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Cold fever dream

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Cold fever dream

  • Fever - The Black Keys
    "Fever where'd you run to Fever where'd you run to Acting out of certainty A fever let me live a dream Fever, how much slept on No one misbehave too Fever let me sun screw Wouldn't leave you if I could Fever Fever"
  • Cold Fever - Tora Tora
    "A gifted man, he works so smooth Slight of hand, his every move Twist of fate, has touched his life Slap to the face, He won't rise and shine Innocence has lost it's style, oooooohhh Look at these eyes"
  • Fever Dream - Iron And Wine
    "Some days her shape in the doorway Will speak to me A birds wing on the window Sometimes Ill hear when shes sleeping Her fever dream A language on her face "I want your flowers like babies want"
  • Fever dream - Iron & Wine
    "Some days her shape in the doorwayWill speak to meA birds wing on the windowSometimes Ill hear when shes sleepingHer fever dreamA language on her faceI want your flowers like babies want Gods loveOr maybe"
  • Fever Dream - Warcloud
    "Artist: Holocaust Album: Nightmares That Surface from Shallow Sleep Song: Fever Dream Typed by: Cno Evil (Chorus 2X: Holocaust) You're stuck on a ship in a bottle, quite unique You live inside my painting"
  • Fever - Inna
    "Look in the mirror You,i'm a hero You give me fever Fever Slowly with passion Boy have atraction Nobody's trying to stop me refren: But I can fall I can fall Your the reason that i'm crying And i dream I"
  • Fever - Ginga
    "We laugh so hard it aches our throats The nights stay young but we grow old We stumble out We tumble down We laugh so hard it shakes our bones Rumors come with the bitter cold Not set, not done It's"
  • Fever - Judas Priest
    "I'd spend my days alone I used to stay at home Lost in seclusion there. Like I was in a cell A captured heart as well Surrounded by despair. Darkness filled my soul Losing all control. Down on the streets"
  • Fever - Rhymefest
    "(Intro) Neverrr know how much I love you (woo!) Neverrr know how much I care (No I.D.) And when you put your arms around me I get the fever that's so hard to bare You give me fever (Rhymefest) Uhh, here"
  • Cold girl fever - The National
    "Bottle eyes, glassy blueI watch the rain come out of youSky is white with the fluI'm terrified of losing youIf I go to the sea, I'll bring you down, down with meIf I go to the rain, you'll never see me"
  • Fever - Ashley Best
    "Last-night you died, I have never cried this much from a dream, I was sure it was real.Last-night I'm sure my heart missed a beat at the thought of you leaving this place.It's made me feel like something"
  • Fever Dream (Omni Remix) - Warcloud
    "(Chorus 2X: Holocaust) You're stuck on a ship in a bottle, quite unique You live inside my painting and move once a week I switched the art around, my friends are getting suspicious I switched the art"
  • Cold feet - Rick Springfield
    "He just turned seventeen When the moment came He was standing on the corner In the pouring rainShe pulled up along side And rolled the window down And said "Can I drive you To some part of town"He's sitting"
  • Cold Day Dream - Texas
    "Walk away, no I won't comprimise Take a pill for the pain It's not deep inside I will die for you Would you be there for me Don't ask for the reasons If you can't see them It's too late to call my name Yeah,"
  • Cold - At The Gates
    "To rid the earth of the filth To rid the earth of the lies To will the rise above Tearing my insides out I feel my soul go cold Only the dead are smiling To rid your heart of all lies Their poison tongues,"
  • Fashion Fever - Level 42
    "Fashion fever forever brand new always out of date fashion fever it's all about you tomorrow is too late and when the fever fakes the feel you must be sure of your appeal Fashion fever forever brand new always"
  • Fever Breaks - Michelle Shocked
    "Try and forget it and yet it keeps you awake Live to regret it when the fever breaks Lighting up a cigarette even the slow hand shakes But it's a cold sweat when the fever breaks If there is no light,"
  • Moonshine Fever - Mando Diao
    "I caught a zombie He was stuck in the night His sweat was melting From the sun in my eyes I guess I'm bout to fall The moonshine fever I met my maker in the deepest of dreams My eyes was burning From"
  • Reggae Fever - Steel Pulse
    "A reggae music sends me in a fever My blood pressure high Yet I don't want no doctor A reggae music get me hot around the collar My blood pressure high Yet I don't want no doctor Ah Ah Reggae fever It's"
  • Jungle Fever - Pitbull
    "(feat. Wyclef) (intro) Ehhh Wyclef with Pitbull, the clubs ain't safe tonight (Chorus - Wyclef) Mamacita so nice to meet ya, You drunk off that rum, You shouldn't drive tonight, Give me the key to that"

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