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Cold fire it's Burn in me, dimmu borgir

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Cold fire it's Burn in me, dimmu borgir

  • Dimmu Borgir - Mourning Palace
    "Daylight has finally reached it's end As evenfall strikes into the sky Far away in the dark glimpsing moonlight Sickening souls cry iut in pain Whispering voices summoning screams Waiting for Satan to"
  • Burn In Hell - Dimmu Borgir
    "Welcome to the abandoned land Come on in, child; Take my hand Here there's no work or play Only one bill to pay There's just five words to say As you go down, down, down You're gonna Burn in Hell Oh,"
  • Still Burn In Fire - Pyogenesis
    "(Music: Asmodeus & Schwarz / Lyrics: Asmodeus) Castle of desire - With blood-drunken choirs Songs of sorrow - Resound through the halls The thoughts of lust - Remain in my brain The feelings I get -"
  • Cold Fire - Rush
    "It was long after midnight When we got to unconditional love She said, 'Sure, my heart is boundless But don't push my limits too far' I said, 'If love was so transcendent I don't understand these boundaries' She"
  • It's Cold Tonight - Aiden
    "Her eyes look cold. I see hate. This blade sunk deep inside your wrist, its not worth fighting, just resist. With a knife, a thought so sincere. Five times the pain so make it last dont walk away, dont"
  • Burn - Jeanette
    "I feel your body right next to me and i love to see you shiver i can see through your mind and what i can see is hot, and that's cool Welcome to erotic cage aux folles i stole your soul and than i chained"
  • Burn - Ektomorf
    "It's always the same You will never change You come around And you take what you want I'm sick of you I show you my fire I'll burn you You promise this You promise that You lie to everyone Motherfucker"
  • Burn - Ray LaMontagne
    "Oh mama don't walk away I'm a goddam sore loser I ain't too proud to stay But I'm still thinking 'bout you And I'm so lonesome without you And I can't get you out of my mind Oh mama don't leave me alone with"
  • Burn - Mobb Deep
    "(Havoc:) It be a buck-fifty Your chance of runnin' Is infinte Slugs that leave niggas drugged Like a chick slip the Mickey I'm so on the low It'd take a Navy SEAL To get me When I surface If not chips"
  • Fire (Burn) - Monster
    "Please don't waste your time with me If you wanna help me 'Cause I don't care what you might say So please don't try to help me Don't try to help me, no... 'Cause if there's nothing left for me I'm sure"
  • In The Cold, Cold Night - The White Stripes
    "I saw you standing in the corner On the edge of a burning light I saw you standing in the corner Come to me again in the cold, cold night You make me feel a little older Like a full grown woman might But"
  • Cold - James Blunt
    "it's been lonely trying get your attention from a thousand miles away and you know me always overthinking te worst possibilities we both know in between you and me there's an ocean castaway in a sea and"
  • Fire - Lizz Wright
    "Are you frightened by the fire in my eyes? It burns for you And I know you see it, too Your heart was open, looking for light Are you surprised? Baby, leave your pride 'Cause I'm gonna burn, right or"
  • It's Cold Inside - Lollipop Lust Kill
    "Please help me find a reason For me it's always season Words can't describe all the things I feel I'm losing everyday Won't you come out and play Step in my world and you'll see what's real It's"
  • Burn Bitch Burn - Kiss
    "Well it's out of the fryin' pan and into the fire You bent over, baby, and let me be the driver Just a cut of pink, wouldn't believe me if I told you But this time you bit off more than you can chew My"
  • The Fire In Which You Burn - Company Flow
    "Check, check it Fuckin with a nigga like myself your lyrics fail LaVerne's gear shows your record so unless the hoe's buttnaked youse a loser, decrepit, shoulda kept it to your lonesome But you like, 'Look"
  • The Fire Burns Cold - Dr. Sin
    "(Dr. Sin) This time you went too far girl With all the lies you told and all the games you played Don't know what your problem is You had everything and more I know we had some bad times And some bad times"
  • You Burn In Me - Riot
    "(Reale) Passion and pleasure, It's always the same Playin' with fire, it's a dangerous game Turn back the lies, turn back the night It's deep within me, a spell I can't fight And you burn, in me Just"
  • Burn - Onslaught
    "Immolation fire from hell Rejection of the cross Revelation comes to pass I plunge you into chaos Pray at the altar Pray for a sign Heaven is crawling Transgression is mine Deposition God has failed I'll"
  • Burn - Utopia
    "Burn burn burn Burn burn burn Burn burn burn Burn burn burn I'm cookin' up somethin' Cookin' up somethin' Cookin' up somethin' special for you It's on the back burner On the back burner On the back burner"

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