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  • Hongkong - Mireille Mathieu
    "Ich sah im Kino einen Film von Hongkong und hab getrumt von dieser Stadt Ich ging mit einem fremden Mann durch Hongkong, der mich verzaubert hat Hongkong, du bist wunderbar, wo mein Herz eine Nacht lang"
    "dziś odwiedzę Hongkong jedzie pociąg z forsą zawsze z pełną torbą Suki maja co chcą palec w pussy pow pow przyjechała corsom razem z twoja siostra razem z twoja siostra dziś odwiedzę Hongkong jedzie"
  • Ck Killer - Amen
    "Attention Well, I was born an amputee inside here Who can't turn and pledge allegiance We just fall behind and we just fall behind We default your procreation We default your assassination Paralyzed We're"
  • S*ck My D*ck 2020 - LITTLE BIG
    "S*ck My D*ck Tweny, tweny S*ck My D*ck Tweny, tweny S*ck My D*ck Tweny, tweny S*ck My D*ck Tweny, tweny S*ck My D*ck Tweny, tweny S*ck My D*ck Tweny, tweny S*ck My D*ck Tweny, tweny S*ck My D*ck Tweny,"
  • F*ck Love - Problematic
    "Was on the verge of quitting then you came into my life Made me feel special maybe it’ll be alright Now I’m lost for words so de*d inside How you say you love me when you messing with another guy? Jokes"
  • F*CK YOUR BOYFRIEND - Karolina Stanisławczyk
    "Druga kawa Stygnie wanna Nie przynosisz mi róż, a ja Cała blada czytam w kartach, o tobie, nie o mnie 3 w nocy, Kumpel dzwoni, ty wychodzisz i już Skradam się na palcach i znów We mnie ciągła walka bez"
  • F*Ck How You Feel - Louis VI
    "Utwór 'F*Ck How You Feel' z albumu 'EARTHLINGS' od Louis VI (premiera 31 marca 2023r.)"
  • CK II Chanel No.6 - Solefald
    "Come to me through the channels of the soulPantheon of designer rock 'n' rollThe war broke out in the back of my headNo victims but several deadClear the lounge furnished with skullsPut out my heart and"
  • F*ck Society (feat. Sueco) - SK8
    "Fuck society You can't tell me what to fucking do Fuck sobriety I'm gon' sip this 1942 Fucked up soon as I wake up I do what I want to Fuck a chaser, sipping it straight up I do what I want to Sick of"
  • KANYE WEST” (F*ck him all day) - Azealia Banks
    "Utwór Azealia Banks 'KANYE WEST” (F*ck him all day)' ukaże się 9 lipca 2021 roku. Piosenka znajdzie się na płycie Azealia Banks 'Fantasea the Second Wave'."
  • **ck a dog in the ass - Blink 182
    "I wanne fuck a dog in the ass. He wants to fuck a dog in the ass. I wanne fuck a dog (thats right kids). I try to fuck your mum in the ass, try to fuck your dad in the ass. Could only find a dog..."
  • Take Control Ft. Angel Blu And Ck - Jaimeson
    "jaimeson angel blu ck not the way that we're bumpin' tell ya somethin feelin good inside its the way i was movin no illusion when i caught ya eye allow me to mention my intention thats in store for u! jus"
  • Take Control (Feat. Ck And Angel Blu) - Jaimeson
    "(Jaimeson) (Angel Blu) (Oh come on!) Like the way that we're bumpin tell you somethin feelin good inside Its the way I was movin No illustration when I caught your eye Allow me to mention my intention"
  • f*ck, i'm lonely (with Anne-Marie) - Lauv
    "I call you one time two time, three time I can’t wait no more your fingers though my hair that’s on my mind I know it’s been a minute since you walked rright through that door but I still think about you"
  • Tryna F*ck Me Over (ft. Post Malone) - 50 Cent
    "acha wrld premiera Tryna F*ck Me Over"
  • Late To Da Party (F*CK BET feat. NBA YoungBoy) - Lil Nas X
    "Yeah, fuck BET (Yeah), fuck BET (Yeah), fuck BET Yeah, fuck BET (They know it), yeah (They know it) Yeah, ayy (D-D-Daytrip took it to ten, hey) Yeah Lick it all up (Mhm, mm) Slurp it (Mhm, ah), make it"
  • Chronic Youth - Raging Speedhorn
    "You will be dead tomorrow If you dont read the signs I try to break the law By kicking ass and getting high CHORUS (Goodtimes) We gotta drink some more alcohol Whiskey and wine (Goodtimes) A good smoke"
  • Unter Fremden Sternen - Freddy Quinn
    "Unter fremden Sternen .. Es kommt der Tag, da will man in die Fremde. Dort wo man lebt, scheint alles viel zu klein. Es kommt der Tag, da zieht man in die Fremde, und fragt nicht lang, wie wird die Zukunft"
  • Screaming Jesus - Full Devil Jacket
    "Let me be your screaming Jesus Let me be your pain-filled Christ Let me break your mind in an instance Show you the stinging of life I saw the lie I bought you life You watch me die I thrust this"
  • Guess Who Batman - Lily Allen
    "Look inside Look inside Your tiny mind Then look a bit harder Cos we're so uninspired So sick and tired Of all The hatred you harbour So you say It's not okay to be gay Well I think You're just evil You're"

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