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Closer to me

  • Closer - The Corrs
    "I see you Walking everyday with a smile beneath a frown But I will not look away Yeah hey What does it mean? What's there to see? If I look closer, closer Closer, closer Closer, closer Closer, closer... Where"
  • Closer - Travis
    "I've had enough of this parade I'm thinking of the words to say We open up unfinished parts Broken up It's only love And when I see you then I know it will be next to me And when I need you then I know"
  • Closer - Rhodes Happy
    "(5:03) Percussion and Keys: H. Rhodes, Kevin Bartlett Additional Vocals: Kelly Bird I was born with a penchant for sadness Now I can finally speak of the madness Oh you took from me my safety net Killed"
  • Closer - Urge
    "Not too much I have to steal Bringing my best with me nothing to conceal Thought of the renovation Make sure that I'm showing my appreciation Futures wide open Wide open Wide open She brings me a little"
  • Closer - Bleed The Dream
    "Dressed to kill an audience like you had an audience don't think you found an audience with me cause i lay every card on the table strip the band from its label i can understand if you're scared of me and"
  • Closer - Milk Inc.
    "Closer I can tell by the things you do there's a wall between me and you I can tell by the things you said all the thoughts running through your head There's a lie hidden in your smile it's been going"
  • Closer - Susan Ashton
    "It's just me and you and the man in the moon shining down. A blanket of stars up above and a quilt on the ground, I've waited so long to get you all alone in the dark I just wanna hold you 'til i feel"
  • Closer - Blessid Union of Souls
    "Cross my heart and hope to die If I should ever let myself Be used again As an instrument of my destruction It's like tearing apart It's breaking my heart For you to see this side of me The things I try"
  • Closer - Mel C
    "Loving you madly will be forever I see the ocean in your eyes when we're together There are no boundaries There are no limits My heart has been embraced now that you're in it (Chorus) Hold me closer"
  • Closer - Mel Carter
    "Loving you madly will be forever I see the ocean in your eyes when we're together There are no boundaries , there are no limits My heart has been embraced now that you're in it Hold me closer to your"
  • Closer - Melanie C
    "Loving you madly will be forever. I see the ocean in your eyes when we're together. There are no boundaries. There are no limits. My heart has been embraced now that you're in it. Hold me closer to your"
  • Closer - Ne-Yo
    "Closer, closer, closer, closer (woo!) Turn the lights off in this place And she shines just like a star And I swear I know her face I just don't know who you are Turn the music up in here I still hear"
  • Closer - Dido
    "So leave your taxi waiting And turn and close my door And sit back down where you were sitting A little closer then before When you look that serious It just makes me want you more And I've been"
  • Closer - Ballas Hough Band
    "Hey, put the pain that you have in the back of your mind Wait, I wanna wipe away all the tears in your eyes 'Cause I got that rhythm in the moves that'll make you hot I'm the only one that gets your heart"
  • Closer - Barbra Streisand
    "As close as the sea is to the seashore Tide still rises twice a day That's just the ocean's way of getting Closer, closer. As close as today is to tomorrow At midnight they can fin'lly touch Cause every"
  • Closer - Kierra Kiki Sheard
    "Show me how to be more like you Show me how to be stronger in a world so cruel Show me how to be more faithful in what I dont know And how to trust and how to lean on you Lord You said If I be lifted"
  • Closer - Goapele
    "Closer to my dreams its coming over me I'm getting higher closer to my dreams feel it in my sleep. Sometimes it feels like I'll never go pass here Sometimes it feels like I'm stuck forever, ever Chorus But"
  • Closer - Tracie Spencer
    "I think I caught your fever I felt it right away I had the urge to tell you But I still shyed away & since you never told me Then how was I to know That you felt like me To the third degree & you didn't"
  • Closer - Warren Barfield
    "The sun should be halfway to china by now The big lazy moon, well it's barely off of the ground I'm on top of the world but my world is upside down And all I have is You Come closer, closer than ever"
  • Closer - Burn Season
    "CLOSER You say i'm stuck somewhere back in between My blured memories Some say I kicked myself right in the face I'm not as I seem. I'd erase what you say Scramble words in the way But you can't take"

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