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Christina Kaufman Carry This Alone

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Christina Kaufman Carry This Alone

  • Christina - Keith Murray
    "I'm always getting shitted on son, ain't gonna be no, no different Can you accept me as I am? I ask you Always, the love lords? I need you Can you open your heart to mine and accept me and all my faults During"
  • Christine - Sugarcult
    "What's wrong? I feel so alone again. The look in your eyes sometimes, Pretending that it's all right. Make up and move on. Our ways never change. And I can get anyone that I want, You'll see, Christine."
  • Christina - Notarthomas Jamie
    "---------------- From out of the past you still know who I am I'm the same child trapped in this mask of a man My music has not let me down I'm still holding on We can't be together, no not in this world You"
  • 10 Christina Aguilera - I'm Ok - Christina Aguilera
    "Once upon a time there was a girl In her early years she had to learn How to grow up living in a war that she called home Never know just where to turn for shelter from the storm Hurt me to see the pain"
  • Christina Fight Back - The Dingees
    "Kicked down the doors at the broadcast station Pulled the plug on what they're saying Cos she don't like it, Christina fight it She couldn't stand to hear what they saying Wonders where they got their"
  • Carry On - Motor Ace
    "Looking for a single thread Of melody to help me get by Where we're passing the time Is it real? Does it give too much away? It's pouring out my heart Till you come back A reason to stay Do you know Is"
  • Carry On - Fun.
    "Well I woke up to the sound of silence the cars were cutting like knives in a fistfight and I found you with a bottle of wine your head in the curtains and heart like the Fourth of July You swore and"
  • Carry You - Watermark
    "The God of all creation orders all the universe Every detail of the corners of the earth now (He covers) And nothing comes between His mighty hand Nothing can surprise Him 'cause He knows all about you Every"
  • Carry You - Close Your Eyes
    "Even When the rain falls and darkness hides your way Even when the hope you hold is starting to break I will be right here; I'll always be right here Don't forget that I promised to stand by your side"
  • Ain't No Sunshine - Christina Christian - American Idol
    "Ain't no sunshine when he's gone It's not warm when he's away Ain't no sunshine when he's gone And he's always gone too long Anytime he goes away I wonder this time where he's gone I wonder if he's gone"
  • Alone - James LaBrie
    "Don't want to lie to you Don't want to cause you pain But it's all I ever do And it's driving me insane So how much deeper will I sink So how much further will I dare to go I've gone so far that I can't"
  • Christina, Dt. - Hildegard Knef
    "Christina Is there something wrong with you today? Christina Why have you turned your face away? Just your smile, just your eyes are enough to show the gift you've made to me, for that in your face is"
  • Fighter By Christina - Christina Aguilera
    "After all you put me through You'd think I'd despise you But in the end I want to thank you Because you made me that much stronger When I, thought I knew you Thinking, that you were true I guess I, I couldn't"
  • Carry Me Home - Blues Traveler
    "Guess I'll be leaving On the next train I woke out this morning And it started to rain Mean old woman Gone and left me alone Where the spirit leads me Gonna carry me home Gonna carry me home Gonna carry"
  • Carry Me Home - King Family
    "(Verse 1) TASHA Daddy it's so cold outside and I'm standing in the snow Daddy it's so cold out here I don't know where to go I'm standing at a crossroad now I wanna find my way Carry me home JAZZY Daddy"
  • I'll Carry You - Rebecca St. James
    "I know that look in your eyes I see the pain behind your smile Please don't hold it all inside Together we can run To the finish line And when you are tired I'll carry you I can't walk this road without"
  • Carry My Cross - Third Day
    "As long as I remember I've been walking through the wilderness Praying to the Father And waiting for my time I've come here with a mission And soon I'll give my life for this world I'm praying in"
  • Carry Me Back - Andy Summers
    "Andy Summers Miscellaneous Carry Me Back Creep in through my window Dance upon the wall Come in here beside me Climb into my soul Take me to the water, Down into the cool Everlasting memory Everlasting"
  • Carry The Weight - Xzibit
    "I really wish I could you know at twenty-one youknowhatI'msayin',he he, yo yo (I'ma tell you exactly why I do the things I do, youknowhatI'm sayin') Gotta carry the weight youknowhatI'msayin' Go ahead"
  • Carry Me Down - Antichrisis
    "By the ocean I sat down one day Saw my life the other way All those trials to no avail Broken dreams was all I gained Well, when I was a child They promised me a paradise Promises turned into lies leaving"

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