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Chris Lane big big plans

  • Big Plans - The Rembrandts
    "Gabriella, she's a continental girl She wants everything-She wants to rule the world Enough is not enough...she's never satisfied There are no limits and no mountain is too high It doesn't matter what"
  • Big Plans - Ginuwine
    "(feat. Method Man) Baby I got big plans A big ring a small hand A big cake bridesmaid best man One day we gon have all of that Baby I got big plans A big ring a small hand A big cake bridesmaid best man One"
  • Plans - The Thrills
    "Lately I'm gettin the impression That my baby Is moving down to LA For the big lights Flashing and reflecting In her big eyes Hey nothing here could make her stay Everybody's got to have plans, she said Everybody's"
  • Plans - Bloc Party
    "Wake up dreamer It's happening without you Cut your hair and shave your beard You squandered your chances I'll give you a thousand pounds To show me how you do it Stop being so laissez-faire We're all"
  • Big Plans Of Sleeping In - Bomb The Music Industry!
    "Every day's a hassle when you never sleep at night. Tossing and turning and shaking uncomfortably. But today's the fucking weekend So we're sleeping until five. Wake up and lock the door and burn off calories. Never"
  • Big - Big Tymers
    "You know Do it big nigga If you don't do nothing do it big, fuck it Ain't like your stupid ass gonna live twice Ball like a dawg, nigga fuck it If you doin it small do it big, know what I'm sayin' Hey"
  • Big Tymers - Big Tymers
    "(feat. B.G., Lac) For sure, lil' one Off top, playboy Look here These lil' young jive motherfuckers just jumpin' off the porch Let me at 'em Better catch they motherfuckin' cut, nigga Look, this"
  • Big Big Big Big Big - Dan Deacon
    "big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth bite bite bite bite bite bite bite bite bite"
  • Big Crash - Less Than Jake
    "Sometimes, I think somethings wrong with me because, I was never one, to believe in anyone or anything. Its always been just me. Its always been just. And you know, they've always had, always had big"
  • Big John - The Shirelles
    "(big john, big john) big john, won't you come on home ain't you gonna marry me my folks all wanna know when the weddin's gonna be they're makin' plans, shakin' hands been waitin' so long there's somethin'"
  • Big Love - Jamie Lidell
    "At the verge of the minute Got no fear anymore Is that the big love? /2x Is that the big love at my door? Well... Million thing, filling up the page Filling up the page with plans You make, you make a"
  • Big Generator - Yes
    "(Trevor Rabin/Tony Kaye/Jon Anderson/Chris Squire/Alan White) verse 1 Such a strange pre-occupation Such a strange peculiar breed How it's shining in its armour Made of gold and made of steel It can"
  • Big Sur - The Beach Boys
    "Do do do do do do do do do Cashmere hills filled with evergreens Flowin' from the clouds down to meet the sea With the granite cliff (Big Sur mount) As a referee Crimson sunsets and golden dawns A mother"
  • Big sur - Beach Boys
    "Do do do do do do do do doCashmere hills filled with evergreensFlowin' from the clouds down to meet the seaWith the granite cliff (Big Sur mount)As a refereeCrimson sunsets and golden dawnsA mother deer"
  • Big Wheel - Jim Croce
    "Chorus: Big wheel, don't you roll Big diesel, don't you whine Through the night as I'm runnin' down the road Big semi, don't you stop, 'cause if you do I'm not Gonna make it back to Baltimore with my load Well,"
  • Mr Big - Hugh Cornwell
    "Walks in a bar in a nonchalant way We all want to hear what he's got to say You don't need an invite to be at the lig Hanging out and being cool with Mr.Big Reading your bible in bed at night That bed"
  • Big Time - Freak Power
    "Big time lovers in a king-size bed, Small town freaks and the local head. The ding-a-ling girls dive dressed to kill The boys giggled but they caught it on film. Big Daddy Love took the room downstairs, There"
  • Big Things - Nas
    "Get yours nigga Cuz Imma get mine In due time Everybody gotta shine Get yours, I spray nines I say this one time The last time, I swear to ya'll I'm from where The dope fiends is at And killas crawl And"
  • Big Ballin' - Paul Wall
    "I'm ballin baby ["big ballin" - repeat and stutter] Gridiron on the beat Big house, big car Hoes everywhere, ice everywhere, money everywhere I'm ballin man, I ain't braggin I'm just tellin you what it"
  • Big Business - Jadakiss
    "(featuring Ron Isley) (Ron Isley singing) Swizz Beatz, show 'em what they dealin with Wooo! Oh yeahhhh! Ahh Yeahh (Ron Isley singing - Chorus x2) Hey ladies, can I get a witness? Lah da da da da-da Tell"

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