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Coldplay - Houston

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Coldplay - Houston

  • Houston #1 - Coldplay
    "I’m dreaming of when I get back to Houston I’m dreaming of that feral special place I’m dreaming of Houston have no problem in that city where they sent you into space I’m dreaming of when I get back"
  • Houston - Whitney Houston
    "Intro:This is the heartbreak hotelThis is the heartbreak hotelThis is the heartbreak hotelThis is the heartbreak hotel(repeat) I (Whitney)You said you'd be here by 9Instead you took your timeYou didn't"
  • Houston - Bobby Bare
    "Well it's lonesome in this ol' town everybody puts me down I'm a face without a name just a walking in the rain A going back to Houston Houston Houston I got holes in both of my shoes well I'm a walking"
  • Houston - Dean Martin
    "Well it's lonesome in this old town Everybody puts me down I'm a face without a name Just walking in the rain Goin' back to Houston, Houston, Houston I got holes in both of my shoes Well I'm a walking"
  • Houston - Chris Martin
    "HOUSTON /lyrics - Miami concert/ I am dreaming of when I get back to Houston I am dreaming of that fair and special place I’m dreaming of when Houston has no problems In that city where we send you into"
  • Houston - Flatt And Scruggs
    "Well it's lonesome in this old town everybody puts me down I'm a face without a name just a walking in the rain I'm going back to Houston Houston Houston I got holes in both of my shoes I'm a walking case"
  • Houston - Jennifer Brown
    "love is a rocket focusing me to fly blast off with me baby all we need is the clear blue sky take a look at my eyes let me look at your eyes i'll take the window and you can take control steer me up"
  • Houston - Visqueen
    "You buy her everything A bracelet diamond ring A tennis date with brad and kelly But she fudged on the card, down cowboy boulevard The rodeo's in town and selling Your money's in the trade A fortune to"
  • Houston - Phil Vassar
    "It's been three days, two hours And a minute Since she blasted off breaking every speed limit As fast and far away from me As she could get Well, she said, you'll straighten up one way or another The Don't"
  • Houston - Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "Mama's got her babies Sleeping in a grocery cart Daddy's eyes are hazy Wondering where they are Waiting for the buses Waiting on some Providence Once we get to Houston Maybe it will all make sense Praying"
  • Houston - R.E.M.
    "If the storm doesn't kill me the government will I've got to get that out of my head It's a new day today and the coffee is strong I've finally got some rest So a man's put to task and challenges I was"
  • Houston - Mrozu
    "daj mi wszytko albo nic podzielę sie tym co mam wiem, nie jesteś jedna z tych a jednym z tych nie jestem ja ale gdy kruszy się lód tracimy grunt wyje alarm alarm bieg drogą na skrót do siebie wpuść odwala"
  • Houston - Soul Coughing
    "I met a girl on roller skates She had a spare bag, she had lost some weight Where I used to work, she was a waitress She proposed a trade, it was generous She's gone to Houston, Feel like I'm floating"
  • Houston - Faderhead
    "You bow, back rounds Drop down, like a 40hz sound It ain't pretty and your ditty sounds odd When this motherfucker drops you Like an act of god Sustain's the game Establish one more brand name I'll be"
  • Coldplay (feat. Opał) - favst / gibbs
    "Piosenka "Coldplay" favst / gibbs pochodzi z płyty „Hample”, która ukaże się 10 grudnia."
  • We here (ft. Coldplay) - Avicii
    "Step out into the dawn You pray ’til, you pray till the lights come on And don’t you feel like you’ve just been born? Yes, you come to raise me up When I’m beaten and broken up And I’m back in the arms"
  • Houston Solution - Ronnie Milsap
    "I've got some friends down in Houston who know me quite well They'll be more than happy to put me up for a spell I can hang out or hide out whichever I choose They won't ask me questions about why I've"
  • In Houston - Tapes 'N Tapes
    "And I see high jump kings with roadside stirrups on. When I come back to meet the bear, the sheets are gone. Take over the tombs. Dead lock the circus. Gawking throngs. Hijack the meditation train. We"
  • Imagine Houston - Joe Ely
    "Imagine Houston in the middle of July Hotter than a pistol on a saturday nite Your baby's on the front porch with a bamboo fan As you pull up to the curb in your black sedan It don't take her long she"
  • Hello Houston - The Starting Line
    "Lead on To keep our feelings strong And make me still believe Our page is one and the same Our ways will separate tonight You say if we were to wait Some things just might be changed I say that"

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