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Cheryll blossom

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Cheryll blossom
  • James Taylor Blossom
    "Blossom, smile some sunshine down my way lately, I've been lonesome. Blossom, it's been much too long a day, seems my dreams have frozen, melt my cares away. Send the sunshine down my way whenever you"
  • Ryan Adams Blossom
    "Without anyone to love you What will you blossom into? Without anyone to hold you How will you grow? And in the Wildwood trees The wild wind blows And the nighttime crushes the hurricane rose And with"
  • Candlebox Blossom
    "Lights, they wash your face Pale and misty white Colour flowers Your eyes seem ever changing in my mind Colours bleed to red As I kiss your face Want to tell you I love you Everyday as we grow See I know"
  • Hot Water Music Blossom
    "Flowers, angels in disguise. Breating, soft with the moonlit sky. Feel my beating heart I can taste your life, With petals in the wind and bright eyes. Sweet nectar scented skin and rising need. She's"
  • Saves The Day Blossom
    "Everything is for sale underneath the sun send your dollars in the mail. If you got what you want well there's always more. There's a sale at the store better get there before they close the door. Down"
  • eels Peach Blossom
    "oh man, feel so nice that was a long cold night but then the sun cam out too for the ace open the window man to smell the peach blossom, the tiger lily, the merrygold oh look at her, she’s got something"
  • Michelle Shocked Blackberry Blossom
    "Can you tell me what happened to the blossom The blackberry blossom when summertime came The blackberry blossom, well the last time I saw one Was down in the bramble where I rambled in the spring The bramble"
  • Nick Drake Blossom Friend
    "Black days of winter all were through The blossoms came and they brought you Clouds left the sky And I knew the reason why They made way for you and the blossom. The seasons cycle turned again An april"
  • Shocking Blue Blossom lady
    "Once I had a boyfriendHe was so tall and strongHe knew what I neededWhen I was all aloneThen he said to meI'll care for you day and nightAnd never for sake youYes I'll stay by your sideDon't be afraid"
  • Tie-Dye Quartet Summer Blossom
    "Summer blossom, spread your petals wide This is the time that you have waited for Time for growing, rise up to the sun Soon your thorn will be a rose Summer blossom, open up your eyes This is the"

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