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Chef de Meute starring OGB

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Chef de Meute starring OGB

  • La Meute - Raphael
    "Je dois tout prix te montrer ma force moi le laiss pour compte de cette meute animale de ce monde catastrophe qui s'emballe qui s'emballe et j'ouvre mon cur ces balles ces tireurs de flches ces visages"
  • Der chef - Fler
    "Yeah...aha...woouuh Ich sag dir clip und klar, homeboy, ich bin ein Star, du siehst mein Clip im Club, denn ich mach Business Punkt, wie jeder Diss hier pumt, es macht jetzt klipp und klapp, denn meine"
  • Chef Yan - Over It
    "Im hyper, kinetic When I get back Im gonna need a friend. I glide with the breeze Im your first kiss back for a repeat offense. When I get back Were getting serious not! Its so normal to feel confused"
  • Ball Chef - Frenzal Rhomb
    "Morning, Wake up and smell all the breakfast foods that are on offer, No one prepared us for whats on the menu, I've never tried this before, If this is the breakfast of champions, I don't want to be an"
  • Starring Bubbles - Doppelkopf
    "Ich sitz Nachts am offenen Fenster, guck durch den Mond und schreibe Reime, weil ich mich langweile Rauch steht im Raum, gebt mir ein Raunen wenn ihr wit was ich meine. Meine Fantasie ist beim Arzt, ich"
  • Zum Chef (Sp - Die Toten Hosen
    "Du sollst zum Chef. Jahrelang war er ein kleiner Mann, nie gegrt und unerkannt. Heute nun der spte Dank, sie holen ihn aus seiner Bank. Du sollst zum Chef. Er checkt sich durch, die Schuhe sind geputzt, die"
  • Meth Vs. Chef - Method Man
    "(feat. Raekwon the Chef) Duel, worthy of a general If you want to fight, fight with me! One to one! Man to man! Get ready to gel team! Live and direct from the one-six-ooh We got Tical, pow! Raekwon"
  • Wo Ist Der Chef - Franz Morak
    "wo bin ich hier? was tu ich hier? keiner ist da und sagt es mir. ich hoffe nur, das ndert sich bald. ref: wo ist der chef dieser seltsamen anstalt? wo ist der chef dieser seltsamen anstalt? die tren"
  • Mamo, Mamo (starring Kamil Dobrowolski) - the Freeborn Brothers
    "Mamo, mamo, mamo, mamo Lipiec już grabiemy siano Potem szybko, raz, dwa, dwa I kapela, wódka, gra Mamo, mamo, mamo, mamo Czemu mi się takie coś dostało? Baba zła, zaraz jest Czemu nie przegnałaś precz? Mamo,"
  • My Life (starring Willow Smith) - ZHU, Tame Impala
    "don’t tell me it’s all my mind in my mind don’t tell me it’s all my mind in my mind don’t tell me it’s all my mind in my mind don’t tell me it’s all my mind in my mind let me live my life /20x don’t"
  • Baby Birkin (Starring Jordyn Woods) - Gunna
    "wheezy outta here i know my purpose European car it came whit curtains I have daughter I am buying her baby Birkin fucked her good and got her legs hurtin found our wave and got them Ms early southside"
  • Long-pig chef and the hairless goat - Cattle Decapitation
    "Cornered long-pig at the edge of the corralAscending heart rate makes for succulent portionsCapillary beds fill to the point of explosionIn an orgasmic decapitation of human cattleDE-boned and skinnedPreparation"
  • The May 4th Movement Starring Doodlebug - Digable Planets
    "Uh.... Ha.... Uh.... Ha Ha.... Funky.... Uh.... Ha.... Uh.... Ha Ha.... One time for your mind Two times for Mumia's saint crew Three times for my Brooklyn dimes Seven times for pleasure.... I"
  • POPSTAR (ft. Drake, starring Justin Bieber) - DJ Khaled
    "Bitches calling my phone like i am locked up nonstop From the plane to the fucking helicopter Cops pulling up like i am giving drugs out nah nah I am popstar not a doctor Bitches calling my phone like"
  • Starring Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Cannibal Corpse
    "Why can't I breathe Still I see Dead on the table Try to move, I'm not able to They said I have died I still felt alive I won't believe their lies I can still see through these Eyes Help me I'm not dead Wake"
  • Infinity - Sheryl Norm Starring May'n
    "zetsubou kara tabidachi wo kimeta ano hi atashitachi no mae ni wa tada kaze ga fuiteta ne tsutaetai kimochi hodo kotoba togire togire de nani mo ienai mama itsumo honto wa fuan de ashita ga moshimo mieteshimaeba hito"
  • Free Me (starring Zoe Saldana & narrated by Julianne Moore) - Sia
    "I don’t want to hold your gaze I’m scared what I might see there Found myself in this place And I’m a burning fire Peace may come I hope it won’t take long Just a faith I cannot see Bring me home I’m"
  • Ye vs. The People (starring TI as the People - Kanye West
    "I know Obama was heaven-sent But ever since Trump won It prevent that I could be President Yes, you can! at what cost thought? don’t that go against the teachings they ye taught for? Yo T.I.P I hear you"
  • Diamond Crevasse - Sheryl Nome Starring May'n
    "Kami-sama ni koi o shiteta koro wa Konna wakare ga kuru to wa omottenakatta yo mou nidoto furerarenai nara, semete saigo ni, mou ichido dakishimete hoshikatta yo It's long long good-bye... Sayonara sayonara"
  • Soldat De Plomb - Abd Al Malik
    "Soldat de plomb, soldat de plomb Tout maigre dans ma grosse veste qui me servait d'armure, J'avais du shit dans mes chaussettes et j'fesais dans monpantalon, Soldat de plomb, soldat de plomb, J'avais juste"

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