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Chell en like you a village

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Chell en like you a village

  • Village People - Village People
    "Where can you find pleasure, search the world for treasure, learn science, technology? Where can you begin to make your dreams all come true on the land or on the sea? Where can you learn to fly, play"
  • Chell - Connie Francis
    "St'ammore mme teneva 'ncatenato, Ma ho detto: "Basta!" e mme só' liberato Mme pare cchi turchino 'o cielo, Mme pare cchi lucente 'o mare... E 'o core canta p''a felicit! Chella ll, chella ll Mo va dicenno"
  • Village - Asgaut
    "The sky went black On a cold morning The rain washed our pain Your lips were frozen As they were made of ashes. Remember all you said. Watching you laugh and cry With a fake smile (of the despairation) You"
  • Village Girl - Hanoi Rocks
    "You look like a village girl to me But you stepped into my life from a magazine You were like a village girl to me But you walked into my life off the record machine Oh village girl, village girl Yes,"
  • Ghetto Village - Warren G
    "Would you like to go with me, down my dead end street? Would you like to come with me, to village ghetto life? Let me tell you bout the village where I dwell, it's a... Living hell still tryin to make"
  • The Village - New Order
    "When a new life turns towards you And the night becomes a bay We shall remain forever Everyone who meets his way Oh, our love is like the flowers The rain and the sea and the hours Oh, our love is like"
  • Village ghetto land - Stevie Wonder
    "Would you like to go with me Down my dead end street Would you like to come with me To Village Ghetto Land See the people lock their doors While robbers laugh and steal Beggars watch and eat their mealfrom"
  • Village Of Agabha - Steel Attack
    "There were peace and calm In the village of Agabha The church bell rang And the sky was so blue No clouds to be seen Hama was his name A warrior he could become When the time was right When darkness"
  • Global Village Idiot - Wondermints
    "(N.Walusko) Got a letter - maybe better that I get a piece of you instead. All the chatter doesn't matter when you realize it wasn't read. Can't be nothing when it's something that will get attention"
  • It Takes A Village Idiot - Graham Parker
    "I got my dunce's cap and cardboard sword And I'm droolin' as you talk to me You say I should be in a mental ward But That might seem like home to me Cos I don't get it I don't understand And I think love's"
  • Sudan Village - Seals and Crofts
    "(lyrics by James Seals; music by James Seals & Dash Crofts, 1971) From the albums YEAR OF SUNDAY (1972), THE WHOLE BURBANK CATALOG (1972) and SUDAN VILLAGE (1976). See that girl all dressed in green."
  • Village Idiot - Van Morrison
    "Did you see the lad, on the corner He was standing drinking wine Wears his overcoat in the summer And short sleeves in the winter time Takes his holidays, down at the bookies Well he knows how to pick"
  • Little Village - Van Morrison
    "(Van Morrison) Little village baby, ain't large enough to be a town From a little village baby, ain't large enough to be a town Gotta get away from the city It's gonna bring you down Heard the voice"
  • Village Idiot - Cantatonia
    "I found me a pulse I found me a pulse And I came to this screaming City baby I found me a pulse I bought me some clothes I bought me some clothes And I played in this screaming City baby I got given clothes But"
  • Village Lanterne - Blackmore's Night
    "Don't shed a tear for me I stand alone This path of destiny Is all my own Once in the hands of fate There is no choice An echo on the wind You'll hear my voice... Some choose to fall behind Some choose"
  • Village Man - Travis
    "I don't wanna rock, baby don't wanna rock I just feel I'm stuck up against the clock I don't really wanna rock tonight I only wanna hold you tight I don't wanna roll, baby don't wanna roll I just feel"
  • Handlake Village - Takida
    "It's been a long, long time for that I owe you now, I miss your heart I miss your lonely eyes. I want to come back for more, I want to take care of my memories, welcome me, welcome me tonight. There's"
  • If You Don't Like The Village People, You're Fucking Gay - Anal Cunt
    "Jacques Morali wrote the heaviest music ever Glenn Hughes had a deeper voice than Will from Mortician He wore chains before Slayer and Venom Jacques Morali was portrayed by Steve Guttenberg If you don't"
  • People Of My Village - Rusted Root
    "Good morning I see you There on the phone Good morning I see you Dead on the throne Like a dragonfly With stone wings Stone wings I sing I tell you the ones I love The people of my village That I was"
  • Aerodynamic (Slum Village Remix) - Daft Punk
    "Yeah, speak to the hand, I'm all your (?) Tired of livin' this life everyday it's a gamble Puttin' pieces together that don't even assemble Feelin' like somebody I don't like but I resemble I'm so sick"

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