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Charles Bradley Strictly Reserved for You

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Charles Bradley Strictly Reserved for You

  • Strictly Reserved for You - Charles Bradley
    "I’m tired of the same lies I’m tired of the same people Tryna get to my bindess, Just me and you I know baby, we gotta get on through and go somewhere I got the love, uh, I got the love, baby I got love,"
  • The Bradley - Further Seems Forever
    "false pretense a lack of resonance a derisive sentiment and confidence these bonds were always faked crafted for safety's sake but pasted wings and foil rings do not an angel make I see you've left me"
  • Bradley - Coal Chamber
    "Try to remember Try to forget Try to remember Look back try to remember That name sounds so familiar Sue, these letters are driving me crazy They're driving me so fucking crazy They're making me so angry"
  • All Rights Reserved - Vicious Rumors
    "(Lyrics: G.Thorpe, C.Albert, M.McGee// Music: M.Mcgee, G.Thorpe, L.Howe) Why try - request denied As usual - refuse you all you crave Goin' through the motions Circumstance, irrelevance Everyday - another"
  • All Rights Reserved - Bloodbound
    "Say could you take some time to fill this out my friend I know your business and I'd like to lend a hand I make no promises but, hey, it couldn't hurt I need your name, address and number and maybe date"
  • Strictly Physical - Monrose
    "Just let me know... It's strictly physical... Dirtier dancing alone, so physical (so physical) Feels like a fire, daddy even you know We're getting close to borders, so over ago The way you're watching"
  • Strictly Rude - Big D And The Kids Table
    "See her in the city and say Oo she's got a lovely way True, she don't want to play She has you going your way I pop no style I'm strictly rude I pop no style I'm strictly Se her in the club and you call"
  • Strictly business - 3LW
    "See I've been dealing with you for about 6 monthsAnd I knew you had a girl but, we got to touchingOne thing to the next, I had this boy fienin' bout to make his girl his exHe called me up late night love"
  • Strictly Business - LL Cool J
    "Verse 1: Back in the days I made up my mind That I would be a king, you know, genuine Reign supreme at the top of the heap And like working all day, no time to sleep Destined to rise, in front of your"
  • Strictly Rubbadub - Gorillaz
    "City Life Oh-Oh... It's With The Northern Sound...Ya Hear A [...] Baby, [...] You Don't Be Crazy [...] Well Don't Be Lazy Can't Stand Your Loneliness And He Said, "Keep On [...]" More Music"
  • Strictly Business - EPMD
    "Try to answer to the master on the MC rap artists No joke on the lyric -it's hard to be modest I knew I was the man with the master plan To make you wiggle and jiggle like gelatin Just think while I sing"
  • Strictly Genteel - Frank Zappa
    "Mark volman (vocals) Howard kaylan (vocals) Ian underwood (keyboards, woodwinds) Aynsley dunbar (drums) George duke (keyboards, trombone) Martin lickert (bass) Ruth underwood (orchestra drum set) Jim pons"
  • Ray Charles - Michel Jonasz
    "Ray Charles quand tu pleurniches Les plus pauvres sont les plus riches Les oublis du Bon Dieu Ne sont plus malheureux Ray Charles est-ce que tu le sais a J'mettais de la peinture noire sur mes dix doigts Pour"
  • Charles Martel - Folkearth
    "Charles Martel, the day will come again - I'll see you lead the cavalry to chrage! Charles Martel, in the battle of Ambleve You dyed Malmedy blood-red! Tours recall the glory of your hosts, Thy fame is"
  • Ray Charles - Old 97's
    "We put on Ray Charles and broke up You were packed and gone when I woke up Ray just kept on singing He had Georgia on his mind You just keep on leaving You keep leaving all the time Wonder if the stars"
  • Strictly For The Ladies - Lord Finesse
    "This is stricly for the ladies, no ifs ands or maybes We can chill together but hold on the babies Let's have fun with this, I stand thunderous Any girl I get I work wonders with Most try to step to me"
  • Strictly For My Grind - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "Loose! Sippin on gin, fuck juice, A hundred percent brew, The gankin for my bankin keeps you shankin wit a deuce, deuce, So easy when me pull me lead off, No one's allowed, When you see me nigga, keep"
  • Strictly This Game - RBL Posse
    "Verse 1 *(Black C)* It's strictly this game that I'm stickin to and stayin true tryin not to do what those fakers do while I'm payin dues I'm makin moves in this rap game see everybody want the fame,"
  • Strictly snappin necks - EPMD
    "Just when you thought it was safe to make records The rap duo is back, it's time to start wreckin E Double swingin high *scratch* I'm swingin low Washin wannabees down, with some H20 As I go blow to blow,"
  • Strictly Hip Hop - Cypress Hill
    ": I neva rapped on an R&B record, and I neva will, I got these phoney muthafuckas, talk about lets keep it real, But, they don't know how to take they own advisement, Going out, do it solo on an advertisement,"

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