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Cold war kids

  • Cold War - Styx
    "(Bob (Aku Aku) Young) Cold war, cold war, cold war I'm tired of your psychology To bring us to our bended knees And if we could only talk to you I'm sure that we could make you see 'Cause time has a way Of"
  • Cold War - Death From Above 1979
    "This war is cold and silent Our love has turned to violence You've got three years to die for something You've got three years to live for something This war is warm and vibrant Our love has turned to"
  • Cold War - Vergeltung
    "Intolerance glows like embers Cold flame burns hot in the hearts Both teeth and fists are clenched Eyes sparkle from behind bars Cold fire begets incandescent blaze Disdain is to sire the hate There's"
  • Cold War - Vapors
    "Little White Dogs in Black and Chains Screaming indignation at your hype ass games Til the Lights go out Shut your eyes and go back home Cramped and shucked in leather jeans Storing ????? for some"
  • Cold War - Barclay James Harvest, The
    "Barclay James Harvest, The Caught In The Light Cold War Born in a cold war Opened up my eyes See the bombers riding Dark against the sky Fly like an eagle Carried on the wind See our hearts are broken So"
  • Cold War - Barclay James Harvest
    "Born in a cold war Opened up my eyes See the bombers riding Dark against the sky Fly like an eagle Carried on the wind See our hearts are broken So many lives are gone Waiting for this dream to end We're"
  • Cold war - Faye Wong
    "How can I know that I am really embracing you in silence Like palpating a pile of mobile air Witnessing innumerable amounts of question marks kissed away by the Reticent you Can I only prevaricate myself?"
  • Cold War - Northern State
    "Cold War I'm seeing something very curious I swear to god nobody listens to me I'm serious You don't need a degree To see the world is full its fillin up its full And now you're talking all that And that"
  • Cold War - Funker Vogt
    "somewhere down in mother Russia they make plans to take the world thousands of veiled secrets hidden deep inside their rooms with all their special agents trying to fool each other each side wants to"
  • Cold War - Shades Apart
    "Frozen talk won't stop for sure What's buried in the ground A limit for tomorrow Doesn't save the here and now It shouldn't be hard to agree On something they must know Maybe they are thinking If"
  • Cold War - Brandtson
    "Lipstick, cherry red, oh Baby, now you're a mess Eyes covered blue And nobody knows you exist (You can't stand just not knowing) Twenty four hours ago You were alright with this (You can't stand just not"
  • Kids - Rich Brian
    "I am putting numbers on the board and blowin’ mire digits I haven’t started, man these are just the before pictures shout out my parents my mother give birth to 4 winners all of the players in the game it’s"
  • War - Modern Life Is War
    "Between the world and me Pressure-splitting seams Imminent danger in the headlines Glamour on the T.V. Chasing fools gold Growing cold Drowning in anxiety Lack of reason Pushing symbols and clever phrasing False"
  • Cold war transmissions - Anberlin
    "Side by side we face each other Standing here alone together Your code ill break, you made your last mistake Called out cold war Remnants now on the floor This is Russian radio here Calling you to come"
  • My Cold War - United Nations
    "Abandon your senses And the sentences trapped in your mouth. They're just rational for a paper trail Of actors distracting me. Tear out your circuits, all you robots, All you highly paid chess machines. There"
  • Kids Want A War - Complete Control
    "took justice in their hands they stole your life away will money buy you back doesnt matter anyway whoa... we want a war kids want a war we want a war kids want a war with themselves no time to wait"
  • Holy War - Abney Park
    "Death hue falling on the faces of the streets lost children as the mortar fire broken in Nights cold, slipping through the cracks Breaking through the cracks of crumbling plaster Hunger gnaws, I can feel"
  • Cold War Water Sports - Guided By Voices
    "Grand filled father fake maneuver It chills the bones in most mothers But who's choosing Latter day saint's are bruising Expectations great Still they make a moon pie Nice and high like bottle rocket But"
  • Welcome To The Occupation - Cold War Kids
    "Whistle blowers gotta get outta school They don't want poets, they want pigeons on a stool You're examining fossils, defending criminals I'm clock watching, getting dumb Photographing models a house painter's"
  • Avalanche In B - Cold War Kids
    "Oh, avalanche in apartment B Everywhere white's what I see I've never lived alone So near the ocean breeze I can finally afford high anxiety Reach up, cold hits air your hands Snow packs like cement you"

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