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Chris De Burgh The Rivers Of Abraham

  • The Rivers Of Abraham - Chris De Burgh
    "He walked alone up the rocky road, To find the place, to read the stone, And bring the word back, from the top of the mountain, Where it would be; The lightning struck, and the thunder roared, As he lifted"
  • Abraham - Phil Keaggy
    "Look at the stars, Abraham And believe I Am. Can you count stars, Abraham Or the grains of sand? I see why the tide keeps rolling I see why the tide keeps rolling in And building up the Sand Tree. You've"
  • Abraham - Keelaghan James
    "I had a dream the other night when all the world was still That I walked out with Abraham below a fortess on a hill We looked across the Saint Charles River to the heights that bear his Name And talked"
  • Children Of Abraham - Arlo Guthrie
    "Children of Abraham, what's your story? Killing each other for a piece of land Children of Abraham, this ain't glory You've got to walk together hand in hand Take down the flags that just seperate the"
  • Rivers - Colosseum II
    "Under your wings now, over the worst. Now that the storm clouds have all blown away. Now that the spells have been broken. Feeling the beauty I am seeing today. It was always there. Don't let the rivers"
  • Rivers - New Model Army
    "And so I came to this dream-like place But I can't remember how Our lives just break open in front of us Like pack ice before the bow I followed rivers, I followed orders I followed prophets, I followed"
  • Rivers - Kajagoogoo
    "Have you seen, have you seen the footprints Laying side by side on the sand? I can see they belong to me But I can't identify the pair of the other man Where do they come from? I don't know I just can't"
  • Rivers - Riot
    "Spreading wings across the water Through the oceans that i fly Hearing sounds of sistant laughter Oh my people fall and die I set sail on seas of sorrow I cry fifteen rivers wide I look towards tomorrow"
  • Rivers - Skinny Puppy
    "Skinny Puppy [0:02] Let's get things nice and sparkling clean. [0:07] It's part of the New Way. [0:10] This conversation can serve no purpose anymore... I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take"
  • God Of Abraham - Dean Friedman
    "by Dean Friedman God of Abraham I thought we had a deal We'd live as you'd intend And you'd hold up your end But something has gone wrong You still have not come through What are we supposed to do? God"
  • Isaac Abraham - Joan Baez
    "Hard times, hard times in Canaan land Trouble in the mind of a man A voice came whispering softly to him Go offer, offer up the lamb Abraham took his only son High up on a hill His test of faith had finally"
  • Bosom Of Abraham - Elvis Presley
    "(Johnson - McFadden - Brooks - Presley) Well you rock my soul Down in the bosom of Abraham Rock, rock, rock down in the bosom of Abraham He rocks my soul down in the bosom of Abraham Well a rich man"
  • Seeds Of Abraham - Playdough
    "all the seeds of Abraham stepping into the jam pump your fist and enlist with the Great I Am we came to rock these hands up high and defy some gravity we casually infiltrating your high fi seeds of Abraham"
  • Oh God Of Abraham - Don Moen
    "O God of Abraham You are the great I am And You can do anything Oh, anything O God of sovereign words You spoke the universe And You can do anything You can do anything O God of Israel You are Emmanuel And"
  • Isaac And Abraham - Baez Joan
    "Baez Joan Play Me Backwards Isaac And Abraham Hard times, hard times in Canaan land Trouble in the mind of a man A voice came whispering softly to him: "Go offer, offer up the land" Abraham took his only"
  • Abraham Lincoln's Head - Lemon Demon
    "Two Three Four I've been having nightmares Every single night, Of vintage theatergoers Screaming out in fright, And tall iconic head gear Descending to the floor. I tell you Mister Therapist, I can't"
  • Abraham, Martin, John - Marvin Gaye
    "Has any body here, Seen my old friend Abraham, Can you tell me, where he's gone. He freed a lot of people, but it seems the Good die young I just looked around, And he was gone. Has anybody here, Seen"
  • Two Rivers - Art Of Fighting
    "come brace yourself against the wind feel it rise against your chest all things that lie in valleys grow the kind of growth we'll never know again oh no got washed around the river bend the kind of chase"
  • Two Rivers - The Adventures
    "They might say we can't go on They will try to burn you down What they say can make you strong But they can't see no reason when i'm talking to you Don't let behind the reasons why we've come this far You'll"
  • Chris Rodgers - Piebald
    "when i was young i had dreams, my senses weren't repressed. emotions now mass produce, there will be none left soon enough, stuck held fast like fossils in amber. i just want to be a child again, take"

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