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  • Collector - Terry Allen
    "His lonely is only A blank space in the hallway On the wallway Between the hanging Of paintings Of lonely that ain't lonely At all... Well...the Art Mob's out tonight Yeah...the Art Mob's out tonight"
  • The Collector - Marion
    "We're drunk and night-time vision is going thin You stumble across the body defining it And feeling the carefree beauty of all All the things that you value you wanna take on more The collector will collect"
  • Star Collector - The Monkees
    "Think I'll let her keep on going Where ever it is, she's goin', too. Give her my autograph and tell her It's been nice knowin' you. CHORUS She's a star collector (collector of stars) She only sims to"
  • Tattoo Collector - Abscess
    "Saw a tattoo on a pretty young thing A piece of art on her back I don't think she understood When I said I have the perfect frame for that Tattoo hunter, tattoo collector I've got a wall of Kiss tattoos And"
  • Oh Collector - Ocean Colour Scene
    "Oh collector Im so sorry You had the notion that I was rolling In the money no Im sorry But Ill pay you No Worry Lets Sing Softly Lets Sing Softly Oh so softly Not so heavy Ive been heavy with my fortune Like"
  • Record Collector - Planet Smashers
    "I've got my walking shoes on I'm off to the record shop Going downtown Want to see what can be found I'm downtown at the record shop Quite a scene at the record shop I've come to find some old Chris Spedding Maybe"
  • Heart Collector - Nevermore
    "To see the actor without tears Dark rivers carve the years between the lines of self control In my psychotic karmic fear,I own your tears anyway And I am you and we are not afraid And we won't be here"
  • Death Collector - Runemagick
    "(Rudolfsson) In the moment of your last breath He opens his jaws of death Soul asphyxiation and decay Your death becomes his trophy In the halls of eternal death Claws of darkness around you Come to"
  • The Collector - Orphanage
    "Hunting for living anomalies to gather your life's work: a collection of beings of all ages Your destiny is to create the ultimate zoo of life Your only companions are your specimens Travelling through"
  • Soul Collector - Cans
    "I move across the earth Dark shadows call my name I am the chosen one, I am insane I am your darkest fear Your sinner and your saint Through all eternity I set my sail You cannot sleep at night Still"
  • The Collector - Nine Inch Nails
    "I pick things up I am a collector And things, well things, they tend to accumulate I have this net It drags behind me It picks up feelings For me to feed upon There are times, plenty of times I wish I"
  • Butterfly Collector - Garbage
    "So you finally got what you wanted You've achieved your aim by making me walk in line When you just can't get any higher You've used your senses to suss out this week's climber And the small fame that"
  • The Collector - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "Butterflies, three blind mice, eight little maids in a box. He met them, he kept them, he carefully puts them away for the rainy day, when nothing's left, no nothing's left to collect. {Whistling} And"
  • Soul collector - Destruction
    "Scary, evil, dark and meanHoly master of the supremeLord of delusion spreading fearThose who disagree will disappearHavoc and hazeBleeding restless till the last daysDetector - soul collectorDetector -"
  • The Collector - Suffering And The Hideous Thieves
    "He's collecting all his pictures from his past To set things straight finally Rearranging order One, two, and three He's been breathing in Our cancer all his life While pressure beats down The livelihood"
  • The Collector - Steve Kilbey
    "(I, I, I, I) I take the things from their leather cases And I arrange them in their special places I collected people like you might collect flowers But they only lived for a couple of hours A famous flicker"
  • The Heart Collector - Nevermore
    "to see the actor without tears Dark rivers carve the years between the lies of self control In my psychotic karmic fear I own your tears anyway And I am you and we are not afraid And we won't be here"
  • The Cut Collector - 16 Volt
    "Bored out hollow This one's the keeper of sorrow And one wish with a bullet of lead Could end it all with a shot to the head (but she won't) Held out, reload, the automatic repro And what proof with the"
  • Collector Man Blues - Sonny Boy Williamson I
    "Collector Man Blues Track #10 3:18 Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee) (John Lee Williamson) Sonny Boy Williamson I - vocals & harmonica (possibly Robert Lee McCoy - guitar) Henry Townsend - guitar,"
  • Collector Of Thoughts - Forsaken
    "(Lead: Persson) Never ending journeys through visions A path - the trail of hollow minds Dark lands beyond the unknown The silence from nature embrace Blinded by the science of man Know your demise -"

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