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Cheryl cole Under The Sun

  • Under The Sun - Cheryl Cole
    "We all got lonely the day Gets stuck in a phase I can see the sun is shining bright right on through the haze I complain to say Is this really my life Now that I'm over you, and I'm sober too I can finally"
  • Cheryl Tweedy - Lily Allen
    "I wish I had one good reason why I should stay How'd I get myself Into this place? I wish had qualities like Sympathy Fidelity Sobriety Sincerity Humility Instead I got lunacy Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah,"
  • Cheryl - Waltham
    "Come and take a ride! I knew this girl who couldn't read my face I'm twenty-one and she thought I was twenty-eight I'm freaking out, cuz I've been running for a while Baby, you ain't the first What can"
  • Under The Sun - The Dreams
    "She walks alone In shame In pain She closes her eyes One more day In this hell Tears fall down her face As they break her down She surrenders She disappears inside As she cries for her savior We are all"
  • Under The Sun - The Swift
    "The beauty queens. The fashion scenes. It ain't nothing I've never seen before. The golden rule. You've got to be cool, But you're a fool if you believe it. Take all my everything, And make it brand"
  • Under The Sun - Junior Boys
    "Sweet one, sweet one under the sun You're the sweet one, sweet one under the sun Sweet one, sweet one under the sun You're the sweet one, sweet one under the sun Sweet one, sweet one under the sun You're"
  • Under The Sun - Jimmy Dean
    "Under the sun more than just a sun a shinin' Under the sun people young and love a findin' Under the sun more than just a sun a shinin' my heart is shinin' just for you Under the sun you can see the trees"
  • Under The Sun - Spleen United
    "Go kill yourself with me under the sun Go kill yourself with me under the sun You leave your trails from here into the sky You should rest your hands and move into the night You leave your trail from"
  • Under The Sun - Marillion
    "(Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) It used to rain Dreary and grey Most every day but not any more We come out of our homes We lie down Under the cloud that never comes We roll in the radiation And"
  • Under The Sun - Big Kenny
    "Flipping through a magazine curlers in her hair Waiting for her nails to dry in the beauty parlor chair Soon she's turning thirty something discontent with life Then she turns to page one-thirty-five And"
  • Under The Sun - Lawson
    "Hey you where you been? I don't know where to begin Just follow me, I’ll lead the way Lets crash on the beach while we stop but the sea We can throw ourselves into the waves Lets get the wine flowing,"
  • Under The Sun - Meja
    "Looking back at history youe not different than the rest If you think your life a misery you better stand the test You think youe in control of all the good things you possess but youe technical and cold and"
  • Under The Sun - Sometimes Never
    "Give me one more reason and ill stay You know i wont believe you anyway But its warm in here and i feel no fear Of being stuck alone again Why am i never the one shining under the sun Why am i always"
  • Under The Sun - Sister Seven
    "Sun is shinin? and the waters much to low Fire across america Where the hell you think we'll go A drop of rain is good for everything But the needle's in your vein You want it easy You just take it, take"
  • Under The Sun - Michael Franks
    "Snow in my shoes Mid-Winter blues Have got me down (Just point me South...let's go now) The clothes on my back Are too Pasternak From sole to crown Where in the hell's the snowplow? Down 95 We'll come"
  • Under the Sun - Bonnie Pink
    "Itsu made mo Arukeru ki ga shiteita Under the sun Wasurenai te wo hiku sono tsuyosa wo Kizutsuita Bokutachi no Sumu basho wa onaji datta Afureru namida kakureta kotoba Ai wo sagashiteita Tada Tada Doko"
  • Under The Sun - Victory
    "Playing with danger Like never before Up on the tightrope of life You cant fight no more - fight no more visions of power and money galore die in a flickering light you cant fight no more - fight no more Suddenly"
  • Under The Sun - Do As Infinity
    "? * I walk under the sun ? Hi, Can you understand? ? Please let me feel so nice! ! ? ! !! !! (*) I walk under the sun I don't look back again ==Romanized Japanese== Zawatsuita"
  • Under The Sun - Enchant
    "All I see, fruits of my own labor All in vain, all for nothing real All I taste, disappoints in flavor What I know is fighting what I feel This is no time to be distracted Time lost can never be regained Don't"
  • Under The Sun - Thirteen Senses
    "You can find it anywhere Under the sun You can find it in your heart If you look hard You can know your way around And be lonely You can tear us all apart And be on your way There's a fire burning off Under"

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