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Childish Gambino - Heartbeat

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Childish Gambino - Heartbeat

  • Sweat - Zayn Malik
    "Staying up for you Day and night for you We’ve been losing track of time Reaching higher heights Only one thing on my mind Only one thing on my mind Let me touch you where you like it Let me do it for"
  • Dreams (feat Lanie Gardner) - David Guetta & MORTEN
    "Now here you go again, you say You want your freedom Well, who am i to keep you down? It’s only right that you shpuld Play the way you feel it Listen carefully to the sound Of loneliness Like a heartbeat"
  • Alrtight - Logic
    "Hold up Let me get my mind, let me get my mind right, yeah Let me get my mind, let me get my mind right You know everything is alright You know everything is al- Just ride with a mothafucka Keep it"
  • Chasing_(Demo) ft. Mikayla Sippel - NF
    "I just wanna run away And find somewhere that feels safe Find somewhere tha bad days Don’t come as often in this sad phase Somewhere i can be alone Wehere i don’t have to run away from my flaws And i don’t"
  • Catch the Light - SVRCINA
    "I can almost taste it Beautifully contagious Feel my heartbeat racing / racing Stepping in the cadence Of the lover's language All the rest is fading CHORUS I wanna catch the light Let it burn"
  • Check ID - VBS x Trill Pem
    "Się nie pytaj swojej bamdy Ta typiara jeszcze naście ma I te inne koleżanki na ściema Typie, teraz wam pokaże jak się gra Się nie pytaj swojej bamdy Ta typiara jeszcze naście ma I te inne koleżanki na"
  • Happy Go Sucky Fucky - Die Antwoord
    "We live the life we love We love the life we live We live the life we love We love the life we live We live the life we love We love the life we live Don’t need no one fucking up my shit Okay, bitch Get"
  • Cardigan - Taylor Swift
    "Vintage tee Brand new phone High heels on Cobblestones When you are young they assume you know nothing But i knew you dancing in your levi’s Drunk under a streetlight i knew you Hand under my sweatshirt"
  • Say Something - Kylie Minogue
    "We’re a milion miles apart In a thousand ways Babyb, you could light up the dark Like a solar scape And i can almost feel you coming And your heartbeat race So i want somebody Something In the joys we"
  • My High - Disclosure, Aminé, slowthai
    "You was there standing all night You heartbeat matching whit the light You boyfriend gotchu super tight You want a baller so u brother in spite Bitch don’t fuck my high My high Every Amine gon baill So"
  • L.O.V. (e) - Ella Eyre
    "there’s a ghost in my heartbeat and it knows my pain reminding me I should be cautious oh, yeah, yeah but oh, how my heart aches to be whole again a feeling I can’t be ignoring oh, yeah, yeah it’s a"
  • Move your Bodhi - DiscoPogo feat. Weronika Szymańska
    "Move everything you are Move everything you are to be yourself try to be yours this is the first step, so make it right the heartbeat skips everything blurs but take this chance and start your inner"
  • Love Again - Dua Lipa
    "I never thought that I would find a way out I never thought I’d hear my heartbeat so loud I can’t believe there’s something left in my chest anymore but god, damn, you got me in love again I used to think"
  • 12.38 (feat. 21 Savage) - Childish Gambino
    "soemone maade a mess in my account someone bought a Ptaek in a panic bode, Bentley, addicted, I go manic hit the oochie-coochie til it’s slanted I am gon’ beat it up I ;m gon’ make your dreams come, baby you"
  • When To Say When & Chicago Freestyle - Drake
    "Aye , 33 years, I gave that to the game 33 mill, I save for the rain 5 hundred weeks, I fill the charts whit my pain 5 hundred mil and I fall back in the 6ix finally give you niggas the space you need"
  • LOVE IN THE DARK - Jessie Reyez
    "we’re only humans floating on a rock but I think that you are made of stardust unconditional, you put up with so much I could never repay the way you love back to the sky we all have to fly back home back"
  • Black Swan - BTS (방탄소년단)
    "the heart no longer races when hearing the music play tryna pull up seems like time has stopped that would be my first death I been always afraid of if this can no longer resonate no longer make my heart"
  • Family - The Chainsmokers with Kygo
    "i know water that’s thicker than blood that’s deeper than love whit my friends people come and some people go and some people ride to the end when I am blind in my mind I swear they be my rescue my lifetime I"
  • Trigger - Major Lazer & Khalid
    "no baby can’t tell you why we ain’t getting high no more tried so hard three’s something I’ve been feeling and we’re lonely but we never used to be either we’re arguing or you leave we both know something"
  • Japan Ist Weit - Sandra
    "Wo soll ich hingeh'n? Wo bin ich zuhaus? die Zeit der Illusionen ist vorbei Clouds heavy like lead Above houses, streets without destination through the labyrinth Where shall I go Where am I at home, the"

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