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Chet Faker - To Me

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Chet Faker - To Me

  • Faker - Audioweb
    "Breaking your back for another day Plucking your hair to your holiday Numbing your brain to be ............ Trying to keep it where ................ Chorus: Hope for you is not hope for me baby Hope for"
  • Faker - Bare Jr.
    "She is so brave for seventeen Smoking it up, making a scene She could pass for twenty two With her sisters out, they make up in tattoos Love has no feeling, into her innocence they're stealing And every"
  • Counterfeit Faker - They Might Be Giants
    "Call out the undertaker Call out the police Counterfeit Faker Is coming after me Yes, I loved him like my brother I loved him ambiguously There's no way to measure the damage he has done Counterfeit"
  • Faker - Red Shaded
    "Your a faker, and you know it, You've got it all down, Your a faker, and you've shown it, To the world around (repeat) You stay sorry for one more day, actions never change, you say you are free, and yet"
  • Faker - Shaded Red
    "you're a faker and you know it you've got it all down you're a faker and you've shown it to the world around you say sorry for one more day while actions never change you say you're free and yet you've"
  • Faker - Everybode Else
    "I'll write it in a letter But it won't upset her I'll tell her that i don't care That she's my saturday nightmare 'though i'm no longer sleeping Still i'll keep on dreaming Dreaming about the old days When"
  • Chet Baker - Vanessa Paradis
    "La vie s'embouteille Et moi j'prends d'la bouteille En attendant ton appel Je freine, je cale et t'envoie des "call me" Et puis j'te colle ces prnoms insenss Qu'allaient si bien aux interdits senss Qui"
  • Chet baker - Mando Diao
    "Stop your crying oh little boy 'cause I know a place that you will enjoy It's a place that's full of diamonds and toys And Chet Baker's playin' trumpet there So go there now Enjoy Go there Don't feel low"
  • Ode To Chet - Clint Black
    "(Clint Black/Hayden Nicholas) When I bought this guitar it had brand new strings Brand new strap all those things Brand new picks both thumb and flat All the elementary things like that I went ahead"
  • Whatever Tomorrow - Chet Faker
    "Whatever Tomorrow Whatever it means Whatever Tomorrow Whatever To me Whatever Tomorrow Whatever it means Whatever Tomorrow get the best of me"
  • 1998 - Chet Faker
    "I'm not the reason you're looking for redemption You cut some strings and everything will fade away You tried to use some physical connection There's nothing left for you to say By the way We used to"
  • Killswitch - Chet Faker
    "I’ve realized that I ‘m lookin’ for redemption I’ve concentrated on everything that fade away I guess we never have the mutual … I guess … You’re everything I want to be It’s scares as shit me You’re"
  • I'm Into You - Chet Faker
    "I got a feeling we are gonna win Our bodies make it perfect And your eyes can make me swim Then again everything seems new I can barely hold my tongue To say the least I'm into you And your eyes Are"
  • Talk is cheap - Chet Faker
    "Oh so, your weak rhyme You doubt I'll bother reading into it I'll probably wont Left to my own devices But that's the difference in our opinions You're a mouthful That amounts for another week on my own Now"
  • Gold - Chet Faker
    "You gotta know, I'm feeling love Made of gold, I never loved a Another one, another you It's gotta be love I said it You gotta know, I'm feeling love You gotta know, I'm feeling love You gotta know,"
  • Fooler A Faker - Hank Thompson
    "You're a fooler a faker a little heartbreaker The slightest gal that I've ever known Abuser a chooser but now you're the loser Cause the heart that you broken was your own I knew someday you'd meet someone"
  • Drop the Game - Flume & Chet Faker
    "I've been seeing all, I've been seeing your soul Give me things that I wanted to know Tel me the things that you've done I've been feeling old, I've been feeling cold You're the heat that i konw See, you"
  • Faker - Moe.
    "Wastin' away, sittin' around Time on my hands, leaves on the ground Been showed the way, hinted around Never was certain, and I've never been found I am a faker, pretending along Lost site of my maker"
  • Bend - Chet Faker
    "Automatically I feel it’s something wrong I try to fix this piece of.. from home Maybe we’ll see not to long It was nice to met you all Automatic …are about to take control"
  • The Trouble With Us - Marcus Marr & Chet Faker
    "You mumble under your breath, I doubt you know what she said Let's get this off your chest Right here, right now I'm tryina make this a mess, We're tryina run in the dark Won't make up reasons to destroy"

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