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Christiana noweli the love you give

  • Christian - China Crisis
    "This is emotion emotion less war a torn shirt and a long dead cause I can't sleep this kind of thing gets me down don't say walk I may lose my fear I could lose myself in this honesty I read all"
  • I Wonder What It Would Be Like (Rick Nowels Version) - Melanie C
    "(Never comin') I see you every day I've known you for a while You always say hello I love the way you smile Do you have any idea what seeing you does to me I'm not livin' any kind of life, I'm livin'"
  • Billy Christian - Jean Shepard
    "Are you listening Billy Christian if you are then come on home Everything is like you left it I spent all my time alone Guitar pickin' never thrills me like it did when you were here Come on home if you're"
  • Sister Christian - Night Ranger
    "Sister Christian, oh the time has come And you know that you're the only one to say, OK Where you goin', what you looking for You know those boys don't want to play no more with you It's true {Refrain} You're"
  • Sister Christian - Coheed And Cambria
    "sister christian oh the time has come and you know that you are the only one to say okay where you going what you looking for you know those boys don't wanna play no more with you it's true motoring what's"
  • Christian Says - Tones On Tail
    "Christian says everyone's to love him Christian says just let go Christian says you can't be happy being this way Christian says he'll never let you go Christian says he can't let you, let you run free 'Cause"
  • Christian Dear - Ari Herstand
    "I'm sifting through pictures revealing your past life And the further back in time I see I am reminded of my insignificancy I'm a new friend a new man and your photos reinforce so simply I'm a no one in"
  • Incredible Christian - Da T.R.U.T.H.
    "(Verse One) How could you be so borderline and bored out of your mind When we're discussing the God that turned water to wine Yeah, it's probably your diet- they say you are what you eat There's a"
  • Christian Woman - Type O Negative
    "A cross upon her bedroom wall. From grace she will fall. An image burning in her mind. And between her thighs. A dying God-man full of pain. When will you cum again? Before him beg to serve or please. On"
  • The Christian Life - The Byrds
    "Written by Louvin/Louvin My buddies tell me that I should've waited They say I'm missing a whole world of fun But I still love them and I sing with pride I like the Christian life I won't lose a"
  • Kill The Christian - Deicide
    "You are the one we despise Day in day out your words compromise lives I will love watching you die Soon it will be and by your own demise Buried in hypocrisy Lacerate your faith in god Morally diseased On"
  • Porn Again Christian - December Wolves
    "Dynamic worms of wax who offer validation. I wait to serve a modern mannequin. I cannot resist to stick my tongue in this! Once again, reminding me how bad she's been. The Dawn has come...You may begin."
  • Give - Tori Amos
    "So you heard I crossed over the line Do I have regrets? Well, not yet there are some, some who give Blood I give love I give Soon before the sun before the sun begins to rise I know that I I must give so"
  • Give You Love - Thenewno2
    "All the time I room when you were down And now that you're all right I'm on the ground Wonder how did I become this vermin frau? And how do I begin to turn around? I thought it was okay to joke around But"
  • Give - Third Day
    "You said all that follow you may find Comfort and pain, blessings in hard times Were I to leave, where else would I go? The words of life and of truth you hold CHORUS: All I want is love I confess to"
  • Give - Cold
    "I give you everything but me Everyone around you twisted fame I can't control you and your look You silly freak you super fuck I can't believe whose wide you're on Everyone around you layed with dogs Like"
  • Give - Brian Webb
    "It's so late its early He straightens his tie The morning news is on the TV He rubs his weary eyes There is so much behind these eyes There is so much behind He takes the same route to town He"
  • The Christian - Jimmy Buffett
    "It's a hell of a time to be thinking about heaven Didn't you forget the golden rule You've been acting like Jesus owes you a favor But he's a little smart for you to fool You complain how you forgets"
  • Give love - Tristan Garner
    "We can give love, give love ! And We gotta (we got) give love, give love ! And we better speak up, speak up ! Cause we just got one world to share And We gotta (we got) look out, look out And see the brighter"
  • Give Love - Third Day
    "Whisper softly to me Share with me your heart And just ignore the world and what it does I know that you've been hurting, you've been torn apart And I pull you close and hold you in my arms If you give"

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