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Chi coltrane

  • Coltrane - Gomez
    "Wakin' up at nine Looks at his paper Can't deal with what he sees All the troubled lives The talk of the ages He's crawling back to bed Don't take a walk outside Don't make any new friends He's crawling"
  • Coltrane Dreams - Chaka Khan
    "(Arif Mardin, Julie Mardin and Chaka Khan) Coltrane Round and round we'll chase Like a silver train Focused in a storm Comin' through the rain Avalanche of notes Ships of crystal clear On this earth"
  • It's Really Come To This - Coltrane Chi
    "Chi Coltrane Got my things all together And I'm ready to leave you baby But it doesn't come easy And there's something that holds me back here And as I look around the room Happiness haunts me Lord knows"
  • Time To Come In - Coltrane Chi
    "Chi Coltrane Well I think that I've cried long enough And I guess I've tried too hard And I've had my share of worry That's for sure A man can really bring you down If you let him get ot your heart I've"
  • Turn Me Around - Coltrane Chi
    "Chi Coltrane I know I've hurt you And I wonder if you know That I never really meant to No I never really meant to Things have happened in my life Which have brought me to the way I am today Don't you"
  • Thunder And Lightning - Coltrane Chi
    "(#17 September 1972) Chi Coltrane (Chi is pronounced "shy" ) Ooh! What a good thing I've gto Oh it's such a good thing I've gto I don't think I can stand it Thunder and Lightning I tell you it's frightening It's"
  • Goodbye John - Coltrane Chi
    "Chi Coltrane Are you afraid of me baby; A little girl like me baby? Why can't you talk straight, and tell the truth? Can't you take some sorrow, If I'll be gone tomorrow? I'm westward bound-- I'm westward"
  • The Wheel Of Life - Coltrane Chi
    "Chi Coltrane Life is like a ferris wheel It keeps on turning without feel As it spins round and round It picks you up and lets you down Up and down and back again The world seems to be in a spin Will"
  • You Were My Friend - Coltrane Chi
    "Chi Coltrane You came in my home and took from me All that I had to give I thought that we would be good friends For as long as we should live I had some past experience with People just like you But"
  • I Will Not Dance - Coltrane Chi
    "Chi Coltrane Did you say you're a public servant? Well, then let me ask you why You're keeping the public uninformed When you're not feedin' us with lies Listen to our founding fathers Sit down and read"
  • Chi - Big Cyc
    "Miałem wczoraj w głowie ból, w głowie bólBo mi na łeb zleciał ul, zleciał ulZ ula zaś wyfrunął rój, Frunął rój, naszpikował mi nos mójDziś był właśnie koniec lataSłońce świeciło zza chmurKlnę do kata przed"
  • Chi - Korn
    "Pain! Buried so far away Enter my life of nothing Sick of the same ol' thing, so I dig a hole, bury, pain! Sick of the same ol' thing, so I dig a hole, bury, pain! I am so high, always Burying"
  • Chi - Muzyka Ko
    "nie ma nie ma czasu, czas szybko ucieka trzeba robić dużo szybko i wydajnie zorganizowany i zaplanowany taki mam być jutro taki mam być dziś.. mówił mi tak facet, gdy stałem na rozdrożu podawał tabletkę"
  • Chi - Voo Voo
    "W chińskim Mieście Zakazanym Skryte w kurzu cały rok Śpią Demony, których strzegą Wieczny Żółw i Złoty Smok. Skąd się więc Wzięło tu Małe Wu Wu ? Słońca Drogą mknie do placu Gdzie Zachodnich Sześć"
  • Chi - Nieznani
    "Słowa: Janusz Sikorski Zaśpiewam o krwawej tragedii, co znam, a po plecach przebiegną wam dreszcze. Bohater jej, Chińczyk, czółno miał na wielkiej Żółtej Rzece, Był poganinem plugawym tak, że Lucyfer by"
  • Chi Chi - Azealia Banks
    "Hands up It’s a hold up Keep them pies hot nogga Pack the heater in the holster Slip the clip in and pop it They tried to G me on the quota I could picture you nagging rocking You peasy on the corner I"
  • Tai Chi - Killah Priest
    "The Sunz of Mansion has been opened up Door's open, yeah, yeah It's '97, beware of biochips Our shit hits harder than slave whips like I waited to get tips From Egypt to sea ships To being chased by"
    "God - king above all other gods - lead us now, so we can walk wherein the prophets said that we would trod. Buddha - tell a sutra like a spell - teach us well to answer silence with the calling of bells. Allah"
  • Chi-Chi Man - T.O.K.
    "My Crew (My Crew) my dogs (my dogs) Set rules (Set rules) set laws (set laws) We represent for di lords of yards A gal alone a feel up my balls From dem a par inna chi chi man car Blaze di fire"
  • Badman chi chi - Beenie Man
    "Intro:Bredrin, don't tell mi nuh crap bout yuh neva knowThree weeks before time yuh get di videoMr. Warlord a yuh test a any showSee deh now yuh go have a man go goChorus:If yuh nuh chi chi man wave yuh"

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