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Chis Tomlin I will follow

  • Will Follow - U2
    "I will Follow...I was on the outside when you saidYou said you needed meI was looking at myselfI was blind, I could not seeA boy tries hard to be a manHis mother takes him by his handIf he stops to think"
  • I Will Follow - Andy McCoy
    "I'm gonna follow you Even when out of sight Stay here - here in my arms All the time I'm gonna follow you Track you down Get to You, Whatever the way, I will follow you Everything's gonna fall"
  • I Will Follow - James Taylor
    "Yonder mountain so high, I can't make it all on my own, no. Rolling river, why so wide? To sweep me up and to bear me on, up against the sky so bright that I can't even close my eyes. I know I will follow,"
  • I Will Follow - Fear Factory
    "I You said you needed me I was looking at myself I was blind, I could not see A boy tries hard to be a man His mother takes him by his hand If he stops to think he starts to cry Oh why If you walkaway,"
  • I Will Follow - U2
    "I will Follow... I was on the outside when you said You said you needed me I was looking at myself I was blind, I could not see A boy tries hard to be a man His mother takes him by his hand If he stops"
  • I Will Follow - Susan Ashton
    "I cross the plains to california Be back and lost in by the break of day Do anything to show i care for you Do anything for a love so true And if your heart were under lock and keep I'd skill the castle"
  • I Will Follow - O.C. Supertones
    "Back in junior high, well, I was a bit wild Pretty safe to say that I was a troubled child Didn't go to Juvie but they had me on file Drinking like a man, but thinking like a child You wouldn't want to"
  • I Will Follow - Jeff Anderson
    "It feels like Im stuck here lost in a memory of you And the time I failed you thinking that youll pull through. Yet you, you still remind me you hold the key to my heart. Give me one more try to tell"
  • I will follow - Blutengel
    "You're the angel you're my queenI do everthing for youI protect you from the coldYou can give me what i needI'm addicted to your loveI'm addicted to this gameYou give me pleasures give me painYou're the"
  • I will follow - Millenium
    "Dreams broken dreams of loveIts making me cry when I think about you babyBlue over you is there nothing I can do to changeYour mind and come back to meIf you call out my name I will followShades of grey"
  • Follow - Delirious
    "I've found love, as deep as the oceanAnd your eyes, they hit me like a trainAnd your words serenade me like the sweetest of songsHere I find peace again, againI will follow, I will followI will follow,"
  • Follow - Youth Alive WA
    "You've got me singing Gonna give You all my praise And all will know that You gave Your life for me You got me shouting For all the world to hear That You're the One And I'll live for You my King Follow"
  • Follow - Drowning Pool
    "Right now! Here I am... understand With this comes... frustration Chorus: A better way to follow through I'm far from done The truth is right there in front of you A better way to follow through I'm"
  • Follow - Semisonic
    "I would sure love believing In something that's never leaving Would like to let go the hurting When everything's so uncertain You know I tried To show you what I have inside Will we laugh at how this"
  • Follow - Sevendust
    "Time can take everything that surrounds you You can break from everything that confines you Some to trust - look in my eyes I will guide you So I say Living to love could remind you You can't"
  • Follow - Martin Garrix & Zedd
    "Follow me into the unknown See what happens if you let go Don't you know only you can set you free Who knows where this moment will lead Even if you're afraid, I know You're exactly where you're supposed"
  • Follow - Mercy Drive
    "Why the hell can't I say? "Will you just go away?" I guess it takes some time To get this off my mind I need some time alone Some time to call my own It's fucked up, how I'm locked up With you"
  • Follow - All That Remains
    "And I see Nothing I can do Would change this now This last caress I'll cherish forever And if I could I would kiss All your tears away This emptiness Can only bring sorrow If you leave I will follow Wherever"
  • Follow - Brandi Carlile
    "Follow your heart and see where it might take you Don't let the world outside there break you They know not who you are inside They've never felt your hell Don't ever let them crack Hold out I know you"
  • Follow - Richie Havens
    "Let the river rock you like a cradle Climb to the treetops, child, if you're able Let your hands tie a knot across the table. Come and touch the things you cannot feel. And close your fingertips and fly"

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