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Cherleader omi

  • Seasons (ft. OMI) - Shaggy
    "Girl you must be sent from above You keep me warm under the winter glove You smile is colorful Like the flowers in the spring I’m in love watching when you do your thing, thing thing I never meant to"
  • Never (ft. OMI) - Marcus & Martinus
    "girl I will make it true and finally when I get you on my own I will never, never ever let you go I will never, never ever let you go yeah /4x I will never let you go"
  • Die Omi Aus Dem Ersten Stock - Eins Zwo
    ""Was soll ich euch noch erzhlen?...""Eine kleine Episode um das klarzustellen..." Rei den Vorhang aufschmeiss die verdammten Lampen ankeine zeit fr spielkonsolenmein leben ist jump & runkeine zeit zu verschwendenund"
  • Cheerleader - OMI
    "When I need motivation My one solution is my queen 'cause she' stay strong yeah yeah she is always in my corner right there when I want her all these other girls are tempting but I'm empty when you're"
  • Hula hoop - OMI
    "Rollerskates, them lines Have sun clear blue skies The waves are crashing by And when she passed me by And gave a wink and smile And I was on cloud nine Lord The way you move your hips And lick your lips The"
  • Stir It - OMI
    "I know what I want And I want it right now, right now I know what I need And I need right now, right now 'Cause you're looking at me Like you thinking to do I don't see nobody here (nobody) But us two We"
  • Drop In The Ocean (feat. AronChupa) - OMI
    "Waiting here patiently for you to say that you sent him on his way, You sent him on his way And I know you're worried, been tossing and turning It's keeping you awake, thinking it was a mistake But it's"
  • Bjallerklang - Carola
    "Bjllerklang, bjllerklangHr dess dinglidongFlingor som det virvlar omI munter vintersngFlj oss ut, flj oss utBlacken travar pI hans sprVr slde grDr hga furor strVi sitter under fllenOch snn omkring oss"
  • Yemanja - Dianne Reeves
    "Chant Yemanja (Goddess of the Sea) Ago Lona O Ya Le - Open the way for the most powerful mother Ago Lona O Ya Le - Open the way for the most powerful mother Ya Le Ya Luma O - Most able mother who protect"
  • Incantation - Yoko Ono
    "Na-omi-ah (yeah) Na-ah Na-omi-ah (yeah) Na-ah Na-omi-ah (yeah) Na-ah Na-omi-ah Incantation, (oo-oo-oo) Incantation. (oo-oo-oo) If ya ever meet the sweet rolling thunder (flying on the dead of the night) Just"

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