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Coldplay Charlie Brown

  • Charlie Brown - Coldplay
    "Wooh, ooh ooh ooh Stole a key, Took a car downtown where the lost boys meet, Took a car downtown and took what they offered me. To set me free, I saw the lights go down at the end of the scene, I saw"
  • Charlie Brown - Voodoo Glow Skulls
    "Fe-fe, fi-fi, fo-fo, fum I smell smoke in the auditorium Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown He's a clown, that Charlie Brown He's gonna get caught Just you wait and see (Why's everybody always pickin' on me) That's"
  • Charlie Brown - The Coasters
    "I smell smoke in the auditorium Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown He's a clown, that Charlie Brown He's gonna get caught Just you wait and see (Why's everybody always pickin' on me) That's him on his knees I"
  • Charlie Brown - Buck Owens
    "Fe fe fi fi fo fo fum I smell smoke in the auditorium Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown, He's a clown that Charlie Brown He's gonna get caught Just you wait and see (Why's everybody always pickin' on me?) That's"
  • Charlie Brown - Two Man Sound
    "Se voce quiser vou Ihe mostrar a nossa Sao Paulo terra da garoa Se voce quiser vou Ihe mostrar Bahia de Caetano nossa gente boa. Charlie eh meu amigo Charlie eh meu amigo Charlie Brown Charlie Brown eh"
  • Charlie Brown - Serge Gainsbourg
    "Un petit garon comme Charlie qui jamais rien ne russit a s'casse la figure tous les coins d'la ville Dieu que la vie est dure Pour Charlie Mais ce petit garon Qu'est Charlie Qui n'rcolte jamais que"
  • Charlie Brown - ABK
    "Charlie Brown, please, don't come around Because your weed is doodoo brown and it smells like the ground You're still my homie (but no more bammer) But with that weed you don't know me When I inhale this,"
  • Charlie Brown Jr - Charlie Brown Jr.
    "Muita gente riu de mim Quando eu disse que podia fazer o que quisesse da minha vida Foram muitos anos de insistncia Muitos baldes de gua fria na cabea Muitos goles a mais, alguns passos pra trs S flagrando"
  • Hey Amigo Charlie (Charlie Brown) - Benny
    "Wo es Maedchen gibt blond oder schwarz da ist er zuhaus. Ja er laesst keine aus. Zwischen Mexico und Paraguay glaubt jedes schoene Maedchen er ist ihr nur treu oh Charlie. Hey hey Amigo Charlie. Hey hey Amigo"
  • Charlie Brown Says - Ocean Colour Scene
    "Charlie Brown says No-one promised this when I was a kid When my days were filled with carousels Fairground rides and cockleshells Kicking pebbles on a beach When time couldn't reach me And tears"
  • Charlie - Ingrid Michaelson
    "Charlie don't let the girls hurt your heart Don't let the angry boys tear you apart I know you're tired of not fittin' in But its not fitting in that will help to begin to show you your beauty Where is"
  • I Love Charlie Brown - Connie Smith
    "They tell me Homer Jones was out a huntin' bear When a big ole grizzly killed his favorite hound The morning paper says our only beauty shop burned down But it don't worry me cause I love Charlie Brown Yes"
  • Good Grief Charlie Brown - Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
    "Dear Son, There's no time for love Charlie Brown And if I should come up it'll only bring Your mother down, so I'll send you ten Shillings as we have arranged and I'll Take second billing because I never"
  • Como Tudo Deve Ser-Charlie Brown Jr - Charlie Brown Jr.
    "Um belo sonho veio entao despertar minha vontade Tudo vale a pena pra te reencontrar Me livrei de tudo aquilo e consegui mudar Tudo que foi feito em troca de uma amizade, mas Felicidade poder estar com"
  • Whatever Happened To Charlie Brown - Jeannie C. Riley
    "I know it's been a long time since my family moved away And I've been lookin' forward to this trip back here today I'd like to hear bout all the folks here in my old hometown Like whatever happened to"
  • Overtaker (ft. Charlie CB Brown) - Sawa Specnaz
    "na chu*** sie przejmujesz ja przejmuje stery ty spokojnie możesz se zejść ze sceny rym ci sie nie klei i gasną jupitery nie kręć tu afery raczej oddawaj tantiemy bądźmy szczerzy ktoś tu jest nieszczery wszyscy"
  • You're Not Charlie Brown (And I'm Not Raggedy Ann) - Donna Fargo
    "If I was yours and you were mine I'd spank your bottom every time You drink too much and smoke too much or talk too much look who's talking Sometimes I think how it would be if I loved you and you loved"
  • Mary Brown - Dave Alvin
    "Dave Alvin (Blue Horn Toad Music, BMI, Administered by Bug Music) Well my name is Charlie Thomas and I'm as good a man as you And for the love of Mary Brown there's nothin' that I won't do Well her husband"
  • C Brown - Widespread Panic
    "C. Brown wakes from bed Brushes his teeth and he combs his head for school Out the door and down the street Down to the corner and a bus and some friends that he's supposed to meet But there, not to his"
  • Coldplay (feat. Opał) - favst / gibbs
    "Piosenka "Coldplay" favst / gibbs pochodzi z płyty „Hample”, która ukaże się 10 grudnia."

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