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  • Clone - Smashing Pumpkins
    "I'm a clone I know I'm fine I'm one of more on the way I'm two, doctor Three's on the line He'll take incubation another day I'm all alone, so are we all We're all clones All are one and one are all All"
  • Clone - Vision Of Disorder
    "leave you, in the depths of a virtual silence believe, in the concept of compliance never do you ever feel a thing for the revolution I hope to bring how long is it gonna be? until you see. everything"
  • Clone - Testeagles
    "Save It Conserve It Save It Conserve It Save It My D.N.A. Conserve It My D.N.A. Save It Conserve It My D.N.A. I And I In You I And I In You I I And I In Your eyes Save It Conserve It Save It My D.N.A. Conserve"
  • Clone - Gojira
    "Every Step you take is to the end Chaos, duplicate the human slaves Mother Nature so far away : Why? Perfect is the race you dream Right now, I make my choice Perfection you fake is not The soul, not"
  • Clone - Avail
    "day breaks the same for the expressionless open the gates at a stand still routine media dreams, no reality pressure eager to be recognized fighting for promotion no time for rest no next door no contact"
  • Clic Clic - Mc Solaar
    "(Claude M'Barali/ / Eric K-Roz - Alain J) C'est un conte philosophique bas sur des faits historiques Depuis le jurassique, jusqu'au SMIC et les ASSEDIC Pour le pouvoir, le traffic, le sous-sol ou les"
  • Let's Clone - Fatso Jetson
    "She's dark black eyes She's living with disease Breaking laws of nature In various degrees Woo-he-hoo Woo-he-hoo Woo-he-hoo Woo-he-hoo It's the so-called static Then returning to the loop She's sinking"
  • Clone High - Abandoned Pools
    "Way way back in the 1980's Secret government employees Dug up famous guys and ladies And made amuzing genetic copies Now their clones are sexy teens Now they're going to make it if they tried Loving, learning,"
  • Sci-Clone - Kirsty Hawkshaw
    "She's travelling Past darwin 125 miles an hour The weather man has warned us well There's been a lot of pressure building Clouds dark and static From the silence you might never tell But we're in for a"
  • Clone Life - Blood Stain Child
    "Madness rules The shape folded by the fall He emerges in the silent dark Cut your hope, rob your dream and devour you all You have been erouded body, thought and so on It has advanced to the end without"
  • Clone Jesus - Vex Red
    "So you think you've calmed down But you're still the same now You think you can hide truth? But it's all inside you Don't go too far To hide your heart Fake man Give it all up Fake what you can Leave,"
  • The Clone - Pitchfork Project
    "good morning world what's my destiny today I feel so lost got no past no history produced out of one wisdom locked away now I'm here why don't you call me son today face to face and eye to eye"
  • Social clone - Vengince
    "I cannot believe this shit; I am fucking sick of itHow do you feel so alone, youre just another social cloneThey sell the image not the contentTheir message is soon forgottenWhere is your integrity?You'll"
  • Clone Your Lover - Cinderella Effect
    "Clone your lover (Zeromancer. Lyrics by Kim Ljung) Clone Clone Clone your lover Clone your lover Clone Clone Clone your lover Clone your lover Hello Hello who wants the same Hello Hello calling your"
  • Clone Your Lover - Zeromancer
    "Clone Clone Clone your lover Clone your lover Clone Clone Clone your lover Clone your lover Hello Hello who wants the same Hello Hello calling your name Hello Hello stole your soul Hello Hello making"
  • Clone My Soul - Republica
    "One life one chance Play god for body parts What size and color Don't it look like mother One me one you Four eyes of baby blue Its final will men fade Don't you look pretty over my dead body! You can't"
  • Shin'ai Naru Clone - D
    "Dear my Clone no naka no sekai subete wasurete tonikaku Happy Birth Day! Dear my Clone kono yo wa subete ISOTOPE kirabiyaka na Fake soredemo rakutan shinai de ichibyou mae ni satta ano fuukei no koto"
  • Clic Do Amor - Os Travessos
    "Sabe o que eu pensei Que fosse só um romance desses que se vo Como chuva quente de vero Sabe o que eu achei Que fosse apenas um lance meio sem razo Só mais um capricho da paixo Mas voc ligou, falando de"
  • Don't Clone Me - Huntingtons
    "my parents think i'm crazy some paranormal seed they called the family doctor he knows just what i need they took me to the hospital said i'm a moral threat they figured out which dna would make me function"
  • Tears of a clone - Alcazar
    "A room with a hundred men The design of a perfect blend Identical strains of code Dressed up in the fashion mode The air I breathe The blood that moves My heart to mend I cry The tears of a clone The tears"

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