Au dessus des toits Oh mon amour,malheureux Malheureux, Ceci n'est pas un adieu Monte vido, Mon ireuguay et mon ureuguay, Oh mon pays, Oh ma montagne, Et ma"

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