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Coffin tony igo

  • Coffin - Jay-Jay Johanson
    "Do you remember A long time ago I made a raft out of wood Though the raft was washed upon a shore On an island without no name Everywhere I go Everywhere I hide Makes me feel no better Anything"
  • Last Nail In The Coffin - Whiplash
    "(Lyrics: Tony Portaro, Music: Tony Portaro/Tony Bono) Without one breath of life from the coffin' The body begins to arise It's rotted skin smelling of death A hand of bones creeps from inside Emerging"
  • Tony - Dalida
    "Tony aveva una spina nel cuore Tony era pazzo pazzo d'amore Tony da un pezzo parlava da solo ormai Anny sagnava di fare la diva Tony per lei tutti i soldi spendeva Anny giocava con i sentimenti suoi Tutti"
  • Tony - Michelle Branch
    "Does anyone remember TonyA quiet boy, little over weightHe had breasts like a girlWhen I wasn't too busy feeling lonelyI'd stare over his shoulderAt a map of the worldHe always finished all his homeworkRaised"
  • Tony - Patty Griffin
    "Does anyone remember TonyA quiet boy, little over weightHe had breasts like a girlWhen I wasn't too busy feeling lonelyI'd stare over his shoulderAt a map of the worldHe always finished all his homeworkRaised"
  • Tony Bennett - Tony Bennett
    "Merry month of May, Sunny skies are blue Clouds are rolling away and the sun peaks through May it express, happieness Joy you may define in a thousand ways But a case like mine needs a special phrase To"
  • Coffin Car - Yoko Ono
    "Coffin car, she's riding a coffin car. People watching her with tender eyes, Friends whispering in kindly words, Children running, waving hands, Telling each other, how pretty she is. Coffin car, she"
  • My Coffin - Quasi
    "I'm fixing up my coffin Where one day I will lie. I can hardly wait until The day when I should die. I'm beveling the edges to make it nice and strong. One day I shall die & I hope it won't be long. I'm"
  • Gingerbread Coffin - Rasputina
    "We found an old doll that was out in the grass, She had special powers, we said a Black Mass. We sat in a circle all holding hands the doll-bed Held together with old rubberbands. She'll rise, she'll"
  • Skin Coffin - Psycroptic
    "Lying there, I give you thanks for your skin Now yours was not a wasted life I compare your pelt to the rest - oh, such a fruitful night "I am not a believer in your pop religions I have found my saviour,"
  • Coffin Text - Unwritten Law
    "There was a time when men would prosper They saw a sign that would offer them the key Immortality The desert sand held a place of recourse Their motivation driven by higher source A higher source They"
  • Coffin blues - Ida Cox
    "Daddy oh daddy, won't you answer me pleaseDaddy oh daddy, won't you answer me pleaseAll day I stood by your coffin, tryin' to give my poor heart easeI rubbed my hands over your head and whispered in your"
  • Coffin Nails - Atreyu
    "Don't give a shit about it Curl up, I start to doubt this Something has died in me today Smell the decay I need some air around me Claw walls until under nails bleed Don't steal my coffin shut"
  • Ice coffin - Oomph
    "I cant believe that you still wanna stay Cause I know that Ive fucked up your life You better leave - I could hurt you today And you know I can cut like a knife You better start to believe in my heart"
  • Coffin Fodder - Cradle of Filth
    "The time has come To rise again Freedom lift thy sewered hem Free from beasts and skewered men My dreams unroll Ten thousand fold Their world will never take me They will never desecrate my soul The"
  • Ice Coffin - Oomph!
    "I can't believe that you still wanna stay 'cause I know that i've fucked up your life you better leave I could hurt you today and you know I could cut like a knife you better stop to believe in my heart even"
  • Heaven's Coffin - Agathodaimon
    "Deep into the darkness peering Long I stood there fearing Dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before... But the silence was unbroken And the stillness gave no token And the only word there spoken Was"
  • Cellophane Coffin - Belvedere
    "You path of life is filled with gold Preoccupied wiht what you own Success is just a diamonds throw Trapped in Cellophane Coffins Spent all your time avoid the blame The packaging is gone Only hate remains A"
  • Norman Coffin - Juliets Wishing Well
    "norman coffin's got a tattoo for me he keeps it underneath his bed and he don't understand why he does what he do but he says he's sorry if you're sad and he grips the wheel... but she can't feel the way"
  • Tony Blair - Chumbawamba
    "Tony You said that you'd be true I believed you like a fool I should have seen it in your eyes Tony You promised me the world But I'm not that kind of girl And tony now there's nothing but your lies Tony You"

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