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Chriss Colins - worst way

  • Worst Way - Bebe Rexha
    "I don't wanna lie. I don't wanna hide. I just wanna feel. I don't wanna fight. Baby just go deeper. Can you bring me in. Show me all your sins. Tell me, who you are. Tell me, who you've been. Baby just"
  • Worst Come To Worst - Eminem
    "peace to Thirston Howl, A.L. and Wordsworth My mother smoked crack I had a premature birth I'm just a nerd cursed with badly disturbed nerves Who wanna be the one to step up and get served first Ninety"
  • Worst Thing - Sebadoh
    "I'll have to think about it, it's what she said to me I'll have to think about it, all the time in the world to be When I sleep I dream about it I chew it when I eat After something I can't explain The"
  • Worst friend - Donots
    "I've locked myself inside this lonely cell And finally told the world to go to hell This insecurity hit me so hard And boredom must have caught this boy off-guard Well, I should know My worst friend, my"
  • Worst Enemy - Cheap Sex
    "Here we are again divided as we fall With no direction going forward Now destruction heeds its call With missiles aimed across the ocean And dying of disease Say hello Armageddon and goodbye humanity. "
  • Worst Nightmare - Cheap Sex
    "You Can't Believe What You See There's No Way This Can Be Reality The Sky Is Red And You Hear The Alarm Feel The Heat From The Fire Storm Hear The Siren - Bodies All Around A Hell On Earth Is What You"
  • Worst Nightmare - Monster
    "Some people don't know The level of pressure that someone can take Just pass one inch from the limit And a disaster becomes eminent Just when you thought it was all right You've planned each step That"
  • The Worst - Jedi Mind Tricks
    "Don't be scared be prepared for the worst Before I let a whole round of shots burst You the opening act so rock first Trust me, multiple shots from glocks hurt And I think there's been enough said Cause"
  • Worst Feeling - Number1hater
    "I guess the worst feeling in my life Is knowing the only one I was meant for Is meant for someone else and in love. She is happy with him. I will never be him. It's like I'm a couple years late."
  • worst behavior - Ariana Grande
    "I been on my worst behawior But baby, i don’t need no savior I am way outta line But i kind of like the way i Feel whne i just don’t give a fuck And i forgot to mention I’ll be there in 5 We don’t really"
  • Bad to worst - Burning Spear
    "The all wild world knows that It's getting from bad to worst From bad to worst Getting from bad to worst Getting from bad to worst Getting from bad to worst Even myself knows that too, why can't you"
  • Over The Worst - Dreadful Shadows
    "You are over the worst Silence all around Your dreams are shattered Like the glass in your mouth You are over the worst It's without any importance What the people say As you ran away from here You were"
  • The worst idea - Get Up Kids
    "I'll go with the worst idea if everyone takes the toll keep following anyone who digs a deeper hole sing me a tune wasn't this bond built forever? the anchor that strong my money, it changes how we used"
  • My Worst Enemy - Skew Siskin
    "More and more each day More than I can say Alone in the darkness of my memories, headless crawling ' round and 'round Swayin' in the storm of possibilities, while I'm hangin' on the gallow upside down Bad"
  • Worst Of Me - You're Pretty
    "I find I can hardly sit still with all that's going on inside of me these feelings I've had about you have been confirmed this isn't happening I think about all times I was so blind and let you run to"
  • Worst Case Scenario - dEUS
    "My dynamo, dynamo it's hard to keep the animo from driftin' away nowadays The horror, the pain, let's get into details the bass, the piano, the friction of dynamo The first draft of a worst case scenario Every"
  • The Worst Time - Falling In Reverse
    "This is the worst time you will ever see And down your throat goes the insecurity So watch me and leave room to follow So tell me you'll bring, is this hard to swallow Please just see, so selfishly, that"
  • Worst Case Scenario - Stretch Armstrong
    "Once again I said too much. Cannot keep my mouth shut and I let you down for the third time today and I always knew it would end up this way. Never understood the point of reflection, always just assumed"
  • Worst Song Ever - Mellowdrone
    "Go to sleep Go to sleep I'll watch you slip Spider bite panic attack I'm lost for words What more can my friend do Make a mess Make a mess I'll make you cry Leave you there wondering why The floor's all"
  • Cat's Worst Grave - Chandelier
    "I remember yearnings, so long ago Hiding in your helping hands, feeling low Every line I know, every song I learned by heart You stopped the flow from my bleeding soul After lover's grief had torn it apart Your"

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