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Cher Touch And Go

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Cher Touch And Go

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Cher Touch And Go
  • Cher Touch And Go
    "I know we can make it baby If only we try Lets hang on to love And don't let it die Even though It's been touch and go On and on we get strong But then we didn't know That we'd hope we could cope With"
  • Undertones Cher o'bowlies
    "Rain rain from the sky When I imagine love will die Its not making love alone Though all must come and go All that's coming from the sky Is cold and turning turning blue This may seem mighty strange Coming"
  • Cher Touch & Go
    "I know we can make it baby If only we try Let's hang on to love And don't let it die Even though Chorus: It's been touch and go Off and on Weak and strong But then we didn't know That with hope, we could"
  • Sean Kingston Rum And Raybans (feat. Cher Lloyd)
    "Kingston! Let’s go! Round of applause because that body needs a hand (clap it up for that body, clap it up for that body) Shots at the bar no chases baby I’m a man (take a shot applecardi, take a shot"
  • Cher I Got You Babe - (With Sonny & Cher)
    "They say we're young and we don't know We won't find out until we're grown Well I don't know if all that's true 'Cause you got me, and baby I got you Babe I got you babe I got you babe They say"
  • John Foxx Touch And Go
    "We stepped out in the shatter light And I watched as we blew away Through a sea of seats And the tangled-up streets And the cities in a grey-blue haze In the catalogue All the places fold in Underneath"
  • Joe Budden Touch and go
    "One question, now who rep jersey like meBaby, few dudes is worthy like meYou know I keep something pretty by meGood pair of frames, polo, white teeYa see somethin with a body, have em like pleaseExtra"
  • Crystal Gayle Touch And Go
    "Honey, forgive me if I stop and drift But my whole world's been thrown in a spin! And it ain't any wonder; you come on like thunder-- and then disappear like the wind! Last thing I remember, I'm just"
  • Emerson, Lake & Powell Touch And Go
    "Man in the street, no time to sleep No time for nothing no Patek Phillippe Pedal to the metal Blow by Blow You're runnin' with the devil it's touch and go They're leaving you nothing nowhere to go Just"
  • Peter Hammill Touch And Go
    "Between the light and the shadow, out of the corner of my eye I saw your feathers all ruffled, anticipating the sky... You've got no reason to stay, day by day your impatience has grown. I'm caught between"
  • Stiff Little Fingers Touch And Go
    "Looking back it's funny that we never lied That night we met when were both alone We knew at once that what we'd want was just that night Knew it couldn't be forever Cos we each told of another And then"
  • Kim Carnes Touch And Go
    "(Clive Gregson) Sometimes it hurts so much that I wonder What kind of spell I am under That makes me feel this way I know the ways of love aren't easy You try your best to please me But I still have to"
  • Abra Moore Touch And Go
    "You're traveling through my head again I pull you out every once in a while Just to look at you To lay with you To remember how it used to be Burning streetlights, setting our hearts on fire Tipping"
  • Magazine Touch And Go
    "in the corner of your eye i'm loitering with intent you can tell me to move on cos all of my moneys spent you're not such a big girl small world isn't it ask me what I do sometimes I stand sometimes I"
  • The Lightning Seeds Touch And Go
    "The Tingle as you spin that web of lies, leads to a tangle that hurts the more you try. Fighting in the bathroom, holding back the tears can make you blind. Screaming at the new moon, to swallow up the"
  • Joe Budden Touch & Go
    "Joey, uhh... Uh, one question Now who rep Jersey like me? Baby few dudes ain't worthy like me You know I keep somethin pretty by me Good pair of frames, Polo white tee Y'all see somethin with a body have"
  • Magazine Touch & Go
    "In the corner of your eye I'm loitering with intent You can tell me to move on Cos all of my moneys spent You're not such a big girl Small world isn't it Ask me what I do Sometimes I stand Sometimes I"
  • Cher All I Ever Need Is You - (With Sonny & Cher)
    "Sometimes when i'm down and all alone just like a child without a home. The love you give me keeps me hanging on oh honey, all i ever need is you. Your my first love your my last. Your my future your"
  • Tony Touch Touch 1- Touch All
    "(feat. Dead Prez) Yo, down south, niggaz know about crackas and black people When I came up north, I started hangin' with Latinos The Borikens and Tainos and even the Arawaks It's the language that"
  • Amy Sky Touch
    "Touch (Original Version) I wanna see ya Like no one sees you I will watch you sleep I wanna go where nobody else is Baby, just you and me You make me wanna Touch you baby, baby Just a little more That's"

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