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Clara what they say

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Clara what they say

  • Clara - The Ataris
    "I saw you crying as I turned away Did I see your face, like it wasn't there And I know what went wrong... yeah, I knew it all along But I didn't care about you Clara, where are you today? And did you make"
  • Clara - Ataris
    "I saw you cryin as I turned away Did I see your face, like it wasnt there And I know I was wrong... Yeah, I knew it all along But I didnt care about you Clara, where are you today? And did you make the"
  • Clara - Scott Walker
    "Birds Birds This is not a cornhusk doll Dipped in blood in the moonlight Like what happen in America This is us Our eyesides snagged Dipped in mob in the daylight Like what happen in America The breasts"
  • What They Say - Zara Larsson
    "Breaking up it can feel like I don’t know but I do And all I want is something Like seeing you smile Yes, I do But you don’t have to be here anymore So watcha gonna do? Just go and call it off But what"
  • What They Say - Redd Kross
    "He had no shoulders so he could not shrug And so he didn't say a thing at all He sat at home watching stupid t.v. Yeah he was waiting for his god to call And he knew that the day would come When the sun"
  • They Say - Artie Shaw
    "Artie Shaw Miscellaneous They Say They Say Artie Shaw They say you have no lips for a fool such as I They say you just believe in hello and goodbye. And they say that the one I admire isn't even remotely"
  • THEY SAY - Billie Holiday
    "Edward Heyman / Paul Mann / Stephan Weiss They say you have no lips For a fool such as I They say you just believe In hello and goodbye And they say that the one I admire Isn't even remotely concerned And"
  • They say - 3T
    "Verse First time I saw you I knew inside By the way you looked at me I can make you mine And it feels so good to be with a girl so you need No matter what they say we've got all we need Bridge I promise"
  • They Say - Common
    "(feat. John Legend, Kanye West) They say "What's happenin'?" We say the facts and if, they lie... We comin' back for them They might say... but they don't know! (They say, They say...) They don't knowwwww "
  • They Say - Bee Gees
    "Have you heard what they say to me They say our love could never be They say that we are much too young to be They say that I will go away and she will cry And she will cry They say that we are much"
  • They say - Jasmine Guy
    "They say you and iAre not rightWell who cares what people thinkThey don't understand that's why theyThink we are not right for eachotherThey say we both are using eachotherWell that just can't be trueThey"
  • That's What They Say - Jeff Healey
    "Well they say you're running all over town Your Gonna put me down Well I don't believe it But that's what they say They say you're playing me for a fool The situation ain't cruel And I should just"
  • That's What They Say - Buddy Holly
    "There comes a time for everybody when true love will come your way there comes a time for everybody that's what they tell me - that's what they say I didn't hear them say a word of when that time"
  • What Would They Say - John Travolta
    "What would they say if we up and ran away From the roaring crowd And the worn out city faces Would they carry on and on When they found out we were gone Or would they let us go Would they tag along or"
  • Do What They Say - Korn
    "Walk away when you're angry Brace yourself, there's nothing to gain Old enough to know the outcome More blood, it's always the same. Aren't we cool and aren't we calm For facing death we run head-on Aren't"
  • Fuck what they say - Snoop Dogg
    "Yo No matter how much money you make Brothers gon talk about you Yeah, no matter who you are, uhh Talk about you.. Niggaz gon talk about you (talk about you 2x) Don't give a fuck about you (fuck about"
  • That's What They Always Say - Chris Rea
    "At the first bell of the day They rise up from where they lay And look down with the promise in their hands A promise to get out This ain't what it's all about There's always lots of reasons for their"
  • What They Gonna Say Now - Sammy Hagar
    "1, 2 1, 2, 3, 4 People keep tellin' me ''"Better save your money, baby Save it for a rainy day."'' And I say, let it rain 'cause It sure ain't money, babe Cause me to say what I say I been criticized"
  • That's What They All Say - Local H
    "Oh, no, no-everything must go Lost our lease to the liquor store We'll be back to fight another day Yeah, uh-huh-that's what they all say Going out of style in a paper bag Sniffing chloroform out of burning"
  • ...But What Will They Say - This Providence
    "Baby I'm afraid. Oh God I'm afraid. What will people say? What will they say? Well some days I couldn't care less. And others I'm scared half to death. Don't wanna work so hard just to have a heart attack. Throw"

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