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Cinema bizarre. I dont bylive

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Cinema bizarre. I dont bylive

  • Bizarre - D12
    "Man did you see that hoe with them big tities? Yo nigga what's goin on fool? Whatup my nigga? Nuttin man, yo, this is my girl right here SinD right here SinD this is Bizarre I was tellin you about"
  • Bizarre(Skit) - D12
    "Artist: D12 Album: Devil's Night Song: Bizarre Skit ----- Man did you see that hoe with them big tities? Yo nigga what's goin on fool? Whatup my nigga? Nuttin man, yo, this is my girl right here SinD"
  • Cinema - Floater
    "Through my little fingers, through my little fingers it goes. In my eyes a cinema. In my eyes a cinema. The sun is touching me. The sun is touching me so strange. Through my little fingers it goes, through"
  • Cinema - Tuuli
    "Well I know that you're not good for me All my friends say that you're bad news They think you should stay away from me I'm just crazy and you're no good Well I don't care what they say I don't care how"
  • Cinema - Ice MC
    "Hello!This is Ice Mc.I'd like to dedicate this record to...John Wayne, Eddie Murphy, Alain DelonMickey Rourke,Woody Allen, Sean Penn, Marilyn MonroeWhoopi Goldberg,Fred Astaire (Oooh!)Kim Basinger (Oooh!)Clark"
  • Cinema - Lucio Dalla
    "Dove vai questa sera Vado sulla luna posso venire con te ...Ma lass piove... Portami con te Dovunque vai, chiunque sei Dove vuoi tu, mi troverai Amore, amore, amore, amore. E se finirai perch lo so che"
  • Cinema - Koyote
    "Nan onjena yonghwasoge yonindurul bomyo kumkwo modjin yonghwa gathun sarangul gurohjiman nega mannan yojadurun modu nal biudji yojum guron sarang inyago oh~ nan biga nerimyon bie jojo swelburuye usan chorom"
  • Bizarre - Cold
    "Everyone to tell, I want to breathe the fumes, Everyone got blessed, I still love you. No one ever said I don't enjoy the shame, No one ever said I don't enjoy the game. Nothing ever changes in the bizarre"
  • Bizarre - Sandy
    "Last night I was looking at the starlight wondering if you could ever be mine all I think about is you Looking at the bright side of life my baby that'll make you feel good in every way searching for"
  • Bizarre - D-12
    "man did you see that hoe with them big tities? yo nigga what's goin on fool? whatup my nigga? nuttin man, yo, this is my girl right here sind right here sind this is bizarre I was tellin you about "
  • At The Cinema - Bitch Alert
    "Youre sitting next to me, you dont know what to say to me, youre afraid that I might just worship you, tie myself to you Youre sitting next to me, youre staring at the screen, you cannot see me,"
  • Silent Scream - Cinema Bizarre
    "Was walking in the shadows So nobody cared Your smile led me from the distance And without the smallest chance All these memories They come back When Im asleep Youve taken my dreams I dont need no fakes"
  • Forever Or Never - Cinema Bizarre
    "I dont believe in miracles I never did Nothing ever happens here So sick of it I-I-I told you I-I-I need to Get - get myself into something new Im for something mystical, hysterical, Dark, intensive,"
  • The Way We Are - Cinema Bizarre
    "World on the Street Im driving alone and they called my Name Have all that he takes so catch my Flow If every Days the same Im givin my Love like Vertigo When you need a Change I figured you out so long"
  • Cinema (feat. Gary Go) - Benny Benassi
    "I could watch you for a lifetime Youre my favourite movie A thousand endings You mean everything to me I never know whats comin Forever fascinated Hope you dont stop runnin To me cause Ill always be"
  • Camelback Cinema - Primus
    "Go.... Camelback Cinema Camelback Cinema Camelback Cinema-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a He's standin' tall at 5 foot 4 With the sharpness of a troubadour I dare you look him in the eye His stench would make a buzzard"
  • Cinema Italiano - Kate Hudson
    "I love the black and white I love the play of light The way contini puts his image trough a prism I feel my body chill Gives me a special thrill Each time I see that guido neo-realism I love the dark"
  • Cinema Stare - Knapsack
    "Tangling up at the foot of your bed Wonder who's next both went ahead She swears the passion is past me She will outlast me The try to look bored Well fall on the length of the sword She's falling faster"
  • Cinema Cafe - Her Personal Pain
    "There is a man sitting in a window watching the late night sun it is chill and breezy, I'm cold but he doesn't seem to understand Escape away through Cinema Cafe The curtains whirl slowly a cat comes by while"
  • Cinema Song - Blue Rodeo
    "I've been walking hours today Trying to sort all the things I have to say We've been changing shifting with the light Stumbling through the daytime and fading in the night Come on over talk to me dear There's"

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