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Chris De Burgh Goodnight

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Chris De Burgh Goodnight

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Chris De Burgh Goodnight
  • Chris De Burgh Goodnight
    "Well, it's after midnight and the skies are shining bright, And a big fat moon is dancing on the sea, and I'm thinking oh my... And that old man in the sky he's looking me right in the eye, And he's wondering"
  • Wings Goodnight Tonight (Chris Mix)
    "Don't say goodnight tonight Don't say it, don't say it Don't get too tired for love Don't let it end Don't say goodnight to love It may never be the same again Don't say it, don't say it Say anything,"
  • Masaharu Fukuyama Goodnight
    "Kimi wo taisetsu ni omoeba omou hodo Shite agetai koto bakari fuete Boku wo wakatte moraeru you ni Kondo wa boku no suki na basho e tsureteku yo Sukoshi zutsu demo futari wa chikazuite ikeru you ni Kimi"
  • Chris De Burgh Just A Word Away
    "Plenty of time to turn out the light, I want to keep this feeling inside, for a little more, It must be a Daddy's pride and joy, a little baby boy, Is lying in my arms here tonight; Tears in my eyes when"
  • Chris De Burgh The Last Moments Of The Dawn
    "In the last moments of the dawn, Before the day begins, before we say goodnight, Hold me now, kiss me now, My hands are shaking, and my heart is aching, At the thought of making love with you, Tonight,"
  • Chris De Burgh Once Upon A Time
    "Daddy I can't sleep tonight, it's happening again, Voices in the kitchen are shouting And it's keeping me awake, Is it something I've done wrong? Maybe it's all my fault, And why is Mummy crying all the"
  • Chris De Burgh New Moon
    "A new moon is laughing up there in the sky, but My love is crying and I'll tell you why... Crisis and confusion when she came along, Followed by delusion when I found out that I was wrong, She said "Baby,"
  • Chris De Burgh La Dama De Ayer
    "Jams habia visto en la vida tan bella mujer, La quise conocer, Jams la habia visto uno verse tan suave y sensual, Yo la quise conquistar, una y otra vez, De repente me di cuenta, Que la mujer que yo veia"
  • Chris De Burgh One More Mile To Go
    "(Chris de Burgh) When the valley's quiet with the snow, And the train has one more mile to go, To the station where my love will be, She waits for me, she waits for me; Now the lights are shining down"
  • Chris De Burgh I'm Not Crying Over You
    "Chris De Burgh Beautiful Dreams I'm Not Crying Over You I don't mind this empty room, and i like it when i'm alone, I'm trying not to think about you, i'm not waiting by the telephone, I'm watching a late-night"
  • Chris De Burgh A New Star In Heaven Tonight
    "Chris De Burgh Miscellaneous A New Star In Heaven Tonight Shadows darken and the day is done And i cannot believe that it's true and you are gone You were always here beside me You gave so much as the"
  • Chris De Burgh Head And The Heart
    "Here Is Your Paradise Chris de Burgh I never knew love could be a silence in the heart, A moment when the time is still, And all I've been looking for is right here in my arms, Just waiting for the chance"
  • Chris De Burgh Missing Youcd
    "Much More Than This Chris de Burgh Sometimes the man in me gets restless, I need to get away from you, And spend some time with someone that I knew, Just to see her for a night, And in the candlelight, To"
  • Chris De Burgh Discovery
    "Chris De Burgh At The End Of A Perfect Day Discovery Lady love, go back to sleep, Dry the tears from your eyes, But i cannot stay with thee Until the morning, For the dawn is breaking, And my ship is waiting"
  • Chris De Burgh Read My Name
    "Chris De Burgh - Read My Name For every child that has been born There is a chance to shine, And everyone can have a dream Until the end of time, So live for every moment As the world keeps turning"
  • Chris De Burgh I'm Going Home
    "Chris De Burgh Miscellaneous I'm Going Home I left my home by the ocean, I left my love by the sea, Dreaming i could sing my songs in the city... I thought the streets of london Would be paved with gold, But"
  • Chris De Burgh Say Goodbye To It All
    "Chris De Burgh Beautiful Dreams Say Goodbye To It All We took a boat over lake geneva. It was raining all night long, We were lucky and we saw no enemy, And came from switzerland poor refugees, Far from"
  • Chris De Burgh Two Sides To Every Story
    "(Chris) I really love it when you say to me that I'm the one who makes you strong. When we're together we are so complete, you say here's where you belong. But when you dance, oh how you dance tonight, with"
  • Chris De Burgh Le Coeur D'Une Femme
    "Le cur dune femme Dborde de passion; Le cur dune femme Dborde de dsir. Si tu ne crois pas Que ces choses l existes : Cest lerreur fatale, Quun homme peut faire. La nuit dune femme Est remplie de rves Et"
  • Chris De Burgh What You Mean To Me
    "Una mesa para dos, vino tinto de la casa, Esta noche vaya con amor! This is the place to be on a night like this, The moon is shining on the silver sea where lovers kiss, So many times it was you and"

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