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Champagne showers

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Champagne showers

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Champagne showers
  • Strata Champagne
    "Can't wait to fall asleep i'll never truly call this living i think that life's the only game nobody ever seems to win you hold yourself above the highest and the center of my head i crawl what's left"
  • July For Kings Champagne
    "I want to dream you a beautiful dream. I want to hold you in the dark it would seem that no one sees me like you do no one moves the way you move and I can't see anything else I want to take you now."
  • Sugarcult Champagne
    "All I can taste is champagne When it hits the brain like cocaine Spinning around and round I cant get up without your help I've fallen down All I can taste is champagne Another day down the drain"
  • Almond Marc Champagne
    "Almond Marc Tenement Symphony Champagne A winter morning in New York Champagne wakes and checks the time It's hard to keep a cup of coffee down When there's so much on your mind Kicks a cockroach cross"
  • Marc Almond Champagne
    "A winter morning sun in New York Champagne wakes and checks the time It's hard to keep a cup of coffee down When there's so much on your mind Kicks a cockroach 'cross the bedroom floor Checks the mirror"
  • Cavo Champagne
    "I need you here with me Don't take this too far now Your eyes seem so lonely inside you Feel like you've lost your mind Could have been the champagne, the champagne Could have been the cocaine, the cocaine Could"
  • Paul Gilbert Champagne
    "Look out my window one more time Seems like another day Watch as the mailman passes by Bringin' some bills to pay Suddenly appears a package Sent here by a friend, gourmet Chorus Champagne, only for awhile"
  • Roberta Miranda Champagne
    "Champagne Um olhar fascinante que No para de iluminar Feito lua brilhante que Parece me acompanhar Uma luz to acesa que Transforma tudo ao redor Uma doce beleza que Faz da minha vida melhor Tua pele"
  • Dada Champagne, Champagne
    "Champagne, Champagne I love those little bubbles Champagne, Champagne Though they get me into trouble Lord, how I wish it would rain Champagne, Champagne, Champagne Champagne, Champagne From Hong Kong"
  • Chris Rock Champagne
    "(feat. Freedom Williams) Yo man, R&B sucks! I mean there's a couple of people that can flow but for the most part, the genre sucks Just a bunch of people singin over rap beats Get a old rap record?"
  • Days Of The New Champagne
    "Wait, it takes some time There's nothing more to make When you cross the line I got you something to drink, so open wide No matter how hard you try I want to know How it goes That's why we're taking away"
  • The Who Champagne
    "Today it rained champagne A son was born again A genius unchained A life of wealth and fame, wealth and fame Champagne flowing down just like rain Caviar breakfasts every day Merchant banks and yachts"
  • DQ Champagne
    "Here I am I have arrived to claim my fame Since time began Miss Thing has been my middle name Ill make forever fade in moments, I will be all I can be Ill crash onto the shores of destiny And when I get"
  • 311 Champagne
    "I will never understand you When will I stop trying I mean, cuz it's just not how I planned to Spend, my time til dying I mean Champagne California on the brain She's got an appetite for no refrains Just"
  • Senses Fail Champagne
    "So I'm done with all this pain that I kept. Like a boxer thats been knocked down and lost his step. The doctor said, I'm sorry son, You cant win, you cant win this one. I've been fighting life on my knees"
  • Bebe Rexha Champagne
    "It's getting really dark in here The only thing I taste is fear You shouldn't see me like this You don't want to see me conscious It's getting really cold in here The only thing I see is fear You shouldn't"
  • LMFAO Champagne Shower (feat. Natalia Kills)
    "We're gonna get you wet We're gonna make you sweat A night you won't forget Are you ready for... Champagne showers Champagne showers Pop it in the club We light it up 8 hour I said! Champagne showers Champagne"
  • After The Fall Sunshine Showers
    "The hour hand has reached Its final destination Alarm bells ring As the pendulum swings And with the eye to the main chance Rise up into the morning And make way the cause For the iron horse The temperamental"
  • Billie Holiday SUN SHOWERS
    "Arthur Freed / Nacio Herb Brown Sun showers Never mind the rain The sun will shine again Through sun showers In a little while They sky above will srnile Like luster that follows your kiss Dark clouds"
  • Frank Sinatra April showers
    "Though April showers may come your wayThey bring the flowers that bloom in MaySo if it's raining, have no regretsBecause it isn't raining rain, you knowIt's raining violetsAnd when you see clouds upon"

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