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  • Ray Charles - Michel Jonasz
    "Ray Charles quand tu pleurniches Les plus pauvres sont les plus riches Les oublis du Bon Dieu Ne sont plus malheureux Ray Charles est-ce que tu le sais a J'mettais de la peinture noire sur mes dix doigts Pour"
  • Charles Martel - Folkearth
    "Charles Martel, the day will come again - I'll see you lead the cavalry to chrage! Charles Martel, in the battle of Ambleve You dyed Malmedy blood-red! Tours recall the glory of your hosts, Thy fame is"
  • Hey Charles - Alphaville
    "We had shared our company, talked about reality in terms we understand we built the entire universe around the minds of boys and girls and touched it with our hands until the structures we created fell"
  • Lake Charles - Lucinda Williams
    "He had a reason to get back to Lake Charles He used to talk about it He'd just go on and on He always said Louisana Was where he felt at home He was born in Nacogdoches That's in East Texas Not far from"
  • St. Charles - Jefferson Starship
    "Let me tell you 'bout a dream, Dream. You know I saw her in a dream. Oh, St. Charles sings, Sings about love. St. Charles, tell me tonight, Won't you tell me 'bout love. You know I saw her in a dream. There"
  • Charles Junior - Jorge Benjor
    "La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la Eu me chamo Charles Junior vai vai Eu tambm sou um anjo vai vai Mas eu no quero ser o primeiro vai vai Nem ser o melhor do que ningum vai"
  • Ray Charles - Old 97's
    "We put on Ray Charles and broke up You were packed and gone when I woke up Ray just kept on singing He had Georgia on his mind You just keep on leaving You keep leaving all the time Wonder if the stars"
  • Charles Windsor - Manic Street Preachers
    "Written by: McCarthy Charles Windsor who's at the door At such an hour who's at the door In the back of an old green cortina You're on your way to the guillotine Here the rabble comes The kind"
  • Charles Atlas - AFI
    "You've seen it all a thousand times (you've seen it all a thousand times), you've heard it all before (you've heard it all before). You've danced the steps, you wrote the rhymes. So passe, too many times,"
  • Charles yle - Daniela Mercury
    "Minha crioulaVou contar para vocQue hoje eu completoTrinta anos de ylOgum onilOnil ogumA boa do yl que ela vai estar me esperandoNo invisvel, no encantado, no cu azulBogum bogumQue realeza, CharlesBeleza"
  • Charles Atlas - A.F.I.
    "You've seen it all a thousand times, you've heard it all before. You've danced the steps, you wrote the rhymes. So pass?, too many times, but you're hollow at the core. Two generations past you by. You"
  • Charles Anjo 45 - Jorge Benjor
    "Oba, oba, oba charles Como my friend Charles Como vo as coisas Charles? Charles.........Anjo 45...protetor dos fracos e dos oprimidos Robin Hood dos morros..rei da malandragem..um homem de verdade Com"
  • Charles In Charge - Relient K
    "New boy in the neighborhood Lives down stairs and it's understood. He's there just to take good care of me. Like he's one of the family. Charles in charge of Our days and our nights. Charles in charge"
  • E. Charles White - Molotov
    "- Bueno?, que paso marra como estas? -- carnales, que onda con ustedes que onda con el nuevo disco, se nos esta acabando el tiempo, y nosotros aqui esperando nada mas carnales, que onda? (yeah!!) necesitamos"
  • Charles Mansons Birthday - Ball Otis
    "Ball Otis Miscellaneous Charles Mansons Birthday Charles Manson's Birthday by Otis Ball from _I'll Love You Til I Don't_, on Bar/None It's Charles Manson's birthday, nobody's there I tried to have"
  • Charles Grigsby - Overjoyed - American Idol
    "Charles Grigsby - Overjoyed Over time I've been building my castle of love (oh yes) Just for two Though you never knew you were my reason I've gone much too far For you now to say That I've got to throw My"
  • The Charles Mansion - Wckr Spgt
    "You can stay at the Charles Mansion when there is no room at the Inn. A feast of friends, the Best of Tension You've lost your virginity again. Our family welcomes you inside Please come join us / do not"
  • Crossing The Charles - Small Fred
    "I guess it must say something That I was the last to know I never saw the signals flashing danger Falling out of love with me Was hard on you I know To wake up in the morning to a stranger. CHORUS: Crossing"
  • Ray Charles Ton - Chubby Checker
    "Rosie you're my lucky charm When you're in my arms I'm happy as can be Oh Rosie, everytime we meet My heart skips a beat I'm happy to repeat Oh Rosie Oh Rosie You are the one Tell me oh tell me You'll"
  • Overjoyed - Charles Grigsby - American Idol
    "Over time, I've been building my castle of love, oh Just for two Though you never knew you were my reason I've gone much too far for you now to say That I've got to throw my castle away Over dreams Over"

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