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Cent Ghetto Qua Ran

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Cent Ghetto Qua Ran

  • Ghetto Qua Ran - 50 Cent
    "Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh Southside, what y'all niggas know about the dirty south? One time Lord forgive me, for I've sinned Over and over again, just to stay on top I recall memories, filled with sin Over"
  • Creep (Feat 50 Cent) - Mobb Deep
    "(feat. 50 Cent) (Intro: Havoc) thats that creep creep mode baby we in creep mode come around here baby shinnin like that (Havoc) its crazy on this side, come thru gun thru ohh ya man live out here Dont"
  • Curtis (50 Cent Diss) - Cam'ron
    "The truck or the Lamb b, Cam be stuffed in some candy This ain't a label CURTISSS, you fukkin with family See my squad dun waited, right behind them bars that's gated Hopped out the casket, bastard, reincarnated Yep,"
  • Ghetto Story - Lupe Fiasco
    "You know I had to do it, man. It wouldn'ta been right if I didn't. You seen it? You seen the show last night on TV? You seen nigga's rims man? You seen the new Jordans man? You see her ass yo? Yeah, yeah,"
  • Ghetto livin' - Mia X
    "Ghetto living (ghetto living) Ghetto living (ghetto living) My mama once told me (told me) that the streets ain't safe So I walked 'round with a vest and a strap on my waist I'm living in a strange place"
  • Ghetto Fabulous - Mystikal
    "Since I'm so fucking bad give me mine get yours ooooh... I woke up this morning rocked up humping on the matress hard like I was fuckin I realized I was dreaming then I got up I hit the Vick's inhaler 'cuz"
  • Ghetto Dreamin - Coo Coo Cal
    "(Hook:2x) With this strength of ghetto dreamin' (Verse 1 - Coo Coo Cal) It's in the middle of the night of writing pages of this fool shit I dreaming I got a mansion up in my pool lit Drunk, which I'm"
  • Ghetto Child - Mystikal
    "(Master P) It's crazy out here (uhhhhhhh) Yo mama I'm tryin to keep my head strong (whats up Mystikal?) Uhhhhhh! (uhhhhhh) I'm just a ghetto child trying to make it Uhhhhhh! I'm just a ghetto child"
  • Ghetto bird - Ice Cube
    "Why, oh why must you swoop through the hood Like everybody from the hood is up to no good You think all the girls around here are trickin' Up there lookin like Superchicken At night I see your light through"
  • Ghetto Stash - Rell
    "(feat. Memphis Bleek) (Rell singing) (Verse One: Memphis Bleek) Yo, I be's the M Easy I got a wife but still ain't nothing change I still fuck you easy Sittin on buttons my eight white binge You"
  • Ghetto love - Da Brat
    "feat T-BozT-Boz: I had some problems That no one could seem to solve them But you had the answer You told me to take a chance And learn the ways of love, my baby And all that it has to offer.. You told"
  • Pearly Gates (Feat 50 Cent) - Mobb Deep
    "(Intro: 50 Cent) Yeah! (Chorus: 50 Cent) Homey if I go to hell and you make it to heaven Just get me to the gate, and I'll talk my way in Got a gift, I'm special with the flow I'm good Shit, I done talk"
  • The Infamous (Feat 50 Cent) - Mobb Deep
    "(feat. 50 Cent) (Prodigy) Just when you thought it was safe to come out Infamous all in your face, in your mouth That's right, niggaz best to stay up in the house Watch we getting our money, for the two"
  • Ghetto Qur'an (Forgive Me) - 50 Cent
    "[50 Cent talking] Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh Southside, what y'all niggas know about the dirty south? One time Lord forgive me, for I've sinned Over and over again, just to stay on top I recall memories,"
  • Fuck 50 (50 Cent Diss) - Fat Joe
    "Yeah, that'll do it Yeah, I love hip hop I love this muthafuckin hip hop game This nigga here is a little nigga man Stay in your motherfucking lane nigga You fucking with the Don nigga Folow me Fifty"
  • Resto Qua - Vinicio Capossela
    "Resto qua e la miseria sa cos l'amor Natale gi passato e non sono ritornato lambrette e motorette spernacchiano l'oscurit ecco qua finito lo spettacolo e il miracolo la luna sul tuo volto la"
  • Eccoci Qua - Alex Britti
    "Comunque dopo tutto eccoci qua A ricordarci di qualche anno fa A riaccendere il buio in quel vuoto che ormai fermo come il tempo intorno a noi Comunque dopo tutto eccoci qua Un po siamo cambiati... let Si"
  • Seduto Qua - Zero Assoluto
    "Sono giornate lunghe quando non vuoi uscire Quando il cielo buio e strano e non ti fa capire, quante cose devo ancora fare Quante facce e quante strade ancora da vedere, se ti potessi solo raccontare Quante"
  • Ancora Qua - Mondo Marcio
    "(Featuring Irene La Medica) RIT: (Irene La Medica)Tu dove sei,dove sei? Quando mi trovo tutto solo nei miei guai Tu non ci sei,tu non ci sei!Quando mi trovo tutto solo in mezzo ai miei guai Damn uomo"
  • Il ballo del qua qua - Al Bano & Romina Power
    "Questo il ballo del qua qua e di un papero che sa fare solo qua qua qua pi qua qua qua mamma papero e pap con le mani fan qua qua e una piuma vola gi di qua e di l le ginocchia piega un po' poi scodinzola"

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