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Charly Luske Nobodys Guy

  • Nobodys - Nobodys
    "We're nobodys and we don't care. We don't change our underwear. We don't like to wash our hair. We don't talk to girls cause we don't dare. We're nobodys and we don't care what you think. We're nobodys"
  • Charly - The Prodigy
    "Charly says: Always tell your mummy before you go off somewhere OR Charly says: Always tell your mummy before you go off somewhere Trip Into Drum & Bass version Little bit of bass Little bit of raas"
  • Charly - Prodigy
    "Charly (Charly's voice is by Kenny Everett from a Public Information Film) Original version Charly says always tell your mummy before you go off somewhere Charly says always tell your mummy before you"
  • Angie (Charly) - Magneto
    "Mi querida Angie solo cinco minutos sin verte ni acariciarte Angie se ma han hecho eternos casi un infierno sin tus labios sin tus besos Me has acostumbrado a sentirme querido y amado de veras mi dulce"
  • Nobodys Girl - Ernie Halter
    "She don't need anybody To tell her she's pretty She's heard it every single day of her life He's got to wonder what she sees in him When theres so many others standing in line And she gives herself to"
  • Nobodys Side - Chess
    "Chess Miscellaneous Nobodys Side Nobody's Side >From the Musical Chess -Florence You want to lose your only friend Well, keep it up you're doing fine Why this humiliation? Why treat me like a fool? I've"
  • Nobodys Hero - Bride
    "One slot machine one stop light town And if Jesus came back tonight To every story there are two sides If you walk with the devil he'll tell you a lie Rolls Royce coming through the air (I'm Nobodies"
  • Nobodys Fool - Cinderella
    "I count the falling tears They fall before my eyes Seems like a thousand years Since we broke the ties I call you on the phone But never get a rise So sit there all alone It's time you realize I'm not"
  • Nobodys Side - Andersson & Ulvaeus
    "Nobody's Side >From the Musical Chess -Florence You want to lose your only friend Well, keep it up you're doing fine Why this humiliation? Why treat me like a fool? I've taken shit for seven years And"
  • Nobodys Driving - Amebix
    "I awoke in a sweat from the American Dream They were loading the bomb bay of the iron bird Giving their blood to the Doomsday Machine I screamed into the wind my goodbye to the world It was dark in the"
  • Nobodys Angel - Hanson Brothers
    "You smile a lot it makes me wonder what you're thinking of Cause baby you're always on my mind and right now I want you with me here by my side, With me until the end of time. I just can't help myself"
  • Nobodys Business - Billy Idol
    "What a fool to step into those shoes Either way you know they win or lose You know money talks Your eyes they ain't so blue You love to watch the green-backs walk You got a five-buck side-pack Tell me,"
  • Amigo Charly Brown - Benny
    "Wo es Mdchen gibt, blond oder schwarzDa ist er zu haus', ja er lt keine ausZwischen Mexiko und ParaguayGlaubt jedes schne Mdchen, er ist ihr nur treuOh Charly Hey, hey Amigo CharlyHey, hey Amigo Charly"
  • Ain't Nobodys Business - Billie Holiday
    "Porter Grainger / Everett Robbins There ain't nothing I can do Or nothing I can say That folks don't criticize me But I'm going to do Just as I want to anyway And don't care just what people say If I"
  • Mein Charly Ist Klasse - Gaby Baginsky
    "Mein Charly ist Klasse! Ich lasse ihn nie mehr allein. Das wrd' ich nie tun so ein Risiko geh' ich nicht ein. Es warten schon einige Mdchen nur darauf. Mein Charly ist Klasse! Ich passe gut auf ihn auf. Fr"
  • When Charly comes home - Opus
    "He was not very rich & he was not very poor Had enough to be tough but you could never be sure How he would feel and react to show thwm respect As jack-of-all trades he was dealing with blades Not too"
  • Guy - Anastazja Meisnerowicz
    "Love me All I wanna Be your girl Are you wanna change my world? So be my boy tonight In my mind In my heart in my dream You're perfect guy"
  • Nobodys fault but my own - Beck
    "Treated you like a rusty blade a throwaway from an open grave cut you loose from a chain gang and let you go and on the day you said it's true some love holds, some gets used tried to tell you i never"
  • I Hate Your Guts - Nobodys
    "I know a girl, she thinks she's cool. I don't think i care. She hates me and i can see she's too much to bear. There's nothing i would rather see than to see you walk away from me. Turn around and walk"
  • Best Damn Tits (I've Ever Seen) - Nobodys
    "She's walking, talking, and she's breathing. Everything you need. But there's something so special. Man there's something so unique. They're perfect in every way. There's not much more i can say. She's"

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