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Check in the

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Check in the

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Check in the
  • USDA Check
    "Yeah Yo B-Ross Dean Whats Happening You Ready Nigga Check Hey Slick-Pulla You ran through that change Nigga Check Ok lets get it then Nigga Fo real Now see this is what the fuck Ive been telling"
  • Rustic Overtones Check
    "one, two, check to the people in the back check to the folks in the front if you can't hear me good enough, turn it up. one, two check to the people at the left check the mic for the folks at the right count"
  • Zebrahead Check
    "Coming hard core looking like a gangster bitch Trying to front like you ain't rolling filthy rich Laguna Hills you were born and raised But you?re claiming South Central is where you spent your days Coming"
  • Halcali Check! Check!
    "*Shizuka na kohan no koi no naka HAROO, your songs MERODII Ano, machi made check!! check!! Its more no tokoro de U&ME Ima, hikari dasu Anata no hoo, check!! check!! it!! Atoda Btoda Ctoda D Oshiete yo"
  • The Temptations Check Yourself
    "Otis (& then Melvin - spoken) By and by, you knew that you make me cry. (By and by, knew you'd make me cry) And my love for you will never die. (My love will never, never die) But I had to find out on"
  • The Swellers Rain Check
    "Might be too late, but now I'd love to hear your voice Reading words can only do so much for me You're out of touch and I'm not even reaching out Give me something real, give me something real I'd put"
  • Rage Against the Machine Mic Check
    "To tha young r to tha e tha b to tha e tha l Never give up just live up Fed upon America We be spittin' it up Rippin' it up For an even amount in each cup To my brothers burning bare feet on black top Whose"
  • Big D And The Kids Table Check List
    "I must have started life with a checklist I took the rules and broke em in two I must have started life with a checklist and the first is not giving in like you you're burned out asking which half is"
  • Young Lungs Money In Check
    "I got a money In Check, bitch I got a Money In Check I got a money In Check, bitch I got a Money In Check I got a money In Check, bitch I got a Money In Check I got a money In Check, bitch I got a Money"
  • Sick Of It All Kept In Check
    "Listen, we won't give up on our freedom Even as we're beaten to submission Even as they want achievements on their terms Rulings to be followed to the letter What a joke, it's to chaotic There's no control It's"
  • Swae Lee Reality Check
    "This shit i stoo relevant Who needs a real check? I got a check in reality I gotta go in the atmosphere Who needs a real check? I got a check in reality I gotta check on my ex And make sure She ain’t"
  • Aceyalone Mic Check
    "If it wasn't for a mic check I wouldn't have a check at all - a one two, a check a one two If it wasn't for a mic check you wouldn't have a check at all - a check two, a mic a check two If it wasn't for"
  • Gary Numan Check It
    "Something isn't right I get the feeling I'm not driving Something hasn't quite Taken over but it's trying Check it, check it The question now is time The hours pass so slowly I know we're moving out"
  • All Check One
    "Lets not and say we did. Then, lie and talk about the old days. We were just as boring, but not as ugly. Check one Yes or no Life is a mistake until you fill in the blank. What not to see, what not to"
  • Genitortures Reality Check
    "White! Then you look away. You reach for assistance when you start to sway. Knees feel weak, as your vision fades away. When you're faced with death, that's when you start to pray. Blind! Now you can see"
  • 504 Boyz Check 'Em
    "(feat. Traci) Who dat call the police Yo ma called the police I got five on the lips But I ain't payin for the ass You just got yo hair fixed So can you pump a nigga gas Now when you ridin in my truck"
  • Bg Knocc Out & Dresta Micc Check
    "Yeah, somethin' fo' you trick ass niggaz in 95. Ha, b.g. knocc out and gangsta dre'sta Compton fo' life, fools. Chorus: Micc check - 1,2 - what a nigga - gon do When the 165 crew run upon you? Yeah,"
  • Oxide & Neutrino Check Dis
    "Oxide And Asher D Check Dis How many ways can a man express this? I wanna get it off my chest, but I breathless, MCs in the game never test this, And if they do then you know it is a death wish, You"
  • opm Reality Check
    "It's a Reality check from the streets of Southern California With brothas always smokin' on the doja The OPM damn we rollin Hand on the mic till we decide about the sick life Californ-i-a born and raised"
  • Ammo Poetic Ammunition Check
    "*LANDSLYDE* Ammo check one triple to the barrel gun Loading the ammo now ready and done Pull the trigger glack glack ain't a mic check Run run Ammunition check Enemies hunt you down like a predator Sniper"

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