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Coen thanks for the dance

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Coen thanks for the dance

  • Thanks For The Dance - Anjani
    "Anjani Blue Alert Thanks For The Dance Thanks for the dance I'm sorry you're tired The evening has hardly begun Thanks for the dance Try to look inspired One two three, one two three one There's a rose"
  • Thanks for the Dance - Leonard Cohen
    "Thanks for the dance I'm sorry you're tired The evening has hardly begun Thanks for the dance Try to look inspired One two three, one two three one There's a rose in my hair My shoulders are bare I've"
  • Thanks - Bill Anderson
    "Sunday morning in the valley we would gather for the service You would always run to meet me you'd smile at papa kinda nervous All the people came from miles around and I can still hear the sound As they"
  • Thanks - Bing Crosby
    "We used to dwell in love's own palace, A palace of dreams come true. Now that we're through I bear no malice, Though we've called it a day All I can say is Thanks for all the lovely delights I found in"
  • Thanks - Ultraspank
    "Invite yourself in like a bad case of fleas Parasitic ploy fills and obvious need Set me up Cut me down Cash me in Spit me out Thanks for nothing Stealing the fire from the unsuspecting Freak Opportune"
  • Thanks - Lifetime
    "you my friend my special friend i give thanks to you my dear friend i won't pretend and say till the end but take time now and say thank you i never said i was the best friend i could be the friend that"
  • Thanks - Sublime
    "Thanks Alright, before we get it started when we did "smoke two joints" that was jack from the toys and that song "rivers of babylon" was written by brent dowe andtrevor mcnaughton. alright now, crutial"
  • Thanks - James
    "Through the hard times you stood beside us Held us up when we could go no further There is none like you that we can trust To push us on before we give up Without your support who would I be? Just another"
  • Thanks - Kevin Devine
    "I never knew things could be so slow I could wait so long Be so still and calm And get where I want, on your arm Thin streaks of tar spill off your right eye Where my fingers find Their way there every"
  • Thanks! - Shinhwa
    "come on, break it on down, break it on down yeah this is SHINHWA coming at ya uh! So you think youre slick huh playing little games Baby its all the same da ddokgatae naegen an tonghae Why don't say what"
  • Thanks For Staying - Reggie And The Full Effect
    "My friends could say that this was fun while sickly I'm staring out a window I can see this other than chasing something that I always wanted you to know all of this will have to end someday the time will"
  • Thanks For Everything - Artie Shaw
    "Artie Shaw Miscellaneous Thanks For Everything Thanks For Everything Artie Shaw Thanks for everything. Every word, every sigh, every kiss. Thanks for everything. For bringing me moments like tThanks For"
  • Thanks For Nothing - Dope
    "Give me a break from your taking your take Come on and give me a break, What do you want from me? Feeding the rich with that son of a bitch Well, that son of a bitch, He looks just like me! Yeah, Yeah"
  • Thanks For Christmas - XTC
    "Thanks for Christmas, Thank you for the love and happiness that's snowing down, All around. Thanks for Christmas, Thank you for the winter friendliness that's snowing down, All around the world."
  • Thanks For Nothing - Napalm Death
    "Serve my head on a plate Pulp my heart with ill will I did trust you, led to lust you, to be duped Thanks for fucking nothing! Serve my head on a plate Pulp my heart with ill will Sensed a mystique, turned"
  • Thanks For Today - Kate Miller-Heidke
    "Waving goodbye in the afternoon Leaving a sigh cause we know that soon All that we'll have is this photograph Remember before we were even friends Funny to think this is how it ends No going back, back"
  • Thanks For Nothing - Sum 41
    "I'll never take part in the growing population Or waste my time with further education Forget what we know It's just a big show What they want to control So jaded, frustrated Its all so complicated Fashion,"
  • Thanks For Nothing - Out Of Your Mouth
    "Thinking about the days with my head down, Lost count, freaked out, fell down really hard. Thinking about the days at the bottom of the food chain, Freaked out, fell down really hard. Thinking about"
  • Thanks For Leaving - Alexandra Stan
    "We crashed and burned, a lesson learned We fell head first, silly us, so stupid Our lines got blurred, we walked into the fire Knowing we’d get burned But now my love has turned to hate And I won’t spend"
  • Thanks For Nothing - Funker Vogt
    "You are not born yet But already so alone That you can do nothing but scream Nothing but pressure and no more help Love isn't subsisting Hate is dominating There is no tenderness There is just pain There"

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