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Christina Milian , Stafford Brothers hello

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Christina Milian , Stafford Brothers hello

  • Who's Gonna Ride - Christina Milian, , Three 6 Mafia - Christina Milian
    "(Intro:) Christina Milian Cool & Dre Three 6 Mafia What's going down? Yeah! (Yeah) (Verse 1:) I ain't the one to cuss but f**k ya Way before you went and copped that truck (I still loved you) When your"
  • Christina Milian-Dip It Low(Remix) - Shawnna
    "(Shawnna) Uh, Uh Uh, Uh, Shawnna (Yeah) Uh, Uh, Christina Look I got some game for you Chickens Listen a minute, please 'Case you be stuck with them (Shhh) Hit you up then they leave You gotta stop for"
  • Start a Fire (feat. Christina Milian) - Lil Wayne
    "Mama I'm in love with a hot girl, and they just don't get it They just don't get it Temperature's risin', her body yearnin', yeah we on that R. Kelly And then she tell me Let's start a fire, you'll be"
  • Hello - Byz
    "Hello hello helloOh yeahCommon wheres the party, Hello hello hellosay what?Get in the feeling were going to start hereWe are drunken then the others It me my crew with all my brothers- - Always to loud"
  • Christina - Dolly Parton
    "Christina our first born you are so soft and warm as you lie between us softly sleeping We gaze in admiration at God's tiny creation And thank him and ask for your safe keeping You were conceived through"
  • Christina - Porter Wagoner
    "Christina our first born you are so soft and warm as you lie between us softly sleeping We gaze in admiration at God's tiny creation And thank him and ask for your safe keeping You were conceived through"
  • Christina - Waylon Jennings
    "(Steve Karliski) Their eyes were upon me as they sat they're drinking Their hands reach up for you with lust in their hearts As you dance away I know just what they're thinking As I watch them watch you"
  • Christina - Notarthomas Jamie
    "---------------- From out of the past you still know who I am I'm the same child trapped in this mask of a man My music has not let me down I'm still holding on We can't be together, no not in this world You"
  • Christina - Patty Griffin
    "If you had the real thing how would you tellLiars can say it all just as wellEvery single word you've heard in vainBaubles of gold, stars in your hairReflections that told that they were not thereAnd the"
  • Christina - Keith Murray
    "I'm always getting shitted on son, ain't gonna be no, no different Can you accept me as I am? I ask you Always, the love lords? I need you Can you open your heart to mine and accept me and all my faults During"
  • Brothers of mine - Vanessa Barum
    "Hello Suzie, hello JohnI know you are the best friends of mineHello Suzie, hello JohnI can see youre real faceSo many years of laughs and tearsMany tears to tell aboutSecrets and noyses just to knowThat"
  • Hello - Christina Aguilera
    "Does it ever feel like no one is with you no one sees it your way everyone's against you But its your life Gotta keep the faith hold your vision you will find your way I may not fit the mold may not do"
  • Perfect - Christina Milian
    "Hello old friend I never thought that I would see you again Do you remember all of the time that we spent So tell me why it came to an end So now I'm hopin' maybe we could hook up and Reminise, start again I"
  • Hello Sunday! Hello Road! - Gil Scott-Heron
    "Agent told me where I'm going Tom and Keg Leg got the map The Steelers on my color tv Henry riding in my lap Say Hello Sunday, Hello Road Lord what would my grandma say To see me out here loving music So"
  • victor, fly me to stafford - My Little Airport
    "This is the last song I write for you. This is the last night I think of you. Your name is Victor Ching, what do you do? I phoned you this morning you couldn't hear me, I sent you letter you couldn't receive. It's"
  • Brothers - John Mellencamp
    "Let's get to the point now Just because we've got the same mom & dad That don't mean I'm your keeper That don't mean I owe anything to you You don't care for me And man, I don't think that much of you "
  • Brothers - Ola
    "Like a shelter in the storm, Ill keep you warm Know that you always can count on me When everything fails, Ill be the wind in your sails Know that you always can count on me With you I am strong I"
  • Brothers - Gamma Ray
    "My life, not yoursIs that alright no fightI don't wanna quit itNo way, is that okayNo don't you dare, don't you dareto touch it with your fingersYou sneak around, pull me downGimme no, gimme no, gimme"
  • Brothers - Kim Wilde
    "Written by Ricky & Marty Wilde Here we are Late in the hours that start another day Here am I Skirting around what I really want to say Brothers Well they hold a place in your heart They're something apart But"
  • Brothers - Tiga
    "Well its true youre a bit like me But youre a lot like you And Im not like you And youre not like me But Im the same as you And youre the same as me And youre a lot like you But youre a bit like"

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