Chronik - Man in the Boot - Out 14th May - No Hats No Hoods Records -

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Chronik - Man in the Boot - Out 14th May - No Hats No Hoods Records

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Chronik - Man in the Boot - Out 14th May - No Hats No Hoods Records

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Chronik - Man in the Boot - Out 14th May - No Hats No Hoods Records
  • Amy Grant Hats
    "(Amy Grant & Chris Eaton) The sun comes up The breakfast show Can't you see me running It's crazy don't you know? The moon is high I'm working through the night Will somebody tell me Where do all the"
  • Television Personalities 14th Floor
    "I'm looking down on London But there's little I can see Cos I'm living so high up And it looks so small to me And I'm feeling so frustrated Cos the lifts are out once more And when I get home from work"
  • Gillian Welch April The 14th
    "When the iceberg hit, Oh they must have known, God moves on the water Like Casey Jones. So I walked downtown On my telephone, And took a lazy turn Through the redeye zone. It was a five-band bill, A"
  • The Who Daily Records
    "This could be suffering This could be pleasure I'm unaware of any difference My head is aging My balls are aching But I'm not looking for deliverence This could be letting on This could be highly cut I'm"
  • Maestro Fresh Wes Makin' Records
    "INTRO Yeah, yeah yeah. I got my man in the studio, Mac. What's going on money? Yo what's up? Chill Word. I remember back in the days, you know. I be thinking, you go in the studio, you drop"
  • Waxwing Records
    "We don't listen to those records anymore They're all really dark they just make my day harder to Get through, but changing is such a difficult thing to do So now I'm - I'm singing - To you now Just like"
  • Australian Crawl Boot Hill
    "Well he lived on the best side of opportunity street Adobe villa built along the golden mile Money's in the garage, there ain't nothin' to eat Just gonna give it three years it'll be right out of style Take"
  • Opshop Cosmonauts Boot
    "Silence has eloquence Makin sense of evidence Where no evidence of absence could be found And then silence is broken Were liftin our voices up to move some air Out here In this quantum soup In baby"
  • Neil Young Whiskey Boot Hill
    "Winding paths through tables and glass First fall was new Now watch the summer pass So close to you. Too late to keep the change, Too late to pay, No time to stay the same Too young to leave. No pass"
  • Gillian Welch April The 14th Part 1
    "When the iceberg hit How was I to know That God moves on the water Like Casey Jones? So I walked downtown On my telephone Took a lazy turn Through the red eye zone It was a five-band bill A two dollar"
  • Eminem Shady Records Mob Squad
    "Eminem: S-S-Shady Records, you better believe the HYPE is real... 'Yeah! Yeah! You rockin' wit the talk of New York Tony yayo Shady aftermath with the Soul Assasins. Chorus: Niggas know what i'm about"
  • Regina Spektor Making records
    "I am braiding records into my hairneedles and record players, everythings apossible record coveror a possible name for a band thatI will never havecause I sing my songs all by myselfall to myself, by myselfI"
  • Eminem Shady Records
    "Let's get down to business I ain't got no time to mess around what is this? New shit coming through; I ain't got no time to mess around We coming I got 50 Cent I got G-Uni we up in this bitch With Obie"
  • The Connells Hats Off
    "You love to change your mind. Hate to see you lost in your ignorance, or is it just indifference? What goes on behind? What goes on within you, without you, there's nothing to you. Why are you so blind? Why"
  • Three 6 Mafia Rinky Dink Records
    ""Say ahh, not a thermometer, bitch, it's the nine inches" -- (Kingpin Skinny Pimp) (Chorus: repeat 4X) Ass and titties, ass and titties Ass and titties, and big booty bitches (DJ Paul) You dealing"
  • The Streets Fake Streets Hats
    "If you don't like what's going down you need to change something round and what you can't change you've got to change the way you thought about If you don't like what's going down you need to change"
  • T.I. No no no
    "(Jae Millz)Yea . . . you know we had to do this right hereAll hoods, stand upAll rude bwoys(Cam'Ron)It's the remix, Killa, Dip SetHarlem, mo say, chrome holla at me(Verse)Doggy I seldom stunt, but got"
  • The Incredible String Band Maya
    "The dust of the rivers does murmur and weep Hard and sharp laughter that cuts to the bone Ah, but ever face within your face does show Going gladly now to give himself his own And twelve yellow willows"
  • a dream too late 14th & Knott
    "The sound of silence in the streets Echo off the cars The way everyone's asleep seems to be the start Of dreams wandering this town Will never get you far The time has come, the time to run Do you remember?"
  • Beginner U-Boot
    "die beginner erzhlten soeben aus ihrem leben wollten atmosphre geben zum streben nach berleben des untergrund, denn dieser impliziert nicht nur uns nicht nur die musik den tanz oder die kunst noch viel"

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