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Center me

  • The Center - Matthew West
    "I wanna know I got a feeling as a matter of fact It's like my whole world just came under attack And I hear can a voice tellin' me to turn back 'Cause I must be onto somethin' It happens every single"
  • Center Avenue - The Ark
    "In The City Of Eigth Million People Loneliness Just Couldn't Be Shared There I Was Again In The House Of Lost Regrets With Burned Out Hypocrates The Incrawd Said They'd Be Hip Till They Were Dead They're"
  • Center Circle - My Hotel Year
    "i took the long way home maybe i had reached my limit don't go down without me and when you stopped me to interchange ourselves the subtle little matters don't matter any more i sat outside underneath"
  • Center Aisle - Caedmon's Call
    "Thank god I'm back in my car Driving home, driving home Cause the air was thin and so cold Back in there It was my first time It will be my last time And the questions rise Expectations fall And I love"
  • Shopping center - Os Travessos
    "Quando eu te vi no shopping center Com seu novo namorado Quase no acreditei Eu confesso que chorei Perdi a vontade de continuar meu lanche Quando eu te vi fora de alcance me lembrei Do ltimo beijo de amor"
  • Center Aisle - Caedmons Call
    "''In November of '95, the sister of a friend of mine from high school committed suicide. Having never been to a funeral, I was very apprehensive, especially since I had been asked to play a song during the"
  • Storm Center - Tilt
    "You've captured my imagination Charismatic reck In the wake of your devastation I'm your best work yet Fascinating backdrop of romantic poverty Obsessed with herbs and healing cures Obsessed with healing"
  • Center Street - Pushover
    "Last night I came across your path And I can't think or wonder why And by the way I cannot see So bring your head up Many a time I wandered off And lost my mind so many times I cannot wait another day For"
  • Center Stage - Indigo Girls
    "Laughing in a crown of jewels, Numbness from a scepter's wound. Toss and Turn, I spin and learn, "Catch yourself before you burn." A joker's dance before the king, Jangling beads, a silver ring. Close"
  • U Center Me - Robin Thicke
    "Every fog, every rain, every thunder. On this road, seems like it will never end. So I stray and I wonder, I don't want to crash again. And you say, some things never get better, Some roads never get"
  • Center of Attention - Pete Rock
    "The streets battle grows hottest over hour plays a role of murarder touching evey land or earth like a Harlem Globetrotter With a message it prays tellin brothers to rasie their hands And take a stand"
  • Center Of Everything - Blind Myself
    "Center of everything Take it away, bring me the message from lord of glory Take it away, take that all of us had strended here. We're diein' here by hunger, people passin' me by But the animals come"
  • The Center Bullet - Tear Garden
    "Dead shot through the temple In the temple heard the preacher screech I bored you full of holes Lucretia Saw you crease up in a ball As if you swallowed your own poison Followed as you crawled up to the"
  • Left Of Center - Suzanne Vega
    "If you want me You can find me Left of center Off of the strip In the outskirts In the fringes In the corner Out of the grip When they ask me "What are you looking at?" I always answer "Nothing much""
  • Center Of Gravity - Yo La Tengo
    "In crowded bars, at subway cars Whenever you are next to me, center of gravity, can't feel both feet on the ground Walking home after dark, past the softball park It's clear to me, according to a rule"
  • World Hate Center - Mercenary
    "Now do you feel respectable on the cross? Hanging by the shred of life that we lost Greet the pain, meet the nails That we thrust into your chest Now it's time for you to repay us Never judge me It fuels"
  • Center Of Attention - Guster
    "One of us won't last the night, between you and me it's no surprise There's two of us, both can't be right Neither will move till it's over I'm the center of attention and the wall's inside my head And"
  • Found My Center - Seven Mary Three
    "My tired eyes are blackened wicks Razor tucked under my chin Quit quit quitters started quitting One last time Take me down to the other side Where all the lights are handed out Mine is empty mine is"
  • Left Of Center - Sloan
    "I remember Uncle Owen Because his story's aimed at me That was 1977 I was in grade three Since then I've got to thinkin' I really can't remember The last time I was the center Of the target of pop culture You"
  • Center Of Attention - Jackson Waters
    "You want your independence But you won't let me let you go You wanna test the waters And leave it on the empty shores Chorus): But I'll take my time if you want to And l'll give you whatever you need And"

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