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Christel Alsos - Conquer

  • Conquer - Netinho De Paula
    "Quem ser esse algum Que aqui passou Que quis ficar, que quis me ver Que quis me ouvir, que quis me amar Feliz dizendo assim Quero te ver, quero te ver Quero te ver, amor Te quero, te quero, te quero"
  • Conquer - Insane Clown Posse
    "*Laughing* S-O-O-P-A (Violent J) I come flying out the sky on a jet surfboard Shooting people with a laser gun, four points scored I'm outlawed like al Qaeda I bomb like jetfighters I VILLY ON"
  • Conquer - ICP
    "I come flying out the sky on a jet surfboard Shooting people with a laser gun, four points scored I'm outlawed like al Qaeda I bomb like jetfighters I VILLY ON ME A SLEAZESuperly set worlds on fire And"
  • Conquer Me - Blues Traveler
    "Hail to you my mountain climber busy at your task I know you're in a hurry but there's something I must ask Do you ever get lonely climbing up so high If you don't want to answer me I can understand why Are"
  • Conquer Me - Flesh Field
    "I showed them all of the ways to forget me. I made them cover up their eyes as they came to take me. They're waiting to condemn me, Unburdened by original sin. I do this consciously Because I'll die for"
  • Conquer All - Behemoth
    "( music and lyrics by Nergal ) Mightiest Self! cast out ov Thy Elysium with blood ov nazarene I write the history ov man 2000 years is nothing though it has been enough come forth victorious muting the"
  • Divide and conquer - Danni Leigh
    "Divide and conquer: That's what it's going to do, Getting me everytime she gets close to you. Crying on her shoulder, You say she's just your friend; Why's she standing in the wings Waiting for us to end?"
  • Conquer The Sun - Elton John
    "Music by Elton John Lyrics by Gary Osborne The night we met, we stood Divided by defenses as old as time But love has found a way To bring me to your senses and you to mine So we meet in the cloak of evening And"
  • Free To Conquer - Subseven
    "Kill the "you" that holds you back now Just throw up - Just grow up Let the blood flow on the ground now Just throw up - Just grow up Spit it out and breathe the air now Just throw up - Just grow up It's"
  • Conquer Da World - Rampage
    "Intro: Rampage It's like that, It's like that son Yea, it's how we do it Chorus 2X: Rampage (Meka) (So what ya sayin son?) I'm a Conquer Da World I'm a Conquer Da World, I'm a Conquer Da World (So what"
  • Conquer The World - Die Trying
    "(feat. Jacoby Shaddix) They used to say we were born to lose that we'd never make it our whole lives through that we'd be stuck in this dead end town with the whole world against us we set out on our"
  • Divide And Conquer - Story Of The Year
    ""Does the shadow live forever? Will this graveyard be the dance floor for these corpses? Will they be the first to fall and dance the night away? (dance the night away) Why do we do this to ourselves? We're"
  • Conquer The World - Mad Sin
    "i'm crushing skulls with the rhythm of the radioactive beat playing hide and seek with the humans in the streets it's fun to shoot them in the back and watch the bodies fall here comes the night and we"
  • Born To Conquer - Himsa
    "Conceal or reveal, curiosity kills again Conversation stained and twisted I'm left suspended Held so high, hands bound so tight Impale me and bleed me bare (Throw my image in I'm the suspect and the target So"
  • Death Will Never Conquer - Coldplay
    "If sweet Death should ever conquer me Let me know, boys, let me know If you hear him coming, won't you let me flee? Let me go, boys, let me go One day Death is going to conquer me I'll be down where the"
  • Set Sail And Conquer - Alestorm
    "We set sail at first light Questing for steel with power and might For countless days we ride the waves The battle lies ahead Our coming they do dread We raise the black flag And ready our attack"
  • Where Next To Conquer - Bolt Thrower
    "Lost on a voyage with no destiny Forgotten original ideology Generations born and died Their intentions misplaced through time Another world falls to its knees With vast contempt your hatred breads There's"
  • Upwards to Conquer Heaven - Lux Occulta
    "'Come, and be revealed a bull, my Raging One! Be a many-headed dragon! Be a lion, spuring flames! Come!' (taken from 'Bakkhai' by Euripides) ...and the time has come to fulfil the oath hold your swords"
  • Love Will Conquer All - Lionel Richie
    "Here we are out hear, me and you Reaching out to each other Is all that we can do Here we stand trying not to fall There's no need to worry Love will conquer all Do you really want to know Just how long"
  • By this, i conquer - Hegemon
    "I am the shadow on the cross That once you fear to see I am the conqueror Of your burning world so bleak Armies of hatred I gather To eradicate all that give birth To weakness and hypocrisy I come to claim"

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