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Clean Bandit feat. Louisa Johnson: Tears

  • Tears (ft. Louisa Johnson) - Clean Bandit
    "I tried hard to make you want me But we're not supposed to be And the truth will always haunt me Even though it set me free And my tears flow like the ocean As they floated in the breeze They’re falling"
  • Lost (ft. Clean Bandit) - End of the World
    "I didn’t call out , never said SOS don’t even know who I was saving my flare for each lonely winter turnin’ the gas back up to thaw my heart in the frost man on the moon to the day that the star man"
  • Disconnect (feat. Marina & the Diamonds) - Clean Bandit
    "(Podczas festiwalu Coachella Clean Bandit zaprezentował zupełnie nową piosenkę – numer "Disconnect" wykonany w duecie z Marina & the Diamonds.)"
  • Extraordinary (feat. Sharna Bass) - Clean Bandit
    "You can see there's something in the way I've tried to show you, my door is open I don't know how much more I can take Since you've chosen to leave me frozen Am I the only one who sees what you've become? Will"
  • Birch (feat. Eliza Shaddad) - Clean Bandit
    "I was a fool for you and I went all round town When I finally saw you Now I'm speaking to make this something Cold (7x) It's not enough to hear you Your voice will never be I find I hate to be near you I,"
  • Symphony (feat. Zara Larsson) - Clean Bandit
    "I’ve been hearing symphonies before all I heard was silence A rhapsody for you and me A every melody is timeless Life was stringing me along Than you came and you cut me loose Was solo singing on my own Now,"
  • Mama (feat. Ellie Goulding) - Clean Bandit
    "mama, hola, hola, hola Don’t know what this is mama, hola, hola, hola what do I do now? I see my body in a different light as if I woke up in a different life feels like I’m walking with my heart on fire somebody"
  • Higher (feat. iann dior) - Clean Bandit
    "Under my skin Under my skin Got me struggling to know Where you end and where i begin As we feel incredible We feel no pain You got me feeling insane Where you end and where i begin As we feel incredible Had"
  • Cologne (feat. Nikki Cislyn & Javeon) - Clean Bandit
    "When I walk into the club and my feet start to rub Everybody thinks I'm weird but the truth is I'm not When I'm in the studio and the 808 pops Everybody thinks I'm weird but the truth is I'm not Gonna"
  • Telephone Banking (feat. Love Ssega) - Clean Bandit
    "Hey Grace, guess what? Cool You're teaching in Japan and I got another school You've got another man and I've got another boo I'm glad we moved on, I'm glad we moved on Hey Grace, guess what? Cool You're"

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